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  1. InfiniteRedPill

    Looking for advice/criticism on my first DOOM wad.

    Wow thanks rdwpa! That was loaded with good advice. Man I'm getting a lot of flak for that yellow door texture next to the chaingun, lol. I knew it was weird but didn't think it would be a big deal. It's understandable though, thanks for the feedback. Oh no I forgot! Trust me I was planning on it. *facepalm*
  2. InfiniteRedPill

    Looking for advice/criticism on my first DOOM wad.

    Thank you xvertigox, really thank you. I have pretty severe anxiety/social issues and my heart sank when I saw the reply notification, but you were very helpful and polite in your response. Firstly, I reuploaded the WAD file to fix the missing music and sounds, this was due to me screwing around in Slade3 and making a mistake. "1. The map is way too easy, especially when if you find the starting secret with the SSG." The SSG secret was actually a last minute change, it was originally just an early chaingun. It was a stupid idea that I will change back. "I don't see a theme to the map´╗┐" I understand. I kinda tried for a theme, which was just supposed to be generally dark and spooky, but was also kind of experimenting with different textures since it is my first map after all. Keep in mind I am considering updating this map, it will ever be perfect due to it's amateurish design but maybe I'll upload a second link to this post. Maybe the first link will be the original, the second will be the updated version, if that's a good idea. If so this will probably be done another day. "Most of the map is quite under detailed." Man I tried, I was actually pretty proud of the detail for the most part. I think I need to raise my standards quite a bit and take more time on detail. Like I said I haven't played much Doom, mostly the original, so I'm used to seeing the low-detailed environments of the original episodes. I'll take some time to play other wads to remind myself of what I should be aiming for, yeah I should have done that in the first place but my enthusiasm got the best of me. "There's some copy pasting done and it's quite obvious." Yeah a couple times I did copy paste. I'll avoid it in the future. I made this map in about 2 extremely long sittings so my tiredness shows through, especially in those crappy hallways. "The rooms are (almost) all essentially square. I can see you rounded the edges out but they're still basically squares." I stressed out quite a bit about symmetry, as in, I know Doom isn't about pure symmetry and I tried to avoid it. Nowadays everything is symmetrical in all kinds of design and it's a bad habit when it comes to Doom levels. I feel like I didn't have much inspiration to go off of, once again I need to take a step back and become more familiar with Doom level design. "Does this map need to be in UDMF?" Honestly, I have no idea. When I decided to make a map I spent about two days looking for resources to learn the absolute fundamentals on how Doom works on a technical level, everything I found was either poorly worded teenage YouTube tutorials for Doom Builder or very advanced explanations for specific questions, most of which were from this forum. I found a thread where someone was asking about configurations, how they were different and how they affected compatibility, I couldn't understand anything they were talking about and neither did the OP. Someone eventually said "Just use Doom 2 UDMF, it's the best" so that's what I did. This has actually been my biggest problem. I didn't grow up with Doom, so this is all mostly new to me. I eventually did find great resources for (GZ)Doom Builder, Slade3, stuff like that, but only as far as basic map making and the programs GUI's go. I would like to know more of the technical side of Doom, so that if a problem comes up I can have a much better chance of understanding the source of the problem and maybe even figuring it out myself instead of blindly Googling things. I have loads and loads of questions and am generally confused by everything I read. I feel it would all make more sense if I could just understand the absolute basics, and what I mean by that I don't even know exactly, that's how un-knowledgeable I am So yeah, it sucks trying to learn all this from scratch. Oh god I just discovered the "quote selection" feature... I've never used a forum before so I apologize for not using it earlier. Oh well. I'm working on this right now. Anyways thanks a lot once again, you were very helpful. I'm gonna keep on doing my thing and trying to learn this. It's been very fun so far (when things work :P). One more thing, you didn't pick up the chainsaw! It triggers a 3 Pinky ambush, nothing special but hey I tried to keep things spicy lol.
  3. Hello. This is my first forum post. I am looking for advice/constructive criticism for my DOOM 2 wad. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this type of thing, if it is not please tell me and I will delete this post. I would also like to know if there are other websites where I can share my amateur DOOM wad. This is also my first custom map/mod ever. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u57v0glqm74ce9l/RON.wad/file It was created in about 3 days, I'm not even sure. I have no life and don't sleep much so it's all a blur. It uses the GZDoom (Doom 2) UDMF format. It was intended to be used in GZDoom (latest version) with no mouselook, jump, or crouch, but using these things shouldn't impact gameplay anyways so do as you please. There are 2 secrets, they should be very easy to find (misaligned textures/turn back at start). Feel free to dissect the map in whatever editor you use. This was fun to make and I'd like to make more, but I also don't want to post crap. It would be awesome to make a total conversion one day. Actually a total conversion was my first idea, until some guy told me "Don't try that, and don't put a cyberdemon in your first map", which I thought was funny. But yeah let me know what you think. Is the theme consistent enough? Is the flow of the map DOOM-like enough? Is it balanced? Too easy? Let me know, let me know. Screenshots: