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  1. dmnwizard

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    Very good! Now the function is working perfectly! Thank you very much!
  2. dmnwizard

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    Sinshu, I really liked Doom Managed. It's clean, light and tastes vanilla. I gonna follow the project. My question is: in the managed-doom.cfg file, I changed mouse_disableyaxis from "False" to "True", but the system remains "True" during gameplay. How should I proceed? Thank you for creating this beautiful sweetness!
  3. LuVo, I played Hellfire.wad and i just got positive opinions about it. Here is a video with my gameplay, and in the description, you will see what I have to say. Thanks for creating Hellfire, and I hope to soon play the new maps of your episode for Doom II!
  4. Hobomaster22, please consider implementing a dark theme in future versions of Doom Launcher. It's my favorite launcher. In addition to a dark theme, also other themes. Themes based on colors, but also based on different subjects, styles, aesthetics. I don't know how to explain, English is not my first language. What about themes suggested by participants here in the forum? Thanks for Doom Launcher!
  5. dmnwizard

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    That's revolting! I'm sorry for Rojas' mother, and for him going through all this. I just donated. Hope things get better. Justice will be done!
  6. I just played up to map09 and I can say that I liked it very much. What I saw was a varied range of challenges, incredibly good mazes to explore, abundant ammo as well as monsters to face, without making the gameplay either monotonous or too fast. I'm going to play to the end for sure. Thank you for this beautiful creation!
  7. dmnwizard

    DBP56: Augustland Barrens

    I just played up to map02 (It's too late in my timezone) and all I have to say is that you guys are awesome. I'll for sure explore more of this wad. Beautiful colors, immersive soundtrack, fair amount of monsters per combat, great mazes. I love the focus on yellows!
  8. This wad is beautiful, I watched Sandwedge play it, and soon I will play it too. I'm much happier because Oubliette Fatalis exists.
  9. I think the same way. I really liked the map in all its aspects except the amount of ammo, which seemed scarce to me. Without a doubt I will play later versions of this map! I follow the project,gg
  10. Oh, that's great! I really really wanted to play A.I.A. since the day I watched you and Clippy play it. Congrats for this beauty, Dannarchy, and thank you for creating it!
  11. Dub Bag, I played your maps and I really like them both. I would like to play a bigger mapset. Here's my gameplay containing my full review in the video description:
  12. dmnwizard

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Totally agreed! I've just played MAP01 and i love it
  13. dmnwizard

    [Boom] "Home... Sweet Home?"

    haha! no problem! I just downloaded your map and I gonna to play it. I'm enjoying it a lot! Thank you for creating and sharing it!
  14. dmnwizard

    [Boom] "Home... Sweet Home?"

    I'm sorry if I'm not seeing correctly, but where's the download link, sir?
  15. Totally playable, sir. Jokes aside, I consider very cool the proposal of this port
  16. dmnwizard


    Amazing! Thank you for this wad! I just met it here in the forum, and I will for sure finalize it, because I'm curious about the end of the plot.