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Status Updates posted by Laguna

  1. I was watching the news last night, drunk out of my gourd and I saw something really crazy.

    Okay, so the night before yesterday, a guy had been interviewed about having his identity stolen by a guy at a metro bank who made a fake driver's license to access his bank account (the bank was a Wells-Fargo and they caught video of the man smiling at the teller's counter while withdrawing a few thousand dollars or something like that). The story aired a few times subsequent to that and then at a Ford factory in said metro (where the suspect worked), his coworkers were watching the news when they saw him and he bolted. He was arrested because of the news.

    Same day - three teenagers accused of burglarizing homes in the twin cities broke into one lady's house and stole things, among stolen items, a video camera. Now, these kids are fucking dumb. They go and steal a fucking car, ditch it, and leave the video camera. The problem? They videotaped themselves and left the fucking camera in the car and it was recovered later on. The video footage was all over the news. Same day, two of the teenagers were arrested. One of the three remains on the run but I'm sure being high-school age it'll be a matter of hours or days before he's arrested as I'm sure his name is out now (if he isn't already in custody).

    Sometimes the media does work.

    1. Gokuma


      Footage of a guy testifying how he made the software for rigged voting machines before congress was apparently only briefly shown and barely anybody noticed or cared since the old farts in congress did not or pretended not to understand and explore it any further.

  2. Been a while since I've posted.

    Just thought I'd drop everyone a line. I am in the Army now so I won't get to do this very often. I am currently stationed in Fort Benning, GA (for BCT - 3 more weeks but I'm on leave for Christmas)
    and after that I go to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for my AIT (I'm a 91 Whiskey or Medic) for four months.

    Yeah. Well, maybe I'll post again maybe not but I wanted to wish everyone the best.

    (and the account is still losered lol)

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    2. Laguna


      The side of the head is either the temple, or the pressure points behind the ear or under the jaw.

      We didn't really do anything too fancy. The nose is one place we're taught also, but, in a combat situation it is only so effective, thus we were taught not to rely on it and to go for either a kill or aim to render an opponent unconscious.

      The area under the arm pit is also good. If struck hard enough, it can cause a person to go unconscious.

      When all else fails, there's the MMA stuff we were taught: rear-naked chokes, arm bars, and other things (that I forgot the names to), but they sure as hell worked, and having them demonstrated on me by my drill sergeant (not as punishment but at our training) I can assure you they are highly effective. And painful.

    3. Bucket


      Laguna said:

      rear-naked chokes


    4. Laguna


      It makes me hot, too. Indeed I love straddling grown men from behind and choking them out. It usually makes them more receptive to my "training" if you catch my drift (wink wink nudge nudge say no more). ;)

  3. Well, I lucked out and my internet will indeed not be disconnected until Wednesday, the 1st of September... The same date I move out.

    I had the opportunity (not the pleasure, though) of visiting George Fiffy's (King REoL) site out of sheer morbid curiosity today by googling it. What I found inside was absolutely atrocious, especially the maps for Quake 3. I only downloaded one of them, "No Vacancy" or something, and while he pimps his maps and sites so much, this map TRULY sucks. The only good architecture in his map was the front entrance staircase thingy, coincidentally all he took screenshots of. The area is, in the true fashion of George Fiffy, littered with powerups and weapons. I had every single powerup, minus flight, going at the same time.

    Anyways, I flamed him for his horrible maps that he pimps to be the best or "as good as everyone else's" on his website and his horribly distasteful article on Columbine where every sentence contains the word "REoL TougH" or "King REoL" to the point of disgust. Here's the email I sent to him promptly after reading his Columbine Article:

    Since I'm too lazy to crop it down it will be at 1024x768 resolution.

    Anyways, now on to the fun stuff. My own [perhaps crap] map port of one of the Danzig series maps is pretty much fleshed out, minus the last little area I didn't throw in yet. This "last little area" is actually my idea so I can at least say I didn't completely rip the map off. I have a few screenshots that I will post later on today. Still have a ways to go before it's finished, but it'll be worth it. :D

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    2. Lüt


      darknation said:

      I miss reol.

      Look no further.

    3. darknation


      you are a bad, bad person lüt.

    4. Ichor


      Yet another reason to avoid PlanetDoom.

  4. Well, I'm finally getting the boot from the parents' house. I can't really blame them too much (I am a little bitter at times about the relationship with my stepfather - but I don't hate him really) since I guess I am a bona fide fuck up in every sense of the word, at least as it pertains to an unexperienced, sheltered teenager. My chance for college was blown because I had summer school (I have never done well at my high school, ever. I am actually 26 credits behind, whoohoo!) and that went good until I got to the math department.

    There is this math learning curriculum called "Plato weblearning" which is an online based curriculum that SUCKS. I guess to be honest, 1/2 of the failure was attributable to me, the other half was attributable to shitty software that won't run on Linux or any non-Nutscrape or AOL or Internet Exploder browser. Basically, the criteria I had to meet to get the credit (and thereafter go to CLC to do Post-Secondary and get my high school diploma without staying in high school until I'm 30) was to complete 14 hours of that Plato crap within a 7 week period. Now, I DID have a job so my time was limited as I was working 8 hours a day and I only went one day a week to summer school. Now, admittedly, there wasn't much of an excuse for me NOT to get those fourteen hours done in 7 weeks, so it is just as much my fault.

    The problem, though, comes in when I did do it, I used Linux at the time because I didn't have the money to get a legitimate copy of Winblows (I DO have XP on my PC now, a week after summer school ended). Problem is, it wouldn't log the hours I did do correctly due to whatever the hell was wrong with it (it sometimes even did this at summer school) and while I could've just kept on trying I absolutely detest online curriculums unless it is for a computer tech class like Computer Sciences or CISCO, or the like. Anyways, long story short, I got my other credit (a social studies credit) but missed the math credit. I had roughly 8 hours cumulatively over the 7 week period. So, my mother and stepfather assured me that I would be allowed to stay here provided I continued in my education and at least tried to get a job again.

