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  1. 22_deathgrip

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Yeah. They worked on the game part time unpaid until they could sell it on Steam. You don't get any more indie that guys who aren working on their own time to get a game realized.
  2. 22_deathgrip

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Ion Fury is awesome, because it was made slowly by part timers over 5 years and so has a lot of refinements to it. Example: Hit scan enemies. They aim where-ever the player's position was .25 seconds ago and telegraph their attack. Makes it so that they can be countered with the same FUN strafing behavior like like Projectile Enemies, while still retaining as different attack behavior. Another example: The gun's secondary attacks. Duke Nukem didn't have any, and while Blood and Shadow Warrior did, they were generally abusive enough to my ammo pool that I never used them. Ion Fury on the other hand, the secondary fire modes very much feel like an important part of the weapon. The level design, is just out-of-this world awesome. Everything has that meticulous hand-crafted feel of games in the 90s which had to use each polygon sparingly, except this time the polygon limits have been shattered and it allows for amazingly detailed urban and residential environments. Also the music, just awesome. I love the Tracker Music soundtrack. Fits in with the time period perfectly, while offering more flexibility than Midi. I've played the game half a dozen times and its just as near perfect as I think you can reasonably get.
  3. 22_deathgrip

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    I've done it, just put smooth doom behind it in your load order
  4. 22_deathgrip

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    the plutonia sprites probably requires a .dec definition written for it the archvile probably requires having its .dec modified, which should be in the mod somewhere
  5. 22_deathgrip

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    instead of running it through xbrz, why not just use the x6 or x8 AI enhanced versions? i'm looking foward to trying this though :)
  6. 22_deathgrip

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    took some files that either caused a problem from their mere existence and moved them into doom.id.doom2.commercial and doom.id.doom1.ultimate (files for which TNT and PLUT have no duplicates yet the mere existence of these files causes a problem) or if TNT and PLUT did have duplicates, I copied the duplicates and put them into respective doom.id.doom2.plutonia and doom.id.doom2.tnt folder so that the backgroud/menus/titles etc would show up instead of the hi-res Doom 2 ones. https://megaupload.nz/613315van1/NeuralUpscale2x_v0.96_pk3
  7. 22_deathgrip

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    I don't plan on deleting any textures. Any "problematic" textures, I put into NeuralUpscale2x_v0.95.pk3\filter\doom.id.doom1.ultimate\ and NeuralUpscale2x_v0.95.pk3\filter\doom.id.doom2.commercial\ So that they are available for other WADS but specifically not TNT and Plutonia. As we speak I am actually going through and putting textures into different folders as texture errors occur, just to be thorough (and to test Doom 2 without the SSG, its fantastic!) That should solve the compatibility issues. As for skull enlargement, that's because with NU Doom its using a sprite instead of a texture for a door. Cleaver, but it causes a problem now. Quite possibly it could be fixed with some sort of zscript but I know nothing about that. I'm just doing what I can to make this amazing HD pack even better. HIDFAN has really given the community a gift with this. :)
  8. You are of coarse, correct, but the idea behind this is I can send wads like TV1998.wad, Sigil.wad and Nerve.wad to my friends and they can just run it without messing about with things. Honestly, IMO, no wad is enhanced by constantly screwing the player out of the full load of ammunition from a box by only giving them a small portion of the ammo box because they didn't have enough inventory to carry it alll. In Sigil's case, it hurt the fun of the wad for people who didn't find the secret (as obvious as it was, being a ledge jump) in Nerve.wad's case, it just hurts the gameplay to have the play scrounging for ammo after every single encounter. Thanks for updating. I'm gonna try Doom 2 with this. I want to see how much it actually effects the Wad.
  9. Thanks, thats very useful! I'm doing my second run of TV1998.wad and its definitely better on UV without the SSG, up to map14 at least, I intend to finish the WAD with it. Setting it up as a option is nice, but I prefer just to load it up with the rest of the wads to make it happen, just because then its not a setting I leave on when I'm playing other wads. Not all megawads benefit from removing the SSG or adding backpack start. TV1998 is just way too easy with the SSG, Sigil.wad and Nerve.wad are both much better with backpack starts.
  10. The first issue isn't that I want the SG, its that I don't want the SSG to be in the wad. The second issue is some wads, like Nerve.WAD make the player run around collecting ammo all the time because that WAD has no backpack at all, but a ton of enemies. It either leads to a lot of ammo collecting and hyper-micro-management, or in the case of Sigil, gives casual gamers like gggmanlives the impression that there isn't enough ammo in the level. Either way, being limited to none-backpack inventory-maximum is not good for gameplay, IMVHPO.
  11. I'd be happy with replacing or removing it, I'm not really picky.
  12. 22_deathgrip

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Hi Doomenator. I reported the incompatibility with AltDHTP and 4.1.2 that does not occur in 2.4.0 in a bug threat. They have found and fixed it. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=64915 https://github.com/coelckers/gzdoom/commit/b8a188705eee3cf97d2e653d030700057e3b6c43
  13. Thank you very much! I wish I knew how to do stuff like this.
  14. I'm looking for a mod to replace the supershotgun with the shotgun in maps that have the supershotgun. The reason for this is I'm playing throught TV1998.wad it's a breeze, it really feels like the maps weren't made with the SSG in mind. Way too big and underpopulated. Also mod that gives the player a backpack when loading a map or starting a new game would also be great. It "fixes" nerve.wad and Sigil IMO. (yes I know Sigil has backpack in a secret area in Level 3, but most players won't find it)
  15. 22_deathgrip

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    I have the same issue, it seems to be caused by alt-tabbing to and from GZDoom