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  1. Alfredo

    Tips for making good, balanced mega wads?

    When it comes to balancing maps (at least in my experience) I tend to start with the UV experience first. Then i playtest that difficulty until it feels both fair and challenging to me. Then i follow up by decrementing problematic monsters in the map, such as archviles, pain elementals, and cyberdemons such that fights are easier without them, but still pose some threat to less experienced players. Another way you could go about balancing difficulties is to leave monster placement the same across all difficulties, and add more resources and powerups on lower difficulties. When it comes to making a multi level wad, there should be a sense of escalating threat in subsequent levels. Not to say that every level needs to be harder than the last by a clear margin, but a noticable increase in threat density and magnitude should be progressively apparent as the set goes on. How you choose to progress your difficulty is up to you as a mapper and your particular taste and style. Ultimately though, its going to come down to a lot of personal playtesting and asking yourself. "Does this feel good?". At the end of the day. A balanced wad is a well tested and thought out wad.
  2. Splitting the project into separate wads for Doom 1 and 2 could be fun. Could be like Side A and Side B of an album. Perhaps a month would be a better time frame. I was kinda spitballing a timeframe for mapping there with the three days. But its not a big deal to have a longer mapping period to ensure quality. TNT does have some fantastic music. I could include them as options if there is enough interest. I was aiming to keep this smaller with just Doom 1 and 2 for the sake of only having a potential 40+ maps as opposed to 60+. Agreed, the mapping period should be longer, a month or so would feel better. As for a logo, i'm not familiar with how to make a logo or do artsy things. I'll have to look into how to do that. As for an example map. I might whip something up as an example, but not use it in the project. Mainly because if someone wants the song i used in the example, I don't wanna deprive them of it.
  3. Please read the entire post before replying. This is an interest gauging thread. Please leave feedback if you find it interesting, but do not claim slots yet. Good Evening! I had an idea that I thought was interesting pop up for a CP and wanted to gauge the community's interest. The idea is simple: 1. Take a Music track from Doom 1 or 2. 2. Create a map that can be completed before the music completes its first loop. Rules: 1. It must be possible to complete the map with 100% kills and secrets before the music track ends. This does not have to be doable on the first try for new players. 2. Stock Doom 1 and 2 assets only. Aim for a theme that fits the tempo and feel of the track you chose. 3. Your map must take a reasonable amount of time to complete proportional to the length of the song. Do not pick a 3-4 minute song and then make a map that lasts 20 seconds. A reasonable amount of time would be around 60% of a track's length at the minimum for a normal run, perhaps around 80% if aiming for a UV Max run. (Note: This only counts through normal gameplay for the map maker, ignoring any shortcuts(either implemented or accidental). If a player finds a skip that allows them to beat the map faster, that's fine.) 4. No arbitrary time gating, such as a door that takes an excessive amount of time to open, or a wall that takes forever to lower. 5. One track may be chosen per person. First come, First serve. 6. No Joke or Terry wads. Gimmicks and Slaughter are fair game so long as they comply with the limits. 7. Once you have picked a map. You will have three days to build, test, and bugfix your map before submitting it. Your time starts as soon as you make a forum post in this thread(once signups are open), so plan accordingly. When you make your post. Declare clearly: "I am claiming "Midi track here". My time starts now" 8. Low effort maps will be rejected. A minimum level of quality will be expected. 9. You may map for any prefered format so long as it is GZDoom compatible. The CP will ultimately run on GZDoom, so test your maps for that. Maps will be ordered according to the soundtrack order. At Doom's Gate will be map 1, etc. IF there is enough interest in this CP, I will make a follow up post with a start date. This thread is to get feedback on the idea. TRACK LIST
  4. Alfredo

    Is FIREBLU hot or cold?

    Have you ever put IcyHot on any part of your body? That.
  5. Alfredo

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Its GZDoom! I've just been using the zdoom features in it for stuff like this while keeping it vanilla looking :)
  6. Alfredo

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Still working on my crane game in Doom 2.
  7. Alfredo

    Player Exhaustion

    I've noticed something that comes up sometimes during playtesting for larger mapsets. Sometimes the player comes back and says: "What a fun WAD! Only got through a couple of maps before i was exhausted though." Is this a common occurance for anyone else? Not just in playtesting, but in regular playing overall. How could player exhaustion possibly be prevented over longer play sessions?
  8. @Thelokk @Womp the Cat @RastaManGames Good morning everyone. I believe i owe an explanation for why things have not progressed. Lately, real life has gotten in the way of me getting around to performing my duties as project lead. In addition to this, midway through the project's development. My mapping spark just kinda fizzled out. I have not touched an editor in weeks. Things are just not good for me to continue with this project. The three of you may compile and release your maps as a finished project. I simply have lost all of my drive to map or touch Doom as of late. Hopefully this won't be permanent. Regardless. I am deeply sorry for having kept you in the dark for so long, and I am very grateful that you took the time to make maps for my project. I have not fulfilled my role as a project lead and for that I am sorry. Perhaps we can try again when circumstances are better. Thank you. -Alfredo
  9. I will have a post up after work today. Ive been pretty busy trying to organize a house purchase and mapping has fallen to the wayside.
  10. Yes. You have until April 1st to submit a final draft. After that. No new areas can be added to any maps, but balancing and bugfixxing will be allowed as needed.
  11. Updated the OP to reflect the current mapping roster. Will be reaching out to anyone who hasn't posted a WIP or finished map yet. :)
  12. I sent you a PM with some feedback on your map. Its a pretty good start. But gameplay needs some tweaking :)
  13. TNTR.zip I used this one in a prior map of mine. Nice dark ambient without being too prevalent. Quite a nice track. (Not sure who to credit. Recieved it from someone else.)
  14. I would prefer to keep things smaller in filesize. Only .Mid please.