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  1. Yes this is my second blog today. I am so severely hyper I feel the need to post away until I am subsequently banned and/or losered, in any order.

    Well, the HDD got to my house yesterday, and I installed everything else I needed. I got a TDK DVD/CD burner and it came with a DVD+R and DVD-R. (On a side note, what the heck do the -/+'s on R's and RW's mean?)

    So now I have an insanely fast PC (at least by my own standards) and the first measuring stick I used to gauge its performance was Max Payne 2. Here are the benchmark results:

    Settings: 800x600x32 BPP; Anisotropic Filtering Enabled, FSAA, 32 Bit Texture Depth (EVERYTHING was on high)

    Running Dead Man Walking - Construction Site

    The average running framerate, after about 7 minutes into the game (please keep in mind weapon and ammunition models accumulate from enemies respawning and do not disappear) was between 50 and 60 frames a second, with an occasional discrepency going down to 44 (all time low) though I forgot what I did... Too many explosions at once with a lot of fog and smoke particles, I think.

    Never did get a chance to play UT2K4 yet, as I have to reinstall it thanks to my registry being totally wiped out when I reformatted my UATA drive. "My CD key appears to be invalid."

    Is there any firmware updates anybody knows of that would allow an A7N8XE-Deluxe mobo to boot off a Serial ATA hard drive without creating a RAID array?

    Well, the rant is over. Bye-bye.