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  1. Laguna

    How was the original Doom sold?

    I thought the lost episodes were pretty cool. I had the Book+Sleeve for it, it was a Cybex book. They were pretty tight back in the day and I had the Ultimate Doom SG, Doom 2 SG and the Lost Episodes. It was so ghetto how they just hacked the sprites for the episode titles but it looked good, but glitched with Ultimate Doom. I remember picking that up in a bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska when I was in like 3rd grade. Good times.
  2. I was watching the news last night, drunk out of my gourd and I saw something really crazy.

    Okay, so the night before yesterday, a guy had been interviewed about having his identity stolen by a guy at a metro bank who made a fake driver's license to access his bank account (the bank was a Wells-Fargo and they caught video of the man smiling at the teller's counter while withdrawing a few thousand dollars or something like that). The story aired a few times subsequent to that and then at a Ford factory in said metro (where the suspect worked), his coworkers were watching the news when they saw him and he bolted. He was arrested because of the news.

    Same day - three teenagers accused of burglarizing homes in the twin cities broke into one lady's house and stole things, among stolen items, a video camera. Now, these kids are fucking dumb. They go and steal a fucking car, ditch it, and leave the video camera. The problem? They videotaped themselves and left the fucking camera in the car and it was recovered later on. The video footage was all over the news. Same day, two of the teenagers were arrested. One of the three remains on the run but I'm sure being high-school age it'll be a matter of hours or days before he's arrested as I'm sure his name is out now (if he isn't already in custody).

    Sometimes the media does work.

    1. Gokuma


      Footage of a guy testifying how he made the software for rigged voting machines before congress was apparently only briefly shown and barely anybody noticed or cared since the old farts in congress did not or pretended not to understand and explore it any further.

  3. Been a while since I've posted.

    Just thought I'd drop everyone a line. I am in the Army now so I won't get to do this very often. I am currently stationed in Fort Benning, GA (for BCT - 3 more weeks but I'm on leave for Christmas)
    and after that I go to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for my AIT (I'm a 91 Whiskey or Medic) for four months.

    Yeah. Well, maybe I'll post again maybe not but I wanted to wish everyone the best.

    (and the account is still losered lol)

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    2. Laguna


      The side of the head is either the temple, or the pressure points behind the ear or under the jaw.

      We didn't really do anything too fancy. The nose is one place we're taught also, but, in a combat situation it is only so effective, thus we were taught not to rely on it and to go for either a kill or aim to render an opponent unconscious.

      The area under the arm pit is also good. If struck hard enough, it can cause a person to go unconscious.

      When all else fails, there's the MMA stuff we were taught: rear-naked chokes, arm bars, and other things (that I forgot the names to), but they sure as hell worked, and having them demonstrated on me by my drill sergeant (not as punishment but at our training) I can assure you they are highly effective. And painful.

    3. Bucket


      Laguna said:

      rear-naked chokes


    4. Laguna


      It makes me hot, too. Indeed I love straddling grown men from behind and choking them out. It usually makes them more receptive to my "training" if you catch my drift (wink wink nudge nudge say no more). ;)

  4. Laguna

    DM Maps for Doom3

    Personally I'd love to see the old Dwango maps done for Doom 3. Especially the Danzig maps, those were absolutely wonderful. Myself, I'd like to do a general new rendition of E1M4 from Ultimate Doom, since it has the size and spacious rooms to accomodate the claustrophobic atmosphere and fast pace of the new game. Not to mention, I could also re-position the monsters to have less proximity to each other to optimize the performance, whereas in a map like E1M1 it would be a little more tricky (though possible). Anyone else got a thought on these maps? P.S: Although the spacious rooms and claustrophobia may not go together well, the corridor area in E1M4 would be great for sneak attacks while some of the larger areas could provide some great pursuing action otherwise.
  5. Well, I lucked out and my internet will indeed not be disconnected until Wednesday, the 1st of September... The same date I move out.

    I had the opportunity (not the pleasure, though) of visiting George Fiffy's (King REoL) site out of sheer morbid curiosity today by googling it. What I found inside was absolutely atrocious, especially the maps for Quake 3. I only downloaded one of them, "No Vacancy" or something, and while he pimps his maps and sites so much, this map TRULY sucks. The only good architecture in his map was the front entrance staircase thingy, coincidentally all he took screenshots of. The area is, in the true fashion of George Fiffy, littered with powerups and weapons. I had every single powerup, minus flight, going at the same time.

