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  1. Samuel Slayer

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    And then John......was a zombie!
  2. Samuel Slayer

    F.E.A.R. Should it be rebooted?

    I'm not a fan of reboots. Would much prefer someone trying to make a sequel. I know that the makers made the game all about Alma but the lore of the game states that F.E.A.R. was established to combat ghosts. So maybe trying to tell a new saga would be a bold move that I would rather respect. All it needs is an iconic ghost antagonist, intriguing conspiracy that made the ghost, great atmosphere and great gameplay and hell, I'd buy it. Alma is gone so maybe make a game about Omen boy, that is a ghost? I'm a fan of new stories, not same ones. The reason why F.E.A.R. 3 sucked was because Day-1 doesn't know how to make stories. Even the expansion packs were better because it had the atmosphere of a F.E.A.R. game. And that is thriller/mystery story combined with horror. Even in F.E.A.R.2 the game is about figuring out what is going on from the Delta Force perspective. And the player spent time reading intel items to uncover the story. F.E.A.R.3 lacked any of that.
  3. @DCG Retrowave What's that house texture pack and can I use it?
  4. This is what I have so far. I thought about doing a sort of nature maze but I think I have to dumb it down to one area so that I can have a playable map ready soon. Otherwise it's taking too much time.
  5. Samuel Slayer

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    I think it's a natural evolution for modders to eventually get into developing their games. Also, Mark has pretty insane work ethic? Wasn't he working on VietDoom as well?
  6. Samuel Slayer

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Then what are demons?
  7. @Mr Masker Yes. But since you're already done with the map, why not give it more polish? Lot of the rooms are still a bit too empty. Decorations do wonders for game's enjoyability. And it had like, 5 rooms? Please give it 5 more rooms for a decent playtime a bit more than 5 minutes. And maybe a bit more monsters, please.
  8. Samuel Slayer

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Does that mean that those who are used as Argent energy powering Urdak find salvation, like Khan Maykr says in her bossfight?
  9. @P41R47 I don't make the rules so at this point fringe boom ports are out of luck. A Palette would be welcome, though.
  10. It's Boom: Doom2 compatibility so it should work.
  11. Samuel Slayer

    Collection of kid friendly mods?

    Ask your wife if Heretic would be okay. It's a fantasy game about shooting magic at monsters. Maybe she'll approve when there's no guns. There's also lots of Heretic wads to try out. If Heretic gets a pass you could also try Amid Evil. If even Heretic is too violent, I'm going to almost guarantee that Hocus Pocus Doom mod isn't oging to give your kid any nightmares. Then there's Sonic Robo Blast, which is pretty much 3D sonic in a modified Doom engine. Then as others have pointed out, Adventures Of Square. Also, try out Star Wars total conversion Doom wads. Also, Super Mario Doom.
  12. @waciej Thanks for the feedback and kind words!
  13. Samuel Slayer

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Hugo mentioned the blood swamps! It was referenced in Doom Eternal lore. It's where they turn the damned souls into demons, if I'm correct.
  14. Samuel Slayer

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    They could always make another story-arc. But this sounds awfully like they just want to put their Doom series to rest so that they can do something else. I mean, I would go crazy pushing out sequels as well. But hopefully they continue to make more Doom content.
  15. Samuel Slayer

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    It's the same reason why Wolfenstein 2008 was simply referred to as: "Wolfenstein." Or why the new Prey is just called, "Prey." It's brand recognition and marketing. If you google those names, there's a big chance that the newer titles will appear in the search feed. Publishers want everyone to notice their new game and to buy it. My hunch is that It's sort of a trend to maximize sales by pretending the older games don't matter. Another explanation is of course the reboot thing.