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  1. zen4040

    Random Image Thread

    512x512 version of icons for items in an RPG game I'm working on.
  2. zen4040

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Ihave to say, that's a little inspirational, might make something like that one of my games
  3. zen4040

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am really cool
  4. wow, the first few comments didn't mentionj gzdoom? that's the easiest, not much multiplayer support but you can easilly make whole singleplayer campaign using it. I that doesn't do it, I'm using godot and with a bit experience with python I could easilly get into gdscript, it's not much more complex than acs either I think, very simple to learn. If that's what you're going for check out this plugin that came out recently if you like to make maps in trenchboom or J.A.C.K(mapping in godot iss very limiting compared to those previously mentioned tools).
  5. zen4040

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    I can't tell you but what I can tell you is that my pp is objectivly the coolest profile picture on the internet
  6. idk, "metal sucks" would be a rude thing to say, I guess
  7. zen4040

    Games of the Decade

    can't forget hitman, I love the original games(silent assassin-blood money(haven't tried the first because of the reviews)). with absolution it seemed like it would just die out they they just sold out, but the new series (while having a bit of a different atmosphere and tone) got everything right gameplay wise.
  8. zen4040

    Hey there.

  9. zen4040

    What are you listening to?

    man I love the old republic, hope disney does justice to it. anyways, been listening to tons of ministry and lamb of god recently
  10. zen4040

    RDR 2 is one big cutscene

    I'm looking forwawrd to trying out the game if I ever could afford it but man I really don't get the point of putting more than 5 min long non interactive scenes in a videogame
  11. zen4040

    Fallout 4 sucks.

    the perspective really takes away the og fallout atmosphere tho
  12. zen4040

    Fallout 4 sucks.

    when microsoft first announced that they owned obsidian and inxile, they did with quite a bit pation for the role playing games those companies made. maybe if they trully are interested they could end up buying back the franchise for obsidian or inxile to work for, idk, just a thought...
  13. zen4040

    Fallout 4 sucks.

    personally, I'm just not a fan of the first person perspective and real time gameplay, fallout's much better as a turn based roleplaying game. but I really wish interplay didn't sell out and they could just continue with van buren. The wasteland games are a great alternatives, w2 did have some balancing issues in my opinion and the story isn't that great but I really appreciate the role playing elements if you're going to, I recommend playing them in chronological order. In my opinion the first one was the best and playing through it without knowing anything about the world makes it so much better. The first time I played it felt like I was living through a mad max dream or something, can't really say the same for any of the other ones.
  14. would have been funnier if they played cannibal corpse or something
  15. the first one (you better listen to the whole tracks before judging)