    Anyways, I flamed him for his horrible maps that he pimps to be the best or "as good as everyone else's" on his website and his horribly distasteful article on Columbine where every sentence contains the word "REoL TougH" or "King REoL" to the point of disgust. Here's the email I sent to him promptly after reading his Columbine Article:

    Since I'm too lazy to crop it down it will be at 1024x768 resolution.

    Anyways, now on to the fun stuff. My own [perhaps crap] map port of one of the Danzig series maps is pretty much fleshed out, minus the last little area I didn't throw in yet. This "last little area" is actually my idea so I can at least say I didn't completely rip the map off. I have a few screenshots that I will post later on today. Still have a ways to go before it's finished, but it'll be worth it. :D

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    2. Lüt


      darknation said:

      I miss reol.

      Look no further.

    3. darknation


      you are a bad, bad person lüt.

    4. Ichor


      Yet another reason to avoid PlanetDoom.

  6. Laguna

    DooM Map Idea

    This sounds like an undertaking that can only be accomplished if you're REoL TOUGH (TM).
  7. Laguna

    Outdoor lighting

    I'm not too familiar with the specifics of the lighting features in Doom 3 as far as the syntax goes. Here's the problem: I'm probably 1/2 the way through my new DM map, but I am having a problem getting the outdoor lighting to work. I have a skybox that works and all, but even if I tweak the fall-off, and radius of the light (making it huge at that), it won't light up my outdoor scene. Does anyone know how to make it illuminate large areas with a single light?
  8. Laguna

    Outdoor lighting

    I've tried using the projected shadow option, but I don't know which options to tweak to make it actually illuminate the entire area. Apparently, you will get more light with textures that have specular highlights. What a bummer. In any case, the Danzig port is almost 3/4 of the way done. I've thrown in a few extras and all, but actually refining and tweaking the map so it doesn't look like shit will be a different story altogether.
  9. For those of us who cannot afford the $20 for a nice flashy strategy guide (I know I can't) I have written down some easy-to-follow boss strategies and sub-boss strategies... First off, First boss: Vagary - Not much of a "boss" per se as they appear more later on in the game in the excavation site, they DO however use telekinesis to manipulate objects and whip them at you. Here's the trick: Keep AWAY from the sharp pointed objects (and other debris) and stay moving constantly. When you hear the "music" (you'll know the sound when you hear it) start jumping around while keeping your crosshair on the Vagary and pound away with whatever heavy weapon you have. I'd suggest the plasma gun or shotgun. Don't know if you can get the rocket launcher that early or not. Anyways, all you need to do is NOT STAY STILL FOR ONE SECOND! The Vagary has a nasty tendency to try and shoot objects at you in a manner the gets you in a small crevice in the structure where she will corner and mince you alive. Stay AWAY from that crevice unless you like reloading. Sub-boss: Mancubus (2) - This REALLY doesn't belong in the boss section, but since encounters are rare and difficult, I'll tell the player anyways... When you first are accosted by these you will have plenty of cover areas to duck into, DO IT! The thing about the monsters wielding fire/plasma in this game is that they like to lead you with their fire, meaning they try to anticipate where you're going (imps do this the most). Mancubi are no exception. The fastest (and easiest) way to dispatch them in the first scenario is to peek out and nail them with shotgun blasts from behind cover. Don't stay exposed too long because the fireballs DO travel fast. Boss: Sarge/Tank - This is a tough mofo but requires no special "prerequisites" to defeat, just a little tactical prowess. First things first, get your plasma gun out. If you don't have one, you're probably going to be loading a lot, but it's still possible to manage. As SOON as the gigantic blast door BEGINS to open, deluge Sarge with plasma blasts or rockets. After he's halfway across the structure he'll unload on you with the BFG... Take out your plasma gun and shoot it down before it does too much damage (it will do it even behind cover while seeking). After this he'll roll along for a bit and try to whack you around. Basically the thing to remember is to keep an eye out for his BFG and to shoot the BFG projectiles down before they detonate. Otherwise, you'll be one unhappy camper. Guardian - This huge titan of a boss is (thankfully) only encountered once, and thank God for small favors. THIS BOSS CAN NOT BE HURT BY JUST SHOOTING HIM! There are things floating about called "seekers" that need to be dispatched first. They will fly about and shine a floodlight on the player to show the way for the Guardian demon. Take ALL of them out while noting the relative location of the boss, since it is imperative to move quickly on the last one. Also, beware of his multi-directional fireballs. They hurt. His melee attack also works from a considerable distance. When you have wasted the last from a specific batch of seekers, the Guardian will become vulnerable as he summons more seekers to aid his search. There will be a blue light shining above his back. Shoot the blue light with the heaviest weapon you have in your arsenal. You'll know it's working because the blue energy orb will glow red with each hit. Repeat this, being mindful of ammo and health supplies (there are a few scattered about in this area). Cyberdemon - The big one. Looming roughly 30 feet high over the player, the Cyberdemon is the most formidable opponent there is and it is not practical to use small arms fire on him. At this (end) stage of the game, multitudes of monsters will emerge from the pits of hell to attack you with the cyberdemon. Kill 5 monsters until your soul cube is charged, then unleash it on the Cyberdemon. Please note that unlike Hell Knights and other "mini" bosses, the soul cube will NOT kill him in one hit. It takes closer to three or four hits altogether, and don't use conventional weapons. Not even the BFG does it for me... Congratulations - you got the powerup and beat the game!
  10. Listen from roughly 2:13. Anyone know where this scream originally came from? I know I've heard it a million and a half times, and that scream (minus the really crackly one after 2:13) was also the death scream for the PSX version of Ultimate Doom. Anyone know where it comes from?
  11. Laguna

