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  1. Figured this was probably the most appropriate place to post this so yeah.

    After a good 8 or so months I've updated my website (http://mancubus.net/~slayer), about a cool little game I'm working on. Basically it's a clone of the old game Terminal Velocity. Anyway, read about it there and check out the screenshots :P

    In case anyone was wondering about SLADE, well I haven't worked on it for a while, but what I've learned from this latest project should help a lot with slopes support in SLADE. Might even get some sort of heightmap feature in SLADE sometime, you never know ;)

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    2. rf`


      TV <3

      What are you using to make the ship models?

    3. Thunder_Owl


      Can I ask please about this old topic, about possible "Terminal Velocity clone? Link from 2005 is not working, and even Wayback Machine somehow didn't help. I have "a thing" for aerial shooters, since "TV", so, while doing regular search for possible such games - I got here. Thanks in advance for any info on this!

    4. sirjuddington


      Oh wow this is a blast from the past :P


      The game was never anywhere near finished, but you can download what I got done here: http://sirjuddington.net/index.php?s=dev&p=velocity