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  1. I will have a post up after work today. Ive been pretty busy trying to organize a house purchase and mapping has fallen to the wayside.
  2. Yes. You have until April 1st to submit a final draft. After that. No new areas can be added to any maps, but balancing and bugfixxing will be allowed as needed.
  3. Updated the OP to reflect the current mapping roster. Will be reaching out to anyone who hasn't posted a WIP or finished map yet. :)
  4. I sent you a PM with some feedback on your map. Its a pretty good start. But gameplay needs some tweaking :)
  5. Damn. Elden Ring is looking better every day.
  6. TNTR.zip I used this one in a prior map of mine. Nice dark ambient without being too prevalent. Quite a nice track. (Not sure who to credit. Recieved it from someone else.)
  7. I would prefer to keep things smaller in filesize. Only .Mid please.
  8. The project is most certainly not dead. There are still 4 weeks until the deadline. Plus, other people are involved in a ton of other projects at the moment. Regardless of whether we get 1 submission or a full 32. I still plan to compile and release everything as a complete project. Ill give your map some feedback once i get home from work. Sure. I could roll a dice for you if you would prefer that. But theres no hard order to things. Difficulty curve with this sort of gimmick is going to be all over the place inevitably. :)
  9. Alfredo

    What's your way of making maps?

    1. Get map idea. 2. Stew on the map idea for a few days or weeks while at work. 3. Finally start throwing down lines in UDB. 4. Add monsters and closets as i go. 5. Create 3d floors as needed during layout phase. 6. Tag and script everything until map is exitable. 7. Only thingplace for UV at first. 8. Send to playtesters. 9.listen to playtesters curse my name. 10. Tone down difficulty in places where name was cursed the most. 11. Add lower difficulties and then move on to the next map. Repeat.
  10. Alfredo

    Ideal WAD Length? - Poll

    I think an important question would be is the estimated time to complete based on blind playthrough or prior knowledge. Im currently developing a 34 map megawad and the sum total of blind playthrough playtesting time so far is around 11 hours with the full release expected to be around 14. (Currently at 28/34 maps for reference) Now. Prior knowledge of these maps can chunk the time to complete down significantly if you know whats coming and what to do/where to go.
  11. Hi everyone. Hope you've all had a good year so far. I apologize for not posting more frequent updates. I've been a tad busy with work at the office and with other things. That aside. I have begun working on the opening map: Vile Lecture. Its a bit bare bones at the moment, but I should have something playable sometime later. Hope everyone's having fun with this concept. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Signups are still wide open until March 18th! If you're interested at all. Feel free to take a slot! Thank you! -Alfredo
  12. It has been done. Thanks for all the support! :)