    Well, I'm hoping to get a job at a local casino but the education thing is most likely done for. I have really only one option if I want to support myself, and that is a GED. Unless the district will cut me a better deal, that is.

    In the city of Brainerd the best deal on an apartment is $400 a month, utilities included. I have until the first of September. Internet is also done on the first of September, or when I get an apartment. If I'm not out by the first of September, I'm on the streets.

    Hey, it COULD always be worse.

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    2. Laguna


      Well, I got the apartment in Brainerd over by Burlington Northwestern or something...

      It's one of those damn mega-conglomerate railroad companies. $800 down, free internet (charter pipeline :D) and $5 a month for a phone.

      The last two days have been great, over at my girlfriend's house. Got drunk both nights and her dad flipped out both nights thinking I was banging his daughter. I think last night was especially bad because my girlfriend got drunk too, and we kissed by the fire and her dad automatically assumes I've been stuffing her twat. Good times.

      Anyways, thankfully if I am gone, it won't be too long before I return. :D

    3. wildweasel


      Sucks that you had to do the Plato Pathways program - I had to do that in my freshman year for a Career Education credit, and I failed. I got off easy though, because I was put on a special ed program (which, by the way, doesn't mean that I'm stupid, it just means I learn differently from other people.)

    4. Laguna


      WildWeasel said:

      Sucks that you had to do the Plato Pathways program - I had to do that in my freshman year for a Career Education credit, and I failed. I got off easy though, because I was put on a special ed program (which, by the way, doesn't mean that I'm stupid, it just means I learn differently from other people.)

      I had (have?) an IEP as well. It's basically the same as special education. And you're right, it's not for stupid people at all really. It's for people who learn at higher or lower rates.

      I think Plato is absolutely fucking bogus.

      Also, do you go to school in Minnesota?

  5. I couldn't help but laugh as I saw this posted in his archived files...

    Not Worksafe: http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/nakedmona.jpg

    Now, granted I thought it was a decent model myself, Ling, what the fuck is that doing in there? lol

    P.S: For those of you who don't know how to do this in Max Payne 2, edit your shortcut like so:

    ...MaxPayne2.exe -developer -developerkeys and press PgUp and PgDn to cycle the models for the player, and after a while you'll find the nude Mona model... The one with the Bullethole in her head is goofy (legs stretch all fucked up), the one without works nicely... One thing, though... She has no toes or orifices below her naval. Don't get too horny.

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    2. Linguica


      fraggle said:

      She looks like shes been smearing wax all over her body. What the fuck?

      It's the "shower Mona" model

    3. Dittohead


      I'd hit it.

    4. Use


      with a railgun

  6. Yes this is my second blog today. I am so severely hyper I feel the need to post away until I am subsequently banned and/or losered, in any order.

    Well, the HDD got to my house yesterday, and I installed everything else I needed. I got a TDK DVD/CD burner and it came with a DVD+R and DVD-R. (On a side note, what the heck do the -/+'s on R's and RW's mean?)

    So now I have an insanely fast PC (at least by my own standards) and the first measuring stick I used to gauge its performance was Max Payne 2. Here are the benchmark results:

    Settings: 800x600x32 BPP; Anisotropic Filtering Enabled, FSAA, 32 Bit Texture Depth (EVERYTHING was on high)

    Running Dead Man Walking - Construction Site

    The average running framerate, after about 7 minutes into the game (please keep in mind weapon and ammunition models accumulate from enemies respawning and do not disappear) was between 50 and 60 frames a second, with an occasional discrepency going down to 44 (all time low) though I forgot what I did... Too many explosions at once with a lot of fog and smoke particles, I think.

    Never did get a chance to play UT2K4 yet, as I have to reinstall it thanks to my registry being totally wiped out when I reformatted my UATA drive. "My CD key appears to be invalid."

    Is there any firmware updates anybody knows of that would allow an A7N8XE-Deluxe mobo to boot off a Serial ATA hard drive without creating a RAID array?

    Well, the rant is over. Bye-bye.

  7. What a fucking crappy place to spend the first 18 years of your life. Okay, so, a week ago, tornadoes and floods, severe thunderstorms all coming from down by Fergus Falls and the Metro Area, are pushing supposedly North and Northeast.

    I am in Crow Wing County, in West Central Minnesota. I live out on a "farm" of a sort, well okay, it is a farm but we're not hicks... I think.

    Anyways, Brainerd (my city) is forcasted to get heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc... Which is GOOD because the soil is dry and we raise crops. We don't get a fucking drop, and then, Roseau, north west of us, is flooding today with a crest peak of 21.2'.

    Fucking Minnesota.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Quast said:

      You should go to north minneapolis

      Or I could just stay here if I really wanted to visit a slummy neighborhood seeing as how I live in a city with a pretty large number of them.

      I was referring to St. Paul the whole time in case you missed that. I know there's some less-than-appealing places in Minneapolis.

    3. Quast


      Kid Airbag said:

      I was referring to St. Paul the whole time in case you missed that. I know there's some less-than-appealing places in Minneapolis.

      minneapolis, st. paul...whatever it's all the same to me anyway...the entire metro area that is

    4. lupinx_resurrected


      I was born in mesquite and I am not kidding. I only found out Id was here when I started visiting doomworld. Im not sure whether im lucky or ignorant for not knowing. The cool thing is I still live here. I still wish I knew where the Id building is in mesquite though.