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  1. carter1027

    My first map!

    What do you expect from a first wad?
  2. carter1027


    Oh, thank you for that.
  3. carter1027


    Im doing 2 maps, I might do 3. Yeah not really mega but whatever. Thank you for all your feedback!
  4. carter1027


    Thank you all for the feedback, I am gonna start working on my first mega wad! There will be 2 maps, and I will use all your feedback, to improve it as much as possible. Thank you all.
  5. carter1027


    Thank you for your feedback, I will use your feedback to improve my next maps.
  6. carter1027


    I beat the boss on first try, then I got worse and worse somehow.. Thank you for your feedback, Like always I will use your feedback to improve my next maps, nice job on beating the boss.
  7. carter1027


    Transported to hell.wad is my new wad! This was tested with GZDOOM 4.1.3 Jumping and crouching is not needed, but allowed. This is a single level, and there is custom monsters. I used GZDoom Builder and SLADE. ----Custom Monsters---- Baby Cacodemon (https://realm667.com/index.php/en/beastiary-mainmenu-136-69621/doom-style-mainmenu-105-73113/1597-baby-cacodemon) Beheaded Kamikaze (https://realm667.com/index.php/en/beastiary-mainmenu-136-69621/doom-style-mainmenu-105-73113/747-beheaded-kamikazi) Divine Shadow (https://realm667.com/index.php/en/beastiary-mainmenu-136-69621/doom-style-mainmenu-105-73113/1824-divine-shadow) ----SCREENSHOTS---- ----DESCRIPTION---- This is a sequel to pipeline. You got out of there, and you ran for your life. You are in the forest, and you come across something strange, it seems to be a teleporter of some kind. ----DOWNLOAD---- TRANSPORTED TO HELL.zip Enjoy! (NOTE: The boss is very hard, but it is possible! I beat him with no cheats.)
  8. If its a hard wad, then yes. If its easy, then maybe.
  9. carter1027


    These 2 maps were quite a bit of fun, and my favorite map was the second map, "Fast as I like", and that is totally not because I got the berserk pack and punched everything to death.
  10. carter1027

    Ultimate Doom 2

    Described in one word, "Horrible." I don't need to say much else, this map is not fun, the classic doom vibes are nice though, since for some reason I love old games way too much. 2/10, Hot Garbage
  11. carter1027

    Pipeline (MAP)

    Thank you all for the feedback, I will use this feedback for later maps!
  12. carter1027

    Pipeline (MAP)

    Thanks for the feedback. I will take note of the stuff you mentioned to make my later maps better then this.
  13. carter1027

    Pipeline (MAP)

    This map requires DOOM 2, and it is an single level. There is no map difficulties. Hey everyone, this is my Third map, (Pipeline). please leave feedback and how I can improve! Description You woke up in a strange place, you don't remember much. All you wanna do, is kill every demon in sight. Jump and Crouching is Allowed. Freelook is Allowed. Screenshots: Enjoy! Download: Pipeline.zip
  14. Hey guys, so I been working on a new doom map! I have researched and learned more about making maps, and I am using GZDoom Builder now, not Doom Builder. The map should release soon! Bye. -Carter


  15. carter1027

    My second map.

    Thanks for playing my map, I will check out your stream. :D