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  1. Samuel Slayer

    Creating Lore Items?

    Oh, didn't think of that. Technically, it could work. But I don't see it as great design from an end-user perspective.
  2. Samuel Slayer

    Creating Lore Items?

    I think not, because there isn't really that much text to show and the player might miss it. It'd be enough if it worked like in Quake 1 with those info pop-ups or how Amid Evil handles lore texts. Approach a trigger volume & text pops up into the screen. If it gets too technical to pull off it could just be dropped.
  3. Samuel Slayer

    Creating Lore Items?

    How difficult would it be to create lore items that display text upon picking up an item in Doom? I have a couple RPG inspired projects that I think will be UDMF so this small little feature could really sell the atmosphere a bit more. I'm not attempting any complex stuff like dialoque or quests. Just ways to display lore in GZDoom.
  4. Samuel Slayer

    Share Your Sprites!

    Can..... can I use it!? Looks amazing!
  5. Looks interesting, should give it a try!
  6. Samuel Slayer

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I want a quake reboot as well. That being said, I don't need them to rush things with Eternal. I don't want its content updates to end anytime soon. I'd just be perfectly content with the game receiving horde mode updates for as long as they're willing. I love what Id Software is doing with it but I want more than just 3 missions. I would love a sort of mission pack roster players could choose or even a freestyle mode where the player can just choose from Horde maps & Battlemode maps for a horde mode. Tbh I just want Battlemode maps for Horde Mode. Battlemode was all fine and dandy but it just feels umbalanced and is just too sweaty already with level 100 players making it a chore to play. I'd rather be playing Doom 2016 Multiplayer or Quake Champions instead of that. But I love the Battlemode maps and wish Id Software did something more with them = horde mode. So much potential...
  7. Samuel Slayer

    MAPINFO Action Special not working - Questions, Help PLS!!

    Can I do that with DECORATE or DEHACKED!?
  8. Samuel Slayer

    MAPINFO Action Special not working - Questions, Help PLS!!

    Yeah I'm just currently using limit-removing sourceports and content to keep the project simple with simple MAPINFO, decorate & dehacked lumps and such. If there's a way to give normal monsters A_BossDeath -attribute then I'm all ears.
  9. Samuel Slayer

    MAPINFO Action Special not working - Questions, Help PLS!!

    What Doom format does it support?
  10. Samuel Slayer

    MAPINFO Action Special not working - Questions, Help PLS!!

    Found this from another thread, here: maybe it can be of use.
  11. Samuel Slayer

    MAPINFO Action Special not working - Questions, Help PLS!!

    How do I give the monsters a tid? The page explaining it in zdoom wiki is very short and I have no idea how to apply it. Do I make decorate edits to the monster so that I can use the script you wrote there? Also what kinda script is that? I'm trying to do this in MAPINFO. Is that ACS? Anyway, thanks for commenting!
  12. Samuel Slayer

    MAPINFO Action Special not working - Questions, Help PLS!!

    Okay, thank you!
  13. Hello, thank you for clicking on this thread! I am trying to create a sequence in my level where a floor is lowered after certain type of enemy is killed with action specials and already succeeded with the MAPINFO after getting some help, where Arachnotrons lower a floor in a different room with the tag 666. You can see the details in the MAPINFO screenshot. I'm trying to make a room where certain amount of killed pinkies or spectres would lower the room in a similar fashion, excpet it never works. The syntax should be good & according to ZDoom wiki, certain amount of numbers work for specials, 0-255 correct me if I'm wrong. I tried that too & didn't work. If there's some limitations I'm missing with MAPINFO action specials, let me know, but I really need this sequence to work much like the arachnotron trap. I'm at the end of my tricks so I'm turning to the community for assistance. Please help me! P.S. The MAPINFO format works for me so that shouldn't be the issue either.
  14. Samuel Slayer

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Trailers, Leaks, and New Info

    I have but a couple expectations for the Davoth fight - I hope that it's going to have at least two phases: 1. Armored Davoth bombards Doomslayer with missiles while using his shield to try and parry Doomslayer's attacks. He has thrusters he uses to lunge with his sword. 2. Breaking his chaos marine power armor, Davoth is revealed to have a red Immoran stealth suit, so when he was bigger and stronger than the slayer before, he is now more lithe and faster than the slayer & capable of phase shifting himself around the battlefield. He either has guns or uses his speed to try and melee the Slayer to death. 3. Davoth has a big health bar. If they go anywhere near this type of a bossfight, I will be satisfied by the ending of the DLC gameplay wise.