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  1. Ninja_of_DooM

    I made a huge mistake today

    Speaking as someone with friends across the pond, I kind of share DN's sentiment. And feel glad I don't live there either. Still, at least he hasn't been revealed to be a pig fucker. Not yet anyway.
  2. Ninja_of_DooM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Ummm...mate? He just told you.
  3. Ninja_of_DooM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Yes. Assuming what you're saying is that you're running on-board graphics, then you've no chance of running the game. Next time check the specs of both your machine and the game before you buy it.
  4. Ninja_of_DooM

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    I'd just say it's because it's a game and not something you really ought to be over-thinking or, most likely, because it's the Doom guy. Why not? It's big, it's green and it has the helmet. End of.
  5. Ninja_of_DooM

    Revenant question

    I thought this was a pretty neat take. It all gets uncovered in the codex logs you find. There's also an announcement made by Vega during the game asking for volunteers for the revenant project. It's actually pretty nasty when you find out how they did it. Just wait until you hear about the others they've been messing with.
  6. Ninja_of_DooM

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    If you play right through the game you'll uncover exactly who this one is. But he has no connection to any of the previous titles. At first I thought there was, since this takes place some time after Doom 3, which would explain why it seems to be that demon infestation is a regular occurrence on Mars.
  7. Ninja_of_DooM

    what religion do you believe?

    I don't believe in things that don't exist. Simple as.
  8. Ninja_of_DooM

    GameStop Handing Out Limited Number of Beta Codes

    Or you could simply wait another couple of months for the full game to come out. Just a thought.
  9. Ninja_of_DooM

    How has Doomworld survived nearly 20 years

    I Dunno. I made two shitty levels and yet I got a page somehow.
  10. Ninja_of_DooM


    I'm a driver for the raf. It's not bad, though I've my share of quiet days. It's mostly running people to the airport though I occasionally get to work refuelling aircraft or running freight to other camps in a truck, like I am now. Though being put up in a hotel each night is good, driving all day for 4 days can be really boring. :p I could do without being dicked last minute on friday afternoons to work the weekend when I've made plans that I then have to cancel.... I'm preparing for a transfer to the marines later this year which I'm looking forward to. I love being in the military, just not the airforce. Heh.
  11. Ninja_of_DooM

    What are your pet peeves?

    Don't get me started. One thing that really ticks me off is people saying stuff like "more easier" or "more harder" or this real belter "more difficulter." That was when I used to work in a call centre. Usually people who'd been doing the job for years too. Fuck me, that was annoying!
  12. Ninja_of_DooM

    What are your pet peeves?

    Ah friggin' hell. Now I've remembered how much I fucking hate that! :p And on that note: - Women who have either ridiculously thin eyebrows or huge fuck-off massive things that have obviously been drawn on. Fuck. That. This. Though it's worse, I find, for things that were once considered taboo yet now are so incredibly common and widely accepted. As for the rest, well we live in an age where information on just about anything and everything can be easily accessed. It kind of makes something much less taboo. Oh annnnnnd: - Hipsters. Just fuck off. The only good thing about them are hipster jokes. Like the hipster chemist who got burned because he touched the flask before it was cool.
  13. Ninja_of_DooM

    What are your pet peeves?

    Yep. I wish I was making it up. It could only have happened when I had washing on. So someone went and emptied the machine to put their stuff in and helped themselves to my clothes and worn them. I only found out because I saw them a couple weeks later among a pile of washing that had been left out. They were old anyway, so I took them back and threw them in the bin. Though I joked about how I wish I had something nasty to pass onto such people, given the people in question are proper grots (they've even smeared shit on the walls of the toilets we have to share....) I'd rather not touch anything they've worn, especially given their habits on the weekends. And here I was thinking joining the airforce was a good idea.... Oh oh! I've got a few more to add to my list too! - Man buns. - Windows 10 constantly asking to be downloaded and installed on my desktop. Nope. - Air conditioning being left on on long train journeys. - Double standards. Two-faced people in general. Like the time I told my dad that the friend I'd introduced him to and who he was too happy to talk to, was both Welsh and bi-sexual. I've never watched someone backpedal so hard on something they make a habit of saying practically every day.
  14. Ninja_of_DooM

    The next 90s first person shooter to receive a reboot?

    *Hits that.* Another Duke Nukem gane would be like beating a dead horse, I think. DNF was enough. Personally I'd be all for a new Blood game. The original was one of the few games I've never gotten tired of. There's just something in it that draws me back.
  15. Ninja_of_DooM

    What are your pet peeves?

    - Facebook game requests. No. Fuck off. - Shit drivers - In addition to the above and speaking as an occasional truck driver, people who pull dangerous shit when they see a truck coming because they don't want to be stuck behind me. Like trying to squeeze past me on a roundabout when there's clearly no room and forcing me to stop so they don't get hit. - People who fish for attention on facebook with vague posts and get all pissy when you don't tell them what they want to hear. I'm sure we've all got at least one of 'those' friends. - People who put milk in first when making tea. - Office politics. - New year resolutions. The reason I get crowded out of the gym for a whole month each year. - As someone who lives in a communal block, people who steal. Particularly food, especially when it's labelled. And my underwear. Seriously? Go buy your own. Makes me wish I had some transmissible disease. :p - People who rant and rave and whinge and whine about something, be it work, people, etc, but do fuck all about it. - People (Seeing a pattern here I think) who make excuses for themselves when they're the only one to blame. - Running commentaries on every. Little. Thing while I'm watching a film. - People who have little-to-nothing in way of manners. - People who talk to me while I've got my headphones in and act all pissy when I ask them to repeat themselves. - Again with the communal living situation. People who are up playing music/doing other annoying shit up until 3am or worse when they know others have to be up at 5 to go to work. - People who try to start fights because they think they've got something to prove, whatever it may be. I had my lip split open by someone at work back in may because of this. Thankfully a good headbutt and punch broke his nose and left him passed out on the floor. Fucking idiot. - Ads that play before videos on youtube. - Trailers and other crap that I can't skip when I'm trying to watch a film. - People who constantly use the word 'epic' to describe anything and everything. - People who drive shitty, loud cars like they're in fast and furious or something. - Brown-nosing. - When someone gets all huffy when you critique something of theirs and try to genuinely help them. I once made someone on another forum go "I'm leaving and never coming back! Waaah!" just for giving suggestions on how to improve upon something. Annnnnd breathe!