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  1. Make a .bat file in the right folder and give "gzdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file eviternity.wad -complevel 11 -warp 10 -record evit10- -skill 4" in that .bat file a go. Make sure your doom2.wad is in the same folder.

    Sorry if this doesn't work for you, I'm still learning my way around this stuff myself, but I just gave this a go and it worked for me. 

  2. I got a little frustrated with prboom and decided to start recording IWADs with Crispy Doom instead. Thank you for the help anyway. :) if you're still curious, yep, the line I quoted was the only thing in the batch file. I tried using a command prompt with no success, however I admit that was 99% likely due to my general incompetence with computer stuff :) 


    Map 06 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:16 - pl6os116.zip

  3. Hello Kraflab. I have no idea what it is or what it implies, but since you mention it: while I am recording a Plutonia demo there IS a file called "stderr.txt" that pops up in the folder with all the other doom stuff, and it disappears as soon as I end the recording. I haven't seen 'stdout' anywhere though, to my recollection. I've recorded a bunch of Eviternity demos with no problem, and the same "stderr.txt" thing happens then too. That file also exists temporarily when I replay demos, both the Plutonia ones that don't work and the Eviternity ones that do. I never thought anything of it before. Is this something irregular?

  4. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with a problem I've been having with recording a demo. I've had no issues when recording and playing back demos for PWADs (specifically Eviternity & Alien Vendetta), but have ran into some issues recording a Plutonia demo. It seems to record a demo file, but when I try to play a recorded demo through prboom-plus, a pop-up window informs me "G-ReadDemoHeader: Unknown demo format 118". 
    I was able to successfully record a demo using Crispy Doom 5.4 and play it through prboom-plus, but want to actually record using prboom-plus, like I had been doing for PWADs. 

    I don't know if there's a different way of doing it, but I am recording using a Windows Batch File. The text I have been using in the file is "prboom-plus.exe -iwad PLUTONIA.WAD -complevel 4 -warp 6 -record plut6os -skill 4 -nomonsters". I have attached a quick demo as an example that I have recorded and am unable to play back. example.zip


    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, and would be super grateful if someone could help. :) 

  5. Andy, please ignore the above post. The zips in this post include the demo and notes for the 2:17 and 0:38 posted above as well as the new faster ones - I have done this because the notes for my new ones refer to the older ones, and I figured you'd otherwise just upload the faster ones to DSDA. So, please just upload THESE ones. :) 


    Map 31s No Monsters in 0:25 - evit31so-25.zip

    Map 31s No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:59 - evit31sos-159.zip

  6. New routes, each of which include 2 rocket jumps. 

    Map 31s No Monsters 100% Secrets in 2:17 (improves previous demo by 8 seconds) - evit31sos-217.zip

    And this, which I'm REALLY happy with:

    Map 31s No Monsters in 0:38 (improves previous demo by 1:40!!) - evit31so-38.zip 

    The RJ in the 0:38 probably has a lot of potential to be applied to a UV-Speed demo, if anyone has been considering doing so. Frustratingly, it has potential to improve my NoMo100s route too, which is annoying since I just decided I was done trying to improve it, haha. 

    EDIT: Found yet another improvement to the NoMo route, saving another 12 seconds. 

    Map 31s No Monsters in 0:26 - evit31so-26.zip

  7. Nice one Dubz :) I didn't at all think to do that red bar switch skip, I doubt I would have thought of that if not seeing it. 


    I was messing around with a general route improvement to map 20 and came up with this, the general execution could be better but it has some improvements :) 
    Map 20 No Monsters in 1:44 - evit20nomo-144.zip

  8. Map 07 No Monsters in 0:29 (improves previous demo by 1 second) - evit07nomo-29.zip
    Map 07 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 0:40 (improves previous demo by 2 seconds) - evit07nomo100-40.zip  
    Map 08 No Monsters in 0:50 (improves previous demo by 1 second) - evit08nomo-50.zip
    Map 09 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:59 (improves previous demo by 3 seconds) (already posted in the "Improve Your Demos Month" thread, reposting here anyway) - evit09nomo100-159.zip
    Map 10 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:57.97 (improves previous demo by 2 seconds) - evit10nomo100-157.zip
    Map 12 No Monsters in 1:00.97 (improves previous demo by 2 seconds) - evit12nomo-100.zip
    Map 12 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:09 (improves previous demo by 4 seconds) - evit12nomo100-109.zip
    Map 14 No Monsters in 3:14 (improves previous demo by 2 seconds) - evit14nomo-314.zip
    Map 14 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 3:33 (improves previous demo by 3 seconds) - evit14nomo100-333.zip
    Map 15s No Monsters 100% Secrets in 6:03 (improves previous demo by 2 seconds) - evit15snomo100-603.zip
    Map 15 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 6:34 - evit15nomo100-634.zip
    Map 15s No Monsters in 5:18 - evit15snomo-518.zip
    Map 16 No Monsters in 0:45 - evit16nomo-45.zip
    Map 16 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:06 - evit16nomo100-106.zip
    Map 17 No Monsters in 1:23 - evit17nomo-123.zip
    Map 17 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:39 - evit17nomo100-139.zip
    Map 18 No Monsters in 1:52 - evit18nomo-152.zip
    Map 19 No Monsters in 8:26 - evit19nomo-826.zip

    Finishing Ep2 soon, hopefully. 

