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  1. Ironically enough mine actually came from China itself. I couldn't find them anywhere here. The best I had was a dust mask I use when I'm woodturning, though it's not really the same as a medical grade mask. Plus these masks I got came with little carbon inserts which, while more for the sake of filtering out pollutants than anything else, I suppose adds an extra layer of protection if nothing else. Dirt cheap too. Took a couple of weeks to arrive, but then I'd not have had to do this had people not started panic buying everything.
  2. From what I understand, New York has the highest number of cases. I could be out of date on that, but that's what I've heard anyway. I hear that the main reason the virus took hold there so quickly was partly due to a select few of the city's political types basically trying to encourage people to go out on the town in New York itself, or visit chinatown. The latter certainly seems to have been more to do with the mentality of "It's not racist to say it comes from China, but let's all gather together in chinatown just to make sure nobody thinks we might be." A stupid thing to do, given the virus was already wreaking havoc in the european continent. Had the people in charge of New York actually gotten their fingers out and locked things down, things wouldn't be as they are. But there you go. Everyone's got to do their part to help this along. Measures such as mandatory masks should have been implemented far sooner in my opinion, given the nature of the virus. It's not guaranteed cure-all by any means, but if you take any little precautions like this you stand to cut down the number of infected quite a lot. Me personally, I wear one. I work in public transport and was doing so for about 3 weeks before they implemented lockdown here in Britain and finally told us to stop coming into work. I'm at risk of catching enough as it is, but given my elderly father's putting me up while the missus and I sort out buying a place, I'm taking no chances giving it to someone who will almost certainly be killed by it. Apart from that, combined with my black beanie and typically dark clothing, waiting in line at the shops looking like some manner of urban ninja is actually pretty funny. I just need some sunshine as an excuse to put sunglasses on next! As for the OP, I'm gonna have to agree with Graf. Your post makes you sound like a pouting adolescent more than anything. "Wahhh! I don't wanna wear a mask. It's so uncool. Nobody tells me what to do, etc, etc." Don't take this as word from one of a bleeding-hearted sort. I'm not one of those sad morons here in Britain who goes out and claps or bangs pots at their front door at 8pm every night to thank the NHS, (really. Sad I know.), but try having a bit of empathy once in a while. People are nervous, so swallow your childish attitude, your pride, and stick a mask on. Wow it's been a while since I posted....
  3. Ninja_of_DooM

    Classic Cocktails

    The second national drink of scotland.
  4. Ninja_of_DooM

    A tactic I wanted to share

    Shoot them.
  5. Ninja_of_DooM

    I made a huge mistake today

    Speaking as someone with friends across the pond, I kind of share DN's sentiment. And feel glad I don't live there either. Still, at least he hasn't been revealed to be a pig fucker. Not yet anyway.
  6. Ninja_of_DooM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Ummm...mate? He just told you.
  7. Ninja_of_DooM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Yes. Assuming what you're saying is that you're running on-board graphics, then you've no chance of running the game. Next time check the specs of both your machine and the game before you buy it.
  8. Ninja_of_DooM

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    I'd just say it's because it's a game and not something you really ought to be over-thinking or, most likely, because it's the Doom guy. Why not? It's big, it's green and it has the helmet. End of.
  9. Ninja_of_DooM

    Revenant question

    I thought this was a pretty neat take. It all gets uncovered in the codex logs you find. There's also an announcement made by Vega during the game asking for volunteers for the revenant project. It's actually pretty nasty when you find out how they did it. Just wait until you hear about the others they've been messing with.
  10. Ninja_of_DooM

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    If you play right through the game you'll uncover exactly who this one is. But he has no connection to any of the previous titles. At first I thought there was, since this takes place some time after Doom 3, which would explain why it seems to be that demon infestation is a regular occurrence on Mars.
  11. Ninja_of_DooM

    what religion do you believe?

    I don't believe in things that don't exist. Simple as.
  12. Ninja_of_DooM

    GameStop Handing Out Limited Number of Beta Codes

    Or you could simply wait another couple of months for the full game to come out. Just a thought.
  13. Ninja_of_DooM

    How has Doomworld survived nearly 20 years

    I Dunno. I made two shitty levels and yet I got a page somehow.
  14. Ninja_of_DooM


    I'm a driver for the raf. It's not bad, though I've my share of quiet days. It's mostly running people to the airport though I occasionally get to work refuelling aircraft or running freight to other camps in a truck, like I am now. Though being put up in a hotel each night is good, driving all day for 4 days can be really boring. :p I could do without being dicked last minute on friday afternoons to work the weekend when I've made plans that I then have to cancel.... I'm preparing for a transfer to the marines later this year which I'm looking forward to. I love being in the military, just not the airforce. Heh.
  15. Ninja_of_DooM

    What are your pet peeves?

    Don't get me started. One thing that really ticks me off is people saying stuff like "more easier" or "more harder" or this real belter "more difficulter." That was when I used to work in a call centre. Usually people who'd been doing the job for years too. Fuck me, that was annoying!