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  1. I was watching the news last night, drunk out of my gourd and I saw something really crazy.

    Okay, so the night before yesterday, a guy had been interviewed about having his identity stolen by a guy at a metro bank who made a fake driver's license to access his bank account (the bank was a Wells-Fargo and they caught video of the man smiling at the teller's counter while withdrawing a few thousand dollars or something like that). The story aired a few times subsequent to that and then at a Ford factory in said metro (where the suspect worked), his coworkers were watching the news when they saw him and he bolted. He was arrested because of the news.

    Same day - three teenagers accused of burglarizing homes in the twin cities broke into one lady's house and stole things, among stolen items, a video camera. Now, these kids are fucking dumb. They go and steal a fucking car, ditch it, and leave the video camera. The problem? They videotaped themselves and left the fucking camera in the car and it was recovered later on. The video footage was all over the news. Same day, two of the teenagers were arrested. One of the three remains on the run but I'm sure being high-school age it'll be a matter of hours or days before he's arrested as I'm sure his name is out now (if he isn't already in custody).

    Sometimes the media does work.

    1. Gokuma


      Footage of a guy testifying how he made the software for rigged voting machines before congress was apparently only briefly shown and barely anybody noticed or cared since the old farts in congress did not or pretended not to understand and explore it any further.