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  1. rough, beautiful and full of love
  2. dmnwizard

    What's your favorite color?

  3. dmnwizard


    @Async Unicorn, thank you for creating Neon Nexus! Cyberpunk my mug of tea. I loved the monster encounters, I loved the map design, I loved the textures, and I loved the soundtrack. I have a question: how do I access the secret area? I had to resort to idclip, in order to collect the berserk and the supercharge, and it was only in doing so that the group of demons was teleported close to me (GZDOOM 4.10 here). PS: Please make Neon Nexus a mapset, it's awesome!
  4. First, thank you @hobomaster22 for implementing a dark theme in Doom Launcher. I have the following issue: I can't remove a wad from my library. When I click Delete, I get a message saying the WAD can't be removed because it's being used by another program, even after I've rebooted my operating system. How should I proceed to resolve this issue?
  5. dmnwizard


    DuckyCart, thanks for creating Barzakh, I loved the title and I also loved the map construction. Here is my demo, containing more aspects of my opinion (text in Brazilian Portuguese): https://youtu.be/HFN0-MOiD-I I hope to play more of your productions! See you next time!
  6. @Marvv7, thanks for creating Eigenstate. It has all the features I appreciate in a WAD: wide areas, constant head-on balanced combat, abundant ammo, immersive soundtrack, and linear direction. I recorded a gameplay, and in the description of the video I mention all these things. I hope to play a mapset created by you, with that same style.
  7. dmnwizard

    The Infernal Ritual (some playable updates)

    Guys, has anyone managed to find 100% secrets? I love Infernal Ritual, but finding all the secrets has been a lot of work.
  8. dmnwizard

    Nilla demos [-complevel 2]

    oh thank god you recorded this demo, the red keycard was driving me crazy. XD
  9. @FireWarden1000, first, I’m sorry for your loss, and for the accident that you reported. I hope everything gets better soon. Congratulations on the ExpansionWads! I loved the maps that you created. In this video, I recorded a gameplay of the map Brickland. At the end of the description, there is an English version of it. GG!
  10. dmnwizard

    Icons for Doom for Windoze

    Thank you for this beauty!
  11. dmnwizard

    T.N.Terminus [3 map miniwad for TNT]

    @Kisadillah Thank you for creating T.N.Terminus, it is a thrilling WAD, full of very immersive, challenging and well balanced fights across the maps. It is my favorite type of mapset, as it has few maps with about 300 monsters each. Also, I have to say that I loved all the MIDIs and textures. Congratulations on this wonderful creation! See you soon!
  12. dmnwizard

    First wad - BWP

    I just finished BWP and I'm stopping by to thank you for creating this beautiful and challenging WAD, @SkarUA! I really liked the colors, textures, and challenges of all the maps. Demon House is the map that I consider the most difficult in terms of exploration and fight against the monsters. Congratulations on creating this work of art that will undoubtedly be part of my collection. Blessings.
  13. dmnwizard

    [GZDoom] BirminDoom v1.0 - 10-map community project

    Awesome! Go BirminDoom!
  14. Bellatrix! Bellatrix! Bellatrix! <3