    This guy is a hero

    http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1198179&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 Seriously. We need more people like this in the world. [EDIT]: Okay, a SA forums account would help now that I think about it. I think you can still get into General Bullshit without an account by going to forums.somethingawful.com and clicking General Bullshit Otherwise, maybe if you're nice you could ask another SA forum member (maybe Ling even) to save and rar it for you and host it.
  12. Probably an odd question, but... I have a question regarding the 835 model by Mossberg. It's a WONDERFUL shotgun, so there's no doubt about that. I've had this gun for about 2 3/4 years and I love it. It also is becoming increasingly popular for home defense because it can handle heavy loads (3 1/2" magnum shells and 00 buck) and still perform admirably. I'm not the world's best physics expert but I'm assuming the barrel length with the weight (28" barrel and roughly weighing about 9 pounds) help keep the gun steady if you can handle it. Here's where the hard part comes in. I am thinking about adding a tactical folding stock + pistol grip kit (a la Franchi SPAS-12) to change it into a home defense/sporter combination shotgun. The problem comes in with the ungodly barrel length. Now, honestly, not many pistol-gripped shotguns that I have seen have a massive 28" barrel on the body itself. The barrel isn't inherently a problem as I have already practiced a few times "shooting from the hip" and it is perfectly comfortable and controllable for me (muzzle never jumping more than 12 degrees), but I am not sure if Mossberg made the stock in a way that it would only be compatible with a sporting stock as opposed to a tactical stock. Does anyone know whether it can be done without any extra modifications to the gun? And before anyone else suggests it, I'm not getting one of those M1-style Pistol grip/Sporting tactical stock setups because they just look plain gay. Can ya throw me a bone here?
  13. Laguna

    Help me mod a Mossberg 835 (gun-savvy)

    I was just testing the hipshots because you can't really shoot from the shoulder with a pistol grip. Quast - could you tell me what shape the socket is on the inset of the stock where it connects to the frame of the shotgun itself?
  14. Laguna

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    The good lord made pointfiles for a reason, I guess.
  15. Laguna

    Modelled Rocks

    Well, when it asks for "height and width" it is basically asking how many columns and rows you want initially. So, if you want to be able to bend it around 5 different points independent of other CPs (control points) to make a more realistic shape. I WOULD do a tutorial on terrain, but you can get better, smoother results with something like GenSurf. If the demand is high enough I can start a thread for patch-mesh based terrain, but I usually use GenSurf. It SHOULD work in Doom 3 Radiant, since it exports to a .map format that Q3Radiant and GTKRadiant uses.
  16. Laguna

