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  1. That's fair. Considering I mistagged half the viles in that fight. Supposed to only be 4 viles in that fight on HMP as opposed to 8. But that's alright. It is probably the hardest setup i've made so far. Glad you liked the map! I'd encourage you to try it again with no monsters on, just to see if you can find the secret exit. :)
  2. Map 15 is ready :) See if you can find the secret exit! UV is really hard. Play on HMP or HNTR.
  3. A new map is available for playtesting! Map15: Going Down! See if you can find the secret exit! :3
  4. episode 1 is maps 1-11. Maps 12-??? Will be episode 2. Still working that stuff out. Everything's included in the zip. :)
  5. Map 14 is available and its a doozy! Prepare to die a lot if you play on UV.
  6. A new map is available to playtest! Map14: Not As You Left It!
  7. Map 13 is ready to play! Its a hard one like the others. Hope you have fun! Note: Please play with Hardware Accelerated video mode. Otherwise, some sloped 3D floors might not render c:
  8. A new map is available to playtest! Map13: Crossover!
  9. To be fair. The TAS was still 3 hours long. Creating that run likely took well over 24 hours worth of work to get that one 3 hour run.
  10. Zero Master did this one without taking damage.
  11. Alfredo

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    I quite enjoyed Brutal Doom when I was just getting into the scene with Skulltag. I think I have v18 or v19 kicking around somewhere. They were my favorites. The mod has gotten quite a bit bloated in my opinion with its latest iterations. But that's just me. Without Brutal Doom, I Probably wouldn't have kept my interest in the game.
  12. Hey @Clippy. Thank you very much for the playthrough! I appreciate you sticking through it to the end. I know that there are parts of that map that are pretty mean. I suppose I should put a sort of disclaimer about what to expect in terms of difficulties. UV is meant to be really spicy and difficult. HMP is a bit more lax, but still challenging. For example, the Vile in the baron/chaingunner/vile fight is swapped with a Manc on HMP and lower. HNTR relaxes things even further while still maintaining a sense of challenge. Most viles are gone on HNTR as well as other problem monsters, but fights can still pose a challenge in one form or another. As for the Vile/Gunner/baron fight, You had the right idea. Grabbing the invis immediately is key to that fight. And you can pretty consistently squeeze around the baron and grab it before he claws you. By then, most of the room is shooting each other. Rockets are definitely the best way to go through that fight. And as you said. It takes a bit of luck to ensure that the Vile's positioning isn't overlooking the wood crate cover enough that he can scam you on the other side. Its definitely mean. But It is doable consistently with a bit of practice. In regards to the 10 minute timer thing. I think I was a bit misleading with that and I apologize for that. I had seen @Jimmy and a couple other playtesters run through it on UV in under 10 minutes in-game time as well as IRL time.. I'm sorry that I set the wrong expectation going into the map. I would recommend giving the whole set a play through on HNTR or HMP. They are just as challenging and likely far less ball busting than UV is. :) That and HNTR testers are in short supply <3 Thanks again for playing!
  13. Choosing a lower difficulty because UV is kicking your ass is not a sign of weakness and does not make you lesser of a player. :3
  14. I have a new map available to test! Map12! It is a little spicy, so feel free to bump the difficulty down if needed. Should be a fun, quick map! Average time is around 10 minutes!
  15. A new map is available to playtest! Map12: The Shores of Deimos! With this update, I have made several gameplay tweaks to previous levels. All levels except for map07 now have at least 1 secret. Difficulties have been balanced and progression has been tweaked in certain fights throughout Episode 1. Please give it a look. c: Thank you for playing Bloodflow! <3