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  1. Ninja_of_DooM

    Christmas wish list

    I have the big box copies of the expansions if you like. ;) Sadly my copy of Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and even a boxed copy of Strife have vanished. Either they got thrown away or my mum has them in her attic. I really need to remember and ask her. But somehow the expansions stayed with me. As for me, I'd like my mortgage paid off. Please?
  2. Ninja_of_DooM

    Doomworld International thread

    Ah yes! I see plenty of these at work. I work as a bus driver in a "city" (heh) half an hour away. There most of the actual homeless people are in one of the many homeless shelters, so you rarely ever see them living out. Most of the beggars here are so-called "professional" beggars. They do it for a living and nothing else. They're not homeless at all. Now this brings me onto another problem, that being junkies and alcoholics galore. The former being the most common. They smell, can barely string together a coherent sentence most times (one once tried to pay his fare with a half-eaten chocolate bar, I shit you not), and even deliberately leave needles stuck between the seats on our buses too. However I have to admit I don't feel the blame is all theirs. For one, thanks to our glorious leaders in the Scottish Nationalist-I mean Nazi Party, they get free bus travel at the taxpayer's expense, and also free methadone from their local pharmacy. Because what better way to help junkies recover than by subsidizing their habit, right? Then there's also the EU and their open borers policy flooding our country with unskilled labourers looking for free healthcare and housing. It used to be that people like me would work the berry farms on our holidays before they became large-scale industrial operations that required an army of workers year round. Add to the fact that the migrant workers are happy to be paid less, and what else would you expect to happen to a nation's unskilled workforce? I'd probably turn to drugs and welfare-leeching if I were in that situation too. You could say that they should simply get an education and find something better, but a nation will always need unskilled labour. And most of these buggers, who get paid in cash mind you, just send the money home to their families, so they're contributing next-to-nothing in taxes. I know this all sounds like a massive rant and I'm probably going to get a few knee-jerk "das racist!" replies, but it's far from it. It's more the idea of allowing uncontrolled movement of people that I'm against. 'Hate the game not the player', as it were. I'll be happy to see the EU end. Then maybe I'd vote for Scotland to become independent. Rant over. :p
  3. Ninja_of_DooM

    Doomworld International thread

    Since it was a fellow Scot who started it off, I'll throw my hat into the ring, as it were. I'll embellish with a few photos too since the scenery has been brought up. I do share the sentiments of OP, Reese, in regards to the cities and politicians as well. I'm a country bumpkin at heart, much like my missus. More so for her. She owns two bloody horses! But I digress. The cities are full of some of the most peculiar people. Often the ones pushing stupid social agendas and such that people like me don't care about. I remember walking around Edinburgh city centre and seeing some vegan type weirdo walking about sporting a manbun and walking about in his bare feet. You know, where dogs shit and such. Walked right past a homeless man on the way who gave him a right funny look too. Even he had he sense to have shoes on. We certainly have a rich history too, though this segways me back to my disdain for those running our country. There's plenty we learn at school, though some things are conveniently left out. A prime example is the Glen Coe massacre. Ask anyone who knows and they'll likely tell you it was told to them outside of school. Some argue, perhaps truthfully - maybe we'll never know - that it isn't taught due to the instigators of the massacre being among those responsible for us being brought into the Union. Count Dankula on youtube did a good video about it. I'd suggest you go look if you're curious. Now it's not all doom and gloom from me. I noted one or two important cultural staples being left out. Namely black pudding and haggis. The former is oddly absent from all but the northernmost parts of England too. Black pudding is fecking awesome! Try it if you visit us. Haggis too, but those little buggers are slippery indeed. I frequently need to break out my haggis whistle to coax them out of hiding before I can even try to catch one. (The trick is to trip it up, since it has one leg shorter than the other.) The countryside is something else too. And I can see why people from England may be depressed down there when it's mostly just flat land horizon to horizon, with but a few exceptions, all criss-crossed with godawful motorways and cities everywhere you look. Ugh. When I was younger I spent a great deal of time out hiking and camping, and once spent two weeks out trekking across the highlands by myself for the most part. I think I first met someone else after 7 days, and that was just when I'd stopped in a bothy for a night. I carried everything I needed in my pack. Hard work, but it was worth it. I even had a hip bag to carry my camera in. I'll put some of my better photos from across the years in the post. I'm not one of these weekend casual hikers either, even these days. I'd say I prefer going out in the winter most of all. The heavier the snow, the better. I was once lucky enough to serve some time with a mountain rescue team which only made it even easier for me to get about outside with what they taught me. I have fond memories of tackling 3 munroes in blizzard conditions a couple of years ago in Glen Etive. Anyway, uploading all those photos made me lose my train of thought. I can certainly say I'm fortunate in my situation. We just bought ourselves a house in a lovely location that's away from the towns and cities an with little-to-no noise from the road that runs nearby. It's quiet enough that we've even started getting pheasants coming into the garden looking for food. Now my missus is hoping to coax some of the local squirrels in as well.
  4. Ninja_of_DooM

    PS5 Revealed! |ARE YOU EXCITED?|

    I just moved house a few weeks ago and found my olde Master System and Mega Drive in a box along with some games. So if I want a new console experience...I guess it's been at least 20 years since I last saw or touched them. Gotta make sure they're working first.
  5. Ninja_of_DooM

    How are you guys doing on this late night?