    Classic colors mod

    The pinky has always looked like an uncircumsized penis, but this time it's actually a PINK pinky demon that resembles an uncircumsized penis.
  17. Laguna

    Classic colors mod

    Dear God, no. Spare me from the stereotypical green-skinned zombie, please. :( (P.S: SKINS LOOK GREAT! :D )
  18. Well, I'm finally getting the boot from the parents' house. I can't really blame them too much (I am a little bitter at times about the relationship with my stepfather - but I don't hate him really) since I guess I am a bona fide fuck up in every sense of the word, at least as it pertains to an unexperienced, sheltered teenager. My chance for college was blown because I had summer school (I have never done well at my high school, ever. I am actually 26 credits behind, whoohoo!) and that went good until I got to the math department.

    There is this math learning curriculum called "Plato weblearning" which is an online based curriculum that SUCKS. I guess to be honest, 1/2 of the failure was attributable to me, the other half was attributable to shitty software that won't run on Linux or any non-Nutscrape or AOL or Internet Exploder browser. Basically, the criteria I had to meet to get the credit (and thereafter go to CLC to do Post-Secondary and get my high school diploma without staying in high school until I'm 30) was to complete 14 hours of that Plato crap within a 7 week period. Now, I DID have a job so my time was limited as I was working 8 hours a day and I only went one day a week to summer school. Now, admittedly, there wasn't much of an excuse for me NOT to get those fourteen hours done in 7 weeks, so it is just as much my fault.

    The problem, though, comes in when I did do it, I used Linux at the time because I didn't have the money to get a legitimate copy of Winblows (I DO have XP on my PC now, a week after summer school ended). Problem is, it wouldn't log the hours I did do correctly due to whatever the hell was wrong with it (it sometimes even did this at summer school) and while I could've just kept on trying I absolutely detest online curriculums unless it is for a computer tech class like Computer Sciences or CISCO, or the like. Anyways, long story short, I got my other credit (a social studies credit) but missed the math credit. I had roughly 8 hours cumulatively over the 7 week period. So, my mother and stepfather assured me that I would be allowed to stay here provided I continued in my education and at least tried to get a job again.

    Well, I'm hoping to get a job at a local casino but the education thing is most likely done for. I have really only one option if I want to support myself, and that is a GED. Unless the district will cut me a better deal, that is.

    In the city of Brainerd the best deal on an apartment is $400 a month, utilities included. I have until the first of September. Internet is also done on the first of September, or when I get an apartment. If I'm not out by the first of September, I'm on the streets.

    Hey, it COULD always be worse.

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    2. Laguna


      Well, I got the apartment in Brainerd over by Burlington Northwestern or something...

      It's one of those damn mega-conglomerate railroad companies. $800 down, free internet (charter pipeline :D) and $5 a month for a phone.

      The last two days have been great, over at my girlfriend's house. Got drunk both nights and her dad flipped out both nights thinking I was banging his daughter. I think last night was especially bad because my girlfriend got drunk too, and we kissed by the fire and her dad automatically assumes I've been stuffing her twat. Good times.

      Anyways, thankfully if I am gone, it won't be too long before I return. :D

    3. wildweasel


      Sucks that you had to do the Plato Pathways program - I had to do that in my freshman year for a Career Education credit, and I failed. I got off easy though, because I was put on a special ed program (which, by the way, doesn't mean that I'm stupid, it just means I learn differently from other people.)

    4. Laguna


      WildWeasel said:

      Sucks that you had to do the Plato Pathways program - I had to do that in my freshman year for a Career Education credit, and I failed. I got off easy though, because I was put on a special ed program (which, by the way, doesn't mean that I'm stupid, it just means I learn differently from other people.)

      I had (have?) an IEP as well. It's basically the same as special education. And you're right, it's not for stupid people at all really. It's for people who learn at higher or lower rates.

      I think Plato is absolutely fucking bogus.

      Also, do you go to school in Minnesota?

