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  1. Zandronum cannot render Linedef portals But it can render sector portals. My map uses both so you'd probably have to find a way to make GZDoom work in order to play it. Sorry to hear about that, had no idea it wasn't compatible with Zandronum.
  2. That's odd. Their closet has a portal that continues on the area. Your source port might be messing with the portal in that area.
  3. Why should I stop improving it?
  4. Alfredo

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Hey there, its me again. Got another map for you to try out if you've got some time to spare! Spent quite a bit of time working on this one but just recently pumped out the rest of the layout. This is UDMF format with features only found in UDMF, so its recommended to use GZDoom or a similar port. I hope You'll find it enjoyable. Bridgeburner compared it to Alien Vendetta in mapping style and combat, so take that how you will in terms of what to expect. Thanks for continuing this playthrough thread!
  5. New version update. Check it out!
  6. Map Updated with some bugfixes and fight rebalancing.
  7. Added some more ammo in that arena. Should be plenty to deal with everything. Those doors do work. They are just locked. Thanks for playing my map!
  8. Well, its an abandoned base with signs of hellspawn skulking about. Can't be that abandoned then, can it? Changelog: New Map from scratch. Replaces Map05 of Doom2. Format is UDMF with portal usage in places. Jumping and crouching are restricted in mapinfo. Roughly 700 monsters, so its a bit chewy. It is recommended that you use GZDoom or a similar port of Doom. This map can be a bit chewy at times, there is a high monster count and the encounters are geared towards a higher difficulty. The map is balanced for Ultra-Violence and is clearable from pistol start. Additional difficulties will be added in the next update. There are doors that you have to shoot to proceed. It is a touch slaughterish, but not fully so. The water is very cold and the sky hates your existence. With that being said. I hope you enjoy what I've made here. This is my 7th standalone map and I hope you have fun. Screenshots: Download: Deserted Base.zip Version 1.3
  9. Alfredo

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Tricks and Traps Redux.zip Here's a wad I posted here a while back. My 5th map that I felt I did pretty decent on. Jumping is not intended. Replaces Map08 in DOOM2, Boom format. Hope you enjoy running through it. It can be a bit chewy at times.
  10. Alfredo

    A Small Tech Base. (Slaughter Map)

    Thanks for taking the time to play my map. As far as the invisible wall is concerned. I could not find it in GZDoom. I shot rockets everywhere and could not find an invisible wall in the Rocket launcher arena. Would you mind providing a screenshot? For the BFG fight. I provided an invis mainly to deal with the SMM. But it was pretty funny to open a closet full of cyberdemons, so I left that as is. They are pretty helpful when dealing with the baron horde. Glad you liked the final fight! I went and did as you suggested and put the revs in boxes so they are easier to hit. should help alleviate some frustration. What can I do to spruce up the main outdoor area though? I'm not sure what I should do for fear of breaking the openness of the map.
  11. Alfredo

    A Small Tech Base. (Slaughter Map)

    I'm assuming you're refering to the north western fireblu ramparts. The revenants there become much easier to deal with once you're up there with them at a later point in the map. Much easier to hit once you can land a solid SSG shot into them. So I think they're fine as they are right now.
  12. Alfredo

    A Small Tech Base. (Slaughter Map)

    Updated Wad file. Changes are in the Changelog beneath the file.
  13. Alfredo

    A Small Tech Base. (Slaughter Map)

    @rdwpa @HAK3180 Hey guys. Thanks for playing my map. I appreciate you taking the time to play it. Rdwpa. Would you suggest replacing the revanents with a fatter target that can eat rockets/plasma easier? Like a mancubi or arach? Or maybe just a couple of imps. HAK3180: YEah, the Red key area isn't a lot of fun without the BFG. Its rough and brutal with a lot of meat. I know you don't usually play slaughter, but your criticisms are valid nonetheless. I'm gonna tweak a couple teleporters and textures to better direct the player towards the BFG. because it is there, and it is grabbable before any of the keys. BFG Location
  14. Good evening everyone. I've made an attempt at making a slaughter wad. I'd greatly appreciate some feedback about what I could do better in regards to encounter management, ammo distribution, and invuln usage. Map is completable from pistol start to finish. This is my first attempt at making a slaughter themed map like this. So I hope it doesn't suck TOO badly. I would also like advice regarding the final arena of the map. Screenshots: There's not a lot to say about this map other than it has some pretty brutal fights and nonlinearity. Map info: Replaces MAP16 in Doom 2. (randomly picked. no real reason behind it.) Difficulty: Hard Length: Lengthy Combat: Heavy Techbase: Small Mouselook: Encouraged in case some mobs are too high. Jumping: Not intended. Compatibility: Boom or higher. No Difficulty settings. UV or bust. Monster count: Yes. Wad File: A Small Tech Base.zip Changelog: Altered a teleport destination to better help the player find the BFG. Added some Health and Rockets in some locations. Changed some textures around to be less confusing. Fixed a few bugs and made some monsters easier to hit without freelook.
  15. Alfredo

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @HAK3180 Heya. Thanks for taking the time to play my wad. I know i'm a little late on this but I really appreciate the feedback you gave me. I'll be bringing more wads your way sometime in the future if you don't mind :)