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  1. Well by seeing the thread of MP I decided that I'll buy a gamecube for Christmas. I talked to my sis about it and we'll split the cost in 2. I read in the newspaper that on the 17 it's gonna come with 4 zelda games for 139$. I'll also buy MP and surely wind waker(if it's out I dunno). My sis will surely take Mario party (4 or 5) and mario kart when it will come out. Are there any other good games or other games that deserve attentions ?

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    2. Danarchy


      WTF? Theres a Mario Party 5? When was there a 4?

    3. Darkstalker


      IIRC it's been out when the GC was released or shortly after.

    4. Job


      The Resident Evil remake was pretty good, actually. RE: Zero was ass, however.