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  1. One of my friend told me about the band so I dl some of their music to see if it's good. I got to say it's FUCKING AWESOME. They take popular classic music and they make it with violin and electric guitar and vice versa. I've listened to Hall of the mountain king and Harmagedon and they are both excellent. Now I'm waiting for the classic version of Enter the Sandman. They definitely own and should be checked if you don't know them. I usually hate metal but I love this.

    edit : Well Enter the Sandman isn't as good as I tought, but Path sure is good.

    1. Lüt


      I have Apocalyptica playing Metallica. It's quite good, although not exactly the kind of music that suits string instruments very well. Ever hear of Winds? They're like the string tribute, piano tribute and actual band all-in-one. Realization is a good intro to the band.