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  1. unpleasantmarine

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    map01 would be the one from r.wad
  2. unpleasantmarine

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    will i get banned if i say "put it up my ass"
  3. unpleasantmarine

    Do's and Don't's when making your first WAD

    i've made like 694201337 maps and hvent released a single one
  4. unpleasantmarine

    How you play DOOM

    You have been banned from zdoom.org
  5. unpleasantmarine

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    yes i mostly play hntr cause i suck at doom
  6. unpleasantmarine

    Sprites 16 rotations

    where can i find it
  7. unpleasantmarine

    Accidental infinite ammo?

    post code
  8. unpleasantmarine

    how do you make your own midi?

    what the fuck
  9. unpleasantmarine

    how do you make your own midi?

    Never heard of Sekaiju i might try it myself
  10. unpleasantmarine

    Help installing Doom on Mac

    https://forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=319 gzdoom mac dmg download dont have a mac but it should work since its on the official zdoom website
  11. unpleasantmarine

    Maps of Evil

    this screenshot btw: its fully lit, but i dont see anything that could be a light source
  12. unpleasantmarine

    Maps of Evil

    i dont think a snake would be a very good shape for a doom monster due to the way colission works (it has to be a square afaik, meaning length and width of colision box has to be equal) so it might have to be like this.
  13. unpleasantmarine

    Could someone help me disable music on this wad?

    use the cia i linked it's more up to date (he updates the cia for every commit , 0.5-alpha is from 2017) didnt realise what the map was lol it even lags my computer.... should cause a 3ds to explode
  14. unpleasantmarine

    Could someone help me disable music on this wad?

    Make sure you are using elhobb's port since there is another that isnt updated