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  1. @Async Unicorn, thank you for creating Neon Nexus! Cyberpunk my mug of tea. I loved the monster encounters, I loved the map design, I loved the textures, and I loved the soundtrack. I have a question: how do I access the secret area? I had to resort to idclip, in order to collect the berserk and the supercharge, and it was only in doing so that the group of demons was teleported close to me (GZDOOM 4.10 here).
    PS: Please make Neon Nexus a mapset, it's awesome!

  2. On 10/30/2013 at 3:24 PM, DeletedUser said:

    I never want to see this piss taking, infuriating son of a bitch ever again, everything can and will go wrong constantly. I can't believe I even considered this on Nightmare, way too many hitscanners everywhere.

    MAP02 - UV-Speed in 3:07


    oh thank god you recorded this demo, the red keycard was driving me crazy. XD

  3. I just finished BWP and I'm stopping by to thank you for creating this beautiful and challenging WAD, @SkarUA! I really liked the colors, textures, and challenges of all the maps. Demon House is the map that I consider the most difficult in terms of exploration and fight against the monsters. Congratulations on creating this work of art that will undoubtedly be part of my collection.