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  1. unpleasantmarine


    why does map01 have no lower-unpegged doortraks but the second one does
  2. unpleasantmarine

    Quake II RTX: Official Announce Trailer

    So what makes it different from Q2VKPT (and why are people so crazy about this when that was already made)
  3. unpleasantmarine

    Slade 3 importing flat issue

    This happens if the graphic isn't 64x64 in size iirc if it isnt 64x64 i dont think you can use it in vanilla doom anyway and if your using zdoom you can use textures on floors and ceilings
  4. can i have a delta touch code? pls pm so ppl dont steal

  5. unpleasantmarine

    Swap chaingun sound using dehacked

    You can replace the light flash states with A_LoadShotgun2, A_OpenShotgun2, etc to replace the chaingun sound with DSDBLOAD, DSDBOPN, etc as demonstrated here: https://streamable.com/fg2mo Of course you can edit the sound to something more appropriate, might make the super shotgun sound weird tho
  6. unpleasantmarine


    Import the .deh file into the wad and rename the lump DEHACKED so source port users dont have to load the .deh seperately pls
  7. unpleasantmarine

    Is DECORATE being replaced by ZScript?

    im gonna guess decorate will not be deprecated until we all in flying cars playing half life 5 since a lot of things that people make only really need decorate.
  8. https://streamable.com/v2z5k so when i delete a sector in SLADE it removes the sector but the linedefs surrounding it now have only one texture and go up to the ceiling is there a name for these types of sectors? and how do i make one manually
  9. unpleasantmarine

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

  10. unpleasantmarine

    How do I make my MIDIs sound like DOOM music?

    im not sure what you mean by "sound like doom music" dont most people hear doom music with the windows soundfont? idk how you want it to sound, but you can change the soundfont used in SLADE previews by going to preferences > audio
  11. unpleasantmarine

    Fresh Meat - WIP, Maps01-04, Updated 13/06/2019

    its not causing issues or anything: i just dont get why someone would use hexen format unless they are supporting an old version of zdoom UDMF gives you features like colored lighting, fog, scaling and rotating of textures doesnt really matter though (also im definitely not an expericended mapper, havent released a single map lol)
  12. unpleasantmarine

    Fresh Meat - WIP, Maps01-04, Updated 13/06/2019

    >ZDoom in Hexen format why not udmf?
  13. unpleasantmarine

    [WIP] BlooM: Weapon and Character Replacement

    i assume the title BlooM refers to the character Bloo (stated in op) and this doesnt seem to have anything to do with blood
  14. unpleasantmarine

    Line Def not working

    pls dont be denvercoder9 and tell us what you did to fix it