  19. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    Well... I'm working on getting a tutorial for swinging lights up. Essentially, you need to assign a model to a light source, and make it a projected light. To make it actually swing, it needs to be bound to a joint. Sometime soon I'll post up a tutorial on how to use them. STAY TUNED... [cue horror music]
  20. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    Thanks! :D I was having trouble getting the object to turn to physics. Could someone delete this thread?
  21. A few things to note when working with textures: Some textures will be, by default, flipped. This is dependent on what face of the brush it is on relative to worldspawn. To remedy this, open your Surface Inspector ('s') and respectively add a -1 to your horizontal scaling to invert the texture. When creating a circular room for a silo or spiral staircase, you can build the walls with bevels to outline your structure. If you want to make the texturing that stretches across the brush and bevel tile correctly without stretching too much, please make sure you've adjusted your orientation on textures (whether you need a -1 or not) for your brushes, and after that, deselect everything. Now select your bevels/patches and hit Ctrl+N to assign it a naturally tiling texture. You MIGHT get an undesired texture at times, so a preventative measure is to middle-mouse click on the texture you want from the adjacent pieces of geometry. Also, if you want almost completely seamless, texture wrapping around your geometry (including patch meshes), try setting your horizontal and vertical shift to 0.025 or lower. Next up is for those who want to create spiral staircases or consistently tesselated pies made out of CSG: Do NOT use D3R for the "make a cross and free rotate once, copy and paste, and repeat" method. I have been unable to get this to work correctly because the pivot for free-rotation is always 8 units to the left of the center. If you need to do complex operations involving free-rotation, do this: Open up GTKRadiant (any version will do). Perform your method of choice in regards to free rotation. Save to a Quake 3 or Quake 3 engine derivative .map format! This does not mean open up WorldCraft or Valve Hammer Editor and save to an RMF! Doom 3 uses the same Quake 3 map format and it is possible to import any map from Quake 3 into Doom 3 minus functional textures. Open the map/prefab up in Doom3R, and adjust accordingly. If it was a spiral staircase, texture it COMPLETELY with the caulk texture. The easiest way to do this is to drag out a box on the top view that will only cover the staircase completely, go to selection, go to the select submenu, and click "complete tall." This will highlight every piece of geometry that is entirely engulfed inside the brush you made on the Z axis, while deleting the selecting brush. Go to your textures, and simply left-click on common/caulk... And now you're cooking with gas! If there is anything else that needs to be added to this topic, please do so.
  22. Okay... I'm going to write up a quick tutorial on the uses of the beziers in the Doom 3 engine, and there are a few neat, new little features included in the new editor for these. For this tutorial, I'm using a blank map for illustration purposes (I hate having superfluous crap in maps I'm working on). For those of you who haven't used GTK/Q3 Radiant before, read carefully... One thing worthy of noting is subdivision of patch meshes. You can make a patch mesh of approximately 1x1 units and subdivide it up to 32 times. Thusly, no external modeling programs will really be needed for architecture at this point. Time to get your feet wet. Open up the Doom 3 Radiant Application by typing "editor" into the console (ctrl+alt+`). Otherwise, you can use the shortcut '<drive letter>:\<Doom 3 directory>\Doom3.exe +editor r_fullscreen 0 +r_mode 5' minus the brackets. Now that we have it started, set your grid setting to 8 units or less. To set grid snap to 8 units, press '4' on the keyboard. Now, in your XY(Top) view, drag out a box that is 8x8 units. It should also only be 8 units tall: http://img10.exs.cx/img10/2998/patch_tutorial_one.jpg Okay. Now, we're going to drag the brush up on the Z-axis, to approximately 64 units. It is helpful to note, at this point, that turning on "sizing info" under preferences will show the size of your brush on the X,Y and Z axes: http://img10.exs.cx/img10/8449/patch_tutorial_two.jpg As you can see it's not a really exciting piece of geometry yet. Go to Patch and select "cylinder." This will turn it into an octagonal cylinder which fits into one 8x8 segment of the grid, 64 units tall. Now, THIS is where the fun begins... If you really stopped to admire the detail in Doom 3, you'd notice that those tiny handrailings (for EXAMPLE) seemed remarkably smooth around the edges and would cause one to think at first that they were made with some external