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  1. Brian Reilly jr.

    Doom 64 soundtrack in module format?

    If this is the case and because it's a Switch, we certainly won't be able to mod Doom 64 on it. Chances are we will likely end up with the soundtrack sounding something like GZDoom SF2, which would be a bummer because I hate not hearing how environmental the Doom 64 soundtracks are. Spaces Between being my favorite soundtrack for how strangely relaxing it sounds compared to all the others.
  2. Brian Reilly jr.

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    And here I completely struggle to get all the secrets in the first map. I'm a massive Doom noob outside Doom 64 Retribution (4:19 PB Nukage Facility UV Max), but I really like playing Doom regardless of how good I am.
  3. Brian Reilly jr.

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    Good observation. Because Midway developed and published Doom 64 while Id Software oversaw and monitored the game's development. In the long run, Doom 64 will likely be in good hands.
  4. Brian Reilly jr.

    How to add custom maps on Brutal Doom 64???

    Good to know.
  5. Brian Reilly jr.

    How to add custom maps on Brutal Doom 64???

    Hello, I am new to Doom World. Also I got a question, what is Doom 64 Retribution's Consolation Prize File?