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  1. Wrong. If you look at the included textfile, you'll find that it says: So while the uploader may not have had the explicit *approval* of the authors, *permission* was given long ago already. </nitpick>
  2. There is a reason that the /idgames archive is called an "archive". It's not supposed to be a repository of good maps, or a repository of recent maps; it's supposed to be a reposity of all maps (and other related material). I, for one, am glad that somebody's going to the trouble of completing the archive by uploading old WADs that have been missing so far. I remember playing maps in 1994 myself that I've not seen again and that seem to be missing from the archive; in at least one case, I hope the map will turn up again some day, too. I don't mind you hating these maps, but please don't moan about the fact that they get uploaded at all. If worst comes to worst and you really find them unplayably bad, you're not being forced to play or review them.
  3. Concerning Resurrection of DOOM2: There is. Or, rather, there are; there's a whole bunch of minibosses, and then a final boss. "Level 1/10" refers to the fact that this is an Invasion map. There's ten waves you have to fight. ;)
  4. Sweet! Hope there's going to be more speedruns for the last maps now to round out the existing collection. :)
  5. Neat! I'm really enjoying it so far, and I haven't encountered those problems with map02, either. That being said, there is a brown paper bag bug in map31 - the exit line for the super-secret level is set as Impassable. Other than that, I'm really enjoying it so far, though - this'll be a serious Cacoward contender. :)
  6. "Da Will" has some type 11 slime (damage player and end level if health <= 10%) in map 2... could probably be (ab)used by speedrunners. :)
  7. :P
  8. There was a vulnerability in the tracker software, and some clown apparently googled for vulnerable trackers as soon as it was announced and wiped them clean. :P I pondered setting it up again, but I was less than happy with the way the project handled the disclosure, as well as the tracker's code quality and lack of basic precautions (for example, you just don't interpolate things into SQL statements, ever - you use placeholders and then bind parameters to those), so I would've had to look for a new tracker, and most of them unfortunately seem to require some sort of shell access (e.g. to compile C++ programs), which my hosting package doesn't include. So given that, and given that there doesn't seem to be any need for it right now, I haven't brought it back yet, although I certainly could if someone wanted me to.
  9. BitTorrent?
  10. Woohoo! :) *downloads*
  11. Try doing that in rural Alabama and see if there really won't be any repercussions. :)
  12. That seems to be Hardqore (or HardQore), not Harqore. :) Pity they didn't also integrate the stories of B.J. Blazkowicz as well as his grandson Billy Blaze and his (Billy's) arch-nemesis Mortimer McMire, though. ;)
  13. Wow. :) Has there ever been a demo featuring a quad archie jump before?
  14. Goodness gracious. Oh, my paws and whiskers. It's just beyond the pale... it's ... oh, my heavens... say, is it a bit stuffy in here? I think I'm going to... could I have a glass of... oh, dear *thud* (EDIT: Needless to say - I hope -, I actually like the texture pack, unlike various Sesame Street-inspired naysayers.)