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  1. What kind of things can alert a monster outside of hearing / seeing the player? I've got some monsters in my map getting alerted when it seems like they shouldn't. One gets alerted right as soon as the map loads. Then I have another set of 3 monsters - 2 Heavy Weapon Dudes and a Revenant - in a room closed in with a door that get alerted once the player starts firing in an adjacent sector outside the door.
  2. I see - thanks! I’m building with source ports in mind but trying to keep things as classic Doom as possible. I’m guessing you could pull this kind of thing off in traditional Doom by having a barrier on the ledge where you don’t have to worry about the player being able to jump over? If I wanted to prevent the player from jumping and crouching I’d set that flag in my WAD using SLADE, right?
  3. Is there a way to have a linedef block only players but not monsters? For instance, a ledge that a player can't go over, but Cacs and Lost Souls could.