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  1. I totally forgot about that game. I slapped myself when I saw the ad on TLC and I bought it today.

    I've played a couple of hours now and it's really impressive. It really captures the first Myst feelings compared to Exile. You don't know your enemy (if there's one) and don't know what to do next so it's much less linear than Exile.

    The music is so beautiful (must be the same music composer as Exile. The song of Voltaic age was my favorite and the music in Uru are made with almost the same instruments IIRC). But now there isn't music everywhere, just at "critical places". The atmosphere is stunning as any of the series.

    It's starts pretty easy but it soon get a bit complicated. At some point and the puzzles gets relatively hard but since I didn't play long I'm sure it's just me and I'll figure it out soon enough. There's 2 row of around 10-12 linking books on a shelf but I only got 5 of them right now and those areas are very well done.

    If it wasn't for school tomorrow I'd still be playing.