modeling program. Well, thanks to the new functionalities in D3R, you can subdivide any bezier patch mesh up to 32 times for columns and rows to create a smoother surface. Back to the basics here: Highlight your newly created "cylinder" in D3Radiant. To do this, re-orient yourself in the camera view and shift+left click on it. It will outline. View the front viewport and hit 'v': http://img19.exs.cx/img19/7330/patch_tutorial_three.jpg There are two types of vertices to note here, the pink vertices (in the middle) are used to manipulate subdivisions in your patches and re-disperse them when translated. The green vertices move transform the mesh itself, and serve as a "boundary" for the subdivisions to stay within. So, now, we're going to bend it into a pipe elbow. A few things to note here: Always line up your subdivision vertices with the green ones. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Switch to 4 unit grid snaps by pressing 3. Take the top 3 vertices in the front view (which includes one pink vertex) and since they line up laterally, line them up vertically, each one grid unit away (in this case, 4 game units a piece): http://img63.exs.cx/img63/2923/patch_tutorial_four.jpg Okay, we're at step one of four to making a nice looking bezier patch. Now, you're going to drag those 3 vertices you manipulated OUT 64 units. For precision's sake, let's keep the grid snap on 4 units: http://img63.exs.cx/img63/9955/patch_tutorial_five.jpg As you can clearly see, this really doesn't make for an impressive curve whatsoever. So, we're going to manipulate our "bendies" (subdivision controls) to even it out a little. Note how the outermost pink vertex corresponds to form a 90 degree angle with the two outermost green vertices. You need to do this with all curves if you want a nice, credible curve in your maps. Still don't understand? Check the locations of the pink vertices relative to the green ones in this picture: http://img62.exs.cx/img62/9927/patch_tutorial_six.jpg Okay, you've just made a patch elbow. One other thing to note here: PLEASE try to keep height and width proportionate when bending patch meshes. This basically means that in the front or side view (which ever shows the side of the patch) you want the width and height to be equal. If you want to extend the length of another patch mesh, make another one and put it on the current one. Okay, here's the LAST part to the tutorial: We're going to subdivide this patch mesh 11 times. While you have your "elbow" selected, hit 's' for your Surface Inspector. The Surface Inspector allows you to fit, move, and scale textures on brushes and patch meshes. Down at the bottom, below the texturing bar, you'll see "Subdivide Patch" with a small checkbox. Tick the box and there will be two sliders which are at default, 3. Move BOTH sliders right until there are 11 subdivisions both vertical and horizontal: http://img62.exs.cx/img62/1166/patch_tutorial_seven.jpg You're done! Now you have a bezier that has been subdivided 11 times on each aspect. Please note that now, when you experiment with things like endcaps, bevels, and simple patch meshes, you can also subdivide them in a similar manner.
  23. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    I don't see it.
  24. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    I did a little research on admin.map to take a look at what makes the swinging lights work. I copied the values and to the best of my ability described what they could do, and I wrote it down in Notepad. So, please excuse formatting errors. classname light name <name> origin <world coords> \ Set through 'j' light_origin <light coords> / rotation <direction> model <model path> target <target> broken <model path for broken model> bind <this is bound to a physical object> bindToJoint <bone name> s_shader <specify shader> health <when health is 0, light is destroyed> s_volume <unsure> target/1 <when "triggered" active target> color_demonic <more shader crap that isn't necessary ATM> s_mindistance <unsure> s_maxdistance <unsure> s_omni <unsure> s_occlusion <unsure> s_waitfortrigger<unsure> s_leadthrough <unsure> s_plain <unsure> s_justVolume <unsure> noshadows <boolean - 0 casts shadow volumes, 1 doesn't> nospecular <boolean - 0 casts specular highlights, 1 doesn't> nodiffuse <boolean - 0 means cast diffuse, 1 doesn't> texture <set through light menu [specifies type of light and special effects]> _color <set through light menu or 'k'> light_radius <set through light menu> light_center <set through light menu> cinematic <boolean - unsure> I'm still working on that tutorial, it should be up within the next few days. In the meantime, you can look at the above chart and perhaps ascertain the meanings yourself.
  25. Actually I'm not sure if it really matters... I didn't have Brush Primitives enabled in GTKRadiant. It really doesn't make much of a difference if it's just a few brushes. But it's always a good idea.