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  1. Tonight at the arcade has been awfull. I entered the arcade, like any Friday's, by the front door. I ask for 6,25$ of coins (as usuall) and I see the DDR has finally been repaired (after a month of brokeness).

    -Cool, I say.

    Then I walk to the drummania arcade, as I usually walk. I put 2 coins in it, as I usually do, and I wait for the normal buzz sound to tell me to press start. I hear the sound as usuall, but something is wrong.

    -Mmh, I say confusingly.

    Only the right speaker is functionning. Since there wasn't anyone else in the arcade I could still hear the music.

    -Ah ben, I said (note that I speak French so I wouln't speak in English so that people here could understand what I mean.)

    I start playing easy song (60 difficulty) to know if all the pads work as usuall, which they actually are. I pass the first 2 songs with abnormal difficulties. I decided to do Concertino in Blue at advance (80) and I fail worse than usual.

    -Sa peut arriver, I tought.

    So I continue playing, but after 2-3 games, more people are entering to the point that I can't hear the right speaker anymore, making me having trouble to sync with the song since I can't hear the bg music.

    -J'va aller jouer au DDR, I then tought.

    But I haven't played DDR in more than a month, since drummania has become a better game to my eyes. So I step on the right pad like any other day that I step on the right pad, put the 3 coins like I usually do and start to play as usual.

    -Au moins a marche comme du monde, speaking to myself.

    So I start with my usuall maniac songs : Daikenkai(oni), exotic ethnic, Rythm and Police, Across the nightmare, Afronova, Bag, So Deep, A, V, etc... I can't beleive that not playing for a month could affect me like that. I did more B's than A's. I couldn't believe it. I even had a miss...

    -Shit, I tought loudly.

    So I decide to do Paranoia Survivor(maniac as usual). I FAILED ! I was so pissed. I manage to fail a song that I usually do a 500 combos on.

    -Fait chier, I said.

    I decide to do the maniac Pop4 nonstop to put yet again my name, even if all the record slots are with my name. I did 2 miss and 1 boo. I didn't even broke my other records. I then knew something was wrong, I lost my skills and I'll need to rework on it. I need to restart playing at home, but I've been to busy the last 2 months either with work or school work.

    I left the arcade earlier than the other days to arrive home and write this blog. That has been another Darkstalker's wacky Friday nights out !

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      Julian will get you!