  9. I did my first demo less than 4 weeks ago so I can't really improve anything from "back in the day", but I'll get on this to the extent that I can :) I'm not bothered if you'd like to not count this one since an improvement of a 20 day old record is hardly the point of this thread, but I figured I'd contribute anyway. 

    Eviternity Map 09 No Monsters 100% Secrets - evit09nomo100-159.zip
    Old time was 2:02
    New time is 1:59


  10. Map 32 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 6:59 (improves previous demo by 39 seconds) - evit32nomo100-659.zip


    It's not a very clean demo, and there are players on this forum way better than me, so while I'm happy to have hit 6:xx I'd love to see how low someone could get the time for this map down to! @Beginner do you have any interest in a 100% Secrets NoMo run? Your NoMo run is very clean, you'd likely have no problems getting another 20-25 seconds (at least) out of this.

  11. Cool idea for a skip! That'd save some time, but would call for some re-routing a little later in the level, as the blue key is needed for a door shortly after the red key section. This blue key door is certainly circumventable though. The most obvious way I think it could be avoided is by simply taking the rock path adjacent to the lava just outside the yellow key section, as has been recently implemented for regular NoMo. This could be accessed if the 3 platforms are raised earlier in the level, which require switches that you earlier end up very close to anyway. Here's an example of what I mean, obviously skipping a bunch of secrets along the way, but following the general route and making obvious references to points of interest. - Example.zip

    If the above was done, I'd imagine it'd still save some time from skipping the blue key building, but not as much as initially hoped. Thought I can't think of one, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a faster way of doing it than what the above example shows, but the only way onto the other side of those raised platforms is to get to the entrance to the yellow key area again, which would doubtlessly take more time. 

    I think it'd still be faster than going through the blue key building but at the very least, using SR50 to hit the megasphere outside the blue key area would still save a few seconds over needing to get the key, go back a little to get the megasphere, then backtracking again to get towards the yellow key area. 



    EDIT - I realised right after sending that, there's another aspect of the route with makes skipping the blue key unfeasible. During an all secrets route I'd actually need to go through that blue door twice, which means if I want to hop over the platforms and avoid the blue door, I need to do it twice, which at that point would be significantly slower than just getting the blue key. Another example demo showing what I mean - Example2.zip

  12. @MBCollector672, I hope you don't mind me asking this in your thread, but given the convenient title I'd figure it makes more sense to ask here than make a new thread :)

    I'm hoping someone can please help me with something - I'm currently doing demo attempts of level 15 of a wad, for which there are of course two exits, the regular and the secret. Is it convention that the person making the demo needs to state which exit they used in the text file and/or demo title?

  13. 3 hours ago, ukiro said:

    I think a big potential time saves might be the YK area though, perhaps you didn't discover that you can climb up the rock bits here?

    Thanks for the reply ukiro. You are correct, I actually didn't know that! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, that'll surely save a bit of time. 


    Looks like your theoretical route is largely the same as what I've taken (great minds think alike?), with a couple of differences. That first invuln in your route is something I hadn't considered before. I thought that grabbing that before going to the blue key area would take a lot more time than the way I'm going about it, but I just tested it and it doesn't take nearly as long as I thought it might. And now, dammit, I really don't know which way would be better haha. Your way also has the advantage of me being able to run to the elevator just outside the orange area on my way to the soulsphere (secret 5 in what you've written) after grabbing the megasphere in the caves - if not for that I think my way would be faster, but considering that, yeah, I'm unsure. Apparently I have some testing to do. 

    I also found two improvements since posting the 8:04, as well as the one with climbing out of the Yellow Key area faster as you mentioned. 

    1. After grabbing the megasphere after the Blue Key, instead of dropping down to the path that overlooks to the lava to the right to run towards the caves and subsequent Yellow Key area, you can backtrack a little through the Blue Key area, hop across a pillar, and wind up in the caves a few seconds faster. 

    2. In those same caves, after you grab the Yellow Key and drop down to the megasphere, you could run right in the lava and climb the stairs that hug the cliff instead of running left and taking the lift (assuming I continue on the route through the orange area like I initially had, and don't change it to what I discussed above). I HAD been taking the lift to the left to then hit those three switches and raise those 3 huge pillars to run across. I then realised while routing that those 3 switches were not necessarily, but it didn't click that going to that spot at all wasn't necessary until now. 


    My biggest concern at this stage is the red key area, I'm sure there's a better way of doing it than the way I'm doing it. I'll mess around with it a bit and see what I come up with.