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  1. Samuel Slayer

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    I have but a couple expectations for the Davoth fight - I hope that it's going to have at least two phases: 1. Armored Davoth bombards Doomslayer with missiles while using his shield to try and parry Doomslayer's attacks. He has thrusters he uses to lunge with his sword. 2. Breaking his chaos marine power armor, Davoth is revealed to have a red Immoran stealth suit, so when he was bigger and stronger than the slayer before, he is now more lithe and faster than the slayer & capable of phase shifting himself around the battlefield. He either has guns or uses his speed to try and melee the Slayer to death. 3. Davoth has a big health bar. If they go anywhere near this type of a bossfight, I will be satisfied by the ending of the DLC gameplay wise.
  2. Revenant's sneaky rockets or my strafes were off... Every time.
  3. I've been scouring the internet (including Realm667) for any and all packs for Rocket Launchers and I can't find any! I can find pretty much everything else but Rocket Launchers are like a mirage for me. If any of you know any Rocket Launcher sprite packs/WADS, please tell me where they are, thanks!
  4. HOLY MOLY!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! You just went above and beyond the call of duty to save my butt!! This means a whole lot to me! Now I can seriously start thinking about doing my dream wad!!
  5. Did NMN ever release his sprites anywhere? I'm just scared that there'll be some kind of consequences for me ripping them straight from Valiant. I feel like I need to confirm their source or something. But I can't find anything on my own. This NMN is like a ghost with only old comments left around on the internet.
  6. I assume it's not free for use due to the readme, but I have some ideas how to replicate it. Do I just change sounds, lower tics & recolor it black with an RGB slider with an image editor? I really think it's a cool gun and want to include it somehow. Even if I have to remake it myself.
  7. Samuel Slayer

    How can I add multiple interpics via clusters?

    Thanks for your thorough answer! I was failing because I was trying to enable several interpics with clusters. What I ended up using was Jimmy suggesting me to define them by map basis instead of by episode basis and it works well with my intent! So, adding interpic into map definition: map MAP01 lookup "Mapname" { levelnum = 1 titlepatch = "WILVXX" next = "MAP02" sky1 = "SKYNAME" interpic = "Picname" cluster = 1 } And it works great! Thanks again, though! :D
  8. I'm doing an episodic format. I've tried following couple tutorials to see if I can change interpics from one episode to another. So far I haven't been successful doing that so I'm asking here to seek help. I really want to add this functionality to my wad, thanks! Here's my ZMAPINFO scripts: ================================ episode e3m1 { name = "Dealing Retribution" key = "d" } episode e4m1 { name = "Whom To Fear" key = "g" } defaultmap { nojump nocrouch sucktime = 1 } //Episode 3 map E3M1 lookup "Hell Holds Barred" { levelnum = 21 titlepatch = "WILV20" next = "E3M2" secretnext = "E3M9" sky1 = "INFRSKY3" cluster = 3 par = 90 music = "$MUSIC_E3M1" } map E3M2 lookup "Offering For The Eclipse" { levelnum = 22 titlepatch = "WILV21" sky1 = "HDRKSKY4" cluster = 3 par = 45 music = "$MUSIC_E3M2" } // Episode 4 map E4M1 lookup "Brood Of Vipers" { levelnum = 31 titlepatch = "WILV30" next = "E4M2" secretnext = "E4M9" sky1 = "GREESKY3" cluster = 4 par = 165 music = "$MUSIC_E3M4" } map E4M2 lookup "Gnashing Of Teeth" { levelnum = 32 titlepatch = "WILV31" sky1 = "DS2SKY08" cluster = 4 par = 255 music = "D_E4M2" } cluster 3 { flat = "SCREEN03" } cluster 4 { flat = "SCREEN04" } ================================
  9. Samuel Slayer

    Improvements you would make to commercial Doom maps

    E3M6: Mt. Erebus, I would make it more obvious how to exit the level. I've been going through the secret exit all these years!
  10. Samuel Slayer

    Got a Sigil Beast Box from Romero!

    Sounds good!
  11. Samuel Slayer

    Got a Sigil Beast Box from Romero!

    I have Sigil box too. Should we start a thread for pic sharing or something?
  12. Samuel Slayer

    A Way To Define Player Loadouts between levels/episodes?

    Thx. What role does ACS have in this? Never used it. Only Mapinfo, ZMapinfo & Decorate.
  13. I personally don't care. I know it's common so I try to design levels with vanilla & jumping in mind. If someone wants to break my level, it's their business. As long as they're having fun with my work.
  14. Samuel Slayer

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    - Quake 1&2 - F.E.A.R, FEAR2 & Expansions - Unreal & Unreal Tournament 99 & 2004 - Halo series - Call Of Duties - Titanfall 1&2 - Far Cry series - Counter-Strike & Day Of Defeat - Half-Life 1,2 & Black Mesa - Dusk, HROT - Heretic & Amid Evil - Serious Sam 1&2 - Killing Floor 1&2 - Team Fortress 2 - Left 4 Dead 1&2 - Bioshock 1,2 & Infinite - Ion Fury & Prodeus - Metro 2033 & Last Light - XIII (ps2) There might be other shooters that I don't even remember but that's it, I think.
  15. Samuel Slayer

    What is the worst map you can create?

    My first Doom map posted online... I had a big idea, which was my first mistake. My second mistake was making it a prequel to an episode with limited content... I'll just let Henry do the talking....