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  1. Well. That's it. Christmas day is gone and all in all I'm happy with what I got. So now there's nothing left for me to do but just laze around for the rest of the week until the holidays end and I go back to school. I've started copying most of my CDs onto MDs for my new MD player. vVery handy thing.:D I've finally got a new legacy wad underway after several weeks of making and scrapping wads. I just decided to take all the ones I made and cobble them together into one level. which seems to nbe progressing well enough. But then, all the others were until I ran out of ideas. I already ahve plans for an new wad. I'm maybe going to try some of this ACS scripting and see what I can do. I really want to make snow storms and breaking windows. I feel like trying something like a mini mod inspred by Marine Assault. I absoloutley love that wad.
    Anyway. That's that blog finished. Until next time folks.:)

    1. Melfice


      Happiness = Good :P

    2. Ninja_of_DooM


      And I'm happy.:D