    It's 10:40am here. I'm just having breakfast and enjoying my first full weekend in my new house with the missus. It's awesome.
  6. Ninja_of_DooM

    Other doom forums

    There was also a place called Planet Doom, Doom Planet, or something. And now I've said that I remember I was on forums like that when I was still a teen. I'm now 33.
  7. Ninja_of_DooM

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Club Techno-chocolate! (christ that's hard to type tipsy!)
  8. Ninja_of_DooM

    Just noticed the description for this sub

    I endorse this. Allow me.
  9. Ninja_of_DooM

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    Yeah I've heard that's been lost in some sort of abandoned mine or something. Odd place for storage.
  10. Ninja_of_DooM

    The "Ask a Simple FPS Question" Thread

    I still haven't gotten an answer yet....
  11. Ninja_of_DooM

    The "Ask a Simple FPS Question" Thread

    Do imps shave their nether regions? I don't think impse ever covered that and I believe it's an important part of the lore that needs answering.
  12. Ninja_of_DooM

    An Interesting Look At Guiness

    This is purely aside from the fact that just about anything can be a world record now. It's just a load of bollocks.
  13. Ninja_of_DooM

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Well yeah, you're kinda buggered if you're like that. Not that I'm much different. My drinking days stopped in my early twenties, like 23 or so. It got boring. I tried it again in the airforce, but it mostly ended up being a night in a club with expensive drinks, people shouting at each other over the loud, shitty music, and any topic of conversation being about work anyway. Yay.... That said, I do remember my 18th. We were at a pool bar in town, just me and a couple of my friends. They went to buy me a drink for the occasion and I remember each time I looked down at the bar, the lass was reaching for a different bottle and adding some to the glass. In the end it was blue, tasted like the worst cough medicine, and was warm to the touch. Apple sourz, absinthe, and at least 4 other things went into that thing. It did not stay in my stomach for long! These days I'm more partial to a good cold beer or a whiskey. Oh and a fact: I once had to abseil off a cliff retrieve a fallen climber while on mountain rescue who had fallen so far that when he reached the end of the rope he stopped so hard that he folded like a book, snapped his spine. It was so surreal at first I didn't realise how nasty it was until I got back to the top. His friend, who I picked up nearer the top on the way down, was luckier and just needed set up start to climbing back up again. Gravity's a bitch.
  14. Ninja_of_DooM

    Post a picture of yourself!

    For some reason Pineapple's picture reminds me of the barracks I used to live in, albeit much nice looking. But a cramped corridor lined with doors sure brings back memories of a sort. :p @TwinBeast You're doing alright there. I'm a stickler for people not keeping their heels on the floor, so it's good to see. Now all you've got to do is clean it from floor to chest in one go. I dunno if you compete, but it really makes the difference when it comes to an overhead medley. Tell me, does your gym have any axle bars? You might find that a lot more preferable to a standard bar. It took me a while but I actually quite like suicide grip on an axle. Your back looked pretty straight to me, so don't worry about it. You'd probably be at home in the gym I go to. If nothing but because we know what we're doing and there are only 14 members. :D
  15. Ninja_of_DooM

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Sheesh Phobus! Reminds me of the time I finished work at 1am and had to hand the key in for the bothy we have in town. I'm a bus driver. I got home, 15 minutes though so not so bad, only to realise i still had the bothy key, which would be needed for 5am so the first diver into town could open the bothy up. So 2am and I'm finally getting to bed. And now I'm tired just thinking about that. Oh the late finishes! As for my random fact, well...in preparation for moving to my new home next month I decided I better root around under the bed, since that's where a whole load of old junk tends to get shoved. I found some old figures of Snake and Meryl from MGS in the wee display case they came in, along with all the weapons and accessories. Poseable too. I wonder if it'd be worth much. I also found 7 boxes of various Magic the gathering cards that someone gave to me a while before I left the airforce. I've never counted, but there have to be hundreds of the damn things. I've no idea why he gave them to me, I don't play. Free stuff, I guess?