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  1. I was making an intro image for it, but totally botched it, sorry. I had a good idea: Doom Guy turning into autumn leaves. But with the Doom palette and red leaves it looked super violent and didn't suit the project. I scrapped it, but still wanna help with a sky at least. I've been goofing with the texture set mapping too. I might be able to put something together if I find time. Like you, I'm much more interested with making a cool weird space than putting monsters in. Maybe we need to hire a "Monster putter inner" haha.
  2. z_bill

    Top 10 MUST PLAY Non Slaughter Wads?

    Good thread. Nice to see people's top lists! Definitely play REKKR.
  3. These first two maps are pretty damned impressive in my opinion. The new eye shoot mechanic is great and introduced absolutely perfectly, from a game design perspective. The amount of teaching Romero does here is good: he doesn't assume his audience just knows everything already ("You've played Doom a million times!"), ie: the eye puzzle raising up the walkways...and also I really appreciated how he telegraphed the first secret with the ledge over to the "diorama" area (J.P. Lebreton in his first playthrough described this level as like a DisneyWorld rollercoaster/tram, watching the scenes as you ride by. Clever! Like a Doom amusement park!) I like the pacing and secrets are good so far. The first tough enemy being "caged" and sorta optional is cool, like "do I want to fight him yet?" The only part I don't think is obvious is the pedestal warps in e5m2. Doubt I would have figured that out on my own. Cool stuff, happy to be contributing to DWmegawad thread!
  4. Do you still need some art for this? I'm getting pretty into the modding scene and would like to help, but haven't dove into relearning mapping yet. I could whip up some original skies or textures or props. What's needed/wanted? I really like the Dying Earth sorta feel of this project (anyone else read Jack Vance?) with the decaying civilization mixed with nonsense/gonzo, goofy fantasy names, etc. (Esp evident in Dobu's story. I hope at least part of that is used!) It's too bad you don't feel you can contribute a map yourself anymore. What about collabing with someone else? I'm sure you've got some interesting geo at this point at the very least! Also, I can't download the resource pack or the midis from the other thread, they always time out. Can someone email them to me or do a Dropbox link or something?
  5. Just to maybe prove I'm not a total loss! I actually loved the end content of map02. Weird glitchy platforming is a lot of what I'm looking for!
  6. Thought I'd resurrect this instead of posting in frog/toad thread...but more clarification for someone getting into your maps...please? Thanks a ton! First up: Am I not supposed to jump? I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be jumping and am a big cheater! What about crouching? I got pretty far on map01...is the chess board puzzle, er checkers, yeah, is this critical path? Didn't figure out the puzzle, but no hints (yet)! Am I supposed to be able to scroll around the mini-map to check the numbers when I'm at the board? I'm using gzdoom, but don't know how to pan the mini-map without also moving the player, and I think I see people able to doing that on YT vids. Am I hopeless? I loved map02! Great stuff there! Are the enemies (other than the starting 2) ones you are meant to encounter? Part of a secret...or some map thing I don't understand? Will playing on "I'm too young" mess up the maps? (That's difficulty 1 right?) I noticed you said above that playing on HMP or lower will nerf some puzzle stuff in a later map? I'd like to nerf combat sure, but not puzzles unless "puzzles" means "combat" as I've learned they often can in this crazy Doom mod scene! Is difficulty 1 like an unmentionable no-no? I need to know... You make cool stuff! I'm might just make this mapset my personal Doom rite of passage!
  7. z_bill

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    + Abysm: Dawn of Innocence by jazzmaster9 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/103601 New here & was surprised no one seemed to mention this one yet. It totally reworks how Doom plays, making it a medieval more seamless world with a city hub. Thought it deserved a nod!
  8. z_bill

    frog_and_toad.wad [12 maps]

    Wow! Thanks a ton for writing this up and giving this newbie some stuff to chew on! The idea of puzzles in Doom is interesting to me (like obscure switches & getting hopelessly lost in Hexen is a highlight of the game to me), but I'm not good enough with combat to weather many of these slaughter situations that sometimes come with them. I've been looking through past Cacowards for out-of-the-box stuff and your name keeps popping up! So thanks again for taking the time to do this! I'll be sure to give your suggestions a go.
  9. z_bill

    frog_and_toad.wad [12 maps]

    Newbie with a dumb question here. I watched some vids of frog.wad & tried out "fine fetish film" as your work looked interesting to me...but does "puzzle" in most cases here mean "finding clever ways to get platoons of enemies to infight?" I may need some kind of primer of how puzzle maps are typically done in Doom? Anyway, I like the feel & theming of your stuff at the least!
  10. z_bill

    REKKR - V1.16

    REKKR is far and away the best gaming experience I've had this year! And sorta responsible for me getting into Doom/mapping/wads at all, 25 years later! (This & finally discovering Hexen. Imo REKKR is like Hexen, but made perfect!) It's totally mind-blowing, deserves all the praise in the world, and I can't wait to see what's next from revae! I used gzdoom to play, but will try the standalone chocolate version. It should make it easier to recommend to people not already in the mapping scene.
  11. z_bill

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    Looks flipping awesome! I'm new to this scene (believe it or not, just really getting into Doom 25 yrs late!) and never played a slaughter map. Is this gonna be impossible for me?