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Everything posted by Doompotato999

  1. Doompotato999

    Random stuff

    If you want random stuff just come here I mean it will not be that popular but still...
  2. Doompotato999

    Random stuff

    Anyone want to play deathmatch on doom when school is out?
  3. Doompotato999

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Anyone have office.wad.
  4. Doompotato999

    Help with doom wad

    I am making a wad and need some help with it. It is about a office being taken over by demons and you have to save your co-workers.
  5. Doompotato999

    Help with doom wad

    sorry about that.... also thats my dads name.
  6. Doompotato999

    Help with doom wad

  7. Doompotato999

    Random stuff

    The useless web is also good
  8. Doompotato999

    Random stuff

  9. Doompotato999


    So some of us might know about office.wad I know about it from Jeol from vinesuace finding random doom shareware discs. I want to make a wad like it and make it as best as I can so I already have the name but I need a download link to office.wad so I can look at that wad.
  10. I have chosen the characters name in my wad.

  11. Doompotato999

    Help with doom wad

    Thank you everybody who voted it will be officeguy.
  12. Doompotato999

    Help with doom wad

    Yes that will be his name
  13. Note my profile picture was not made by me I don't know who made it.