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Everything posted by zen4040

  1. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    Over the years I have collected a huge library of paid games for free, through catching up on free deals, including games I was often looking forward to buying. To start off right now, Company of heroes 2 is being given away for free right now on steam. There used to be a simillar thread like this on zdoom, I was subbed to but since I've been perma banned from there I thought I should make one here. I you find any of these give aways, please share them in this thread.
  2. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    you can get the ultima underworld and syndicate game for free untill september on gog http://www.gog.com/promo/rerelease_ultima_underworld_and_syndicate
  3. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    arma cold war assault is free on steam right now https://store.steampowered.com/app/65790/ARMA_Cold_War_Assault/
  4. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    here's a really cool one, the whole shadow run thrilogy seems to be free on gog. https://www.gog.com/game/shadowrun_trilogy
  5. zen4040

    What Are We Drinking?

  6. I do love sleeping but I haven't slept outside just yet.
  7. zen4040

    Imagine that you win the lottery.

    I'd be a sugar daddy.
  8. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    oh right, of course. me embarrasing myself again before reading the actual post.
  9. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    I just got it yesterday
  10. zen4040

    Free Game Deals

    for the warhammer nerds: https://www.gog.com/game/warhammer_skulls_digital_goodie_pack?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=20210604_nl_Weekend_Sale_DE&utm_term=DE&track_click=1&link_id=warhammer_skulls_digital_goodie_pack_game
  11. zen4040

    Most Favorite And Least Favorite band

    Fav: Bolt thrower Least Fav: Burzum
  12. zen4040

    Favorite Game From The Year You Were Born

    not that many interresting games I have played there, but luckily I found this one
  13. zen4040

    The story behind your custom avatar

    wrote a "doomsdayclock" batch file once, basically just shows a skull and the current time bellow it. made a screenshot and thought it looked really cool
  14. zen4040

    What Are We Drinking?

  15. zen4040

    How to not be so danged stupid?

    1. read marx 2. watch breadtube, himmy dore is pretty good for news. 3. the other two awnsers will awnser this question in time.
  16. zen4040

    Asian giant hornets have reached the US

    wth this guy doing? he going to get stung, this picture triggers a phobia in my head
  17. zen4040

    Thoughts on Ministry (the band)?

    Idk what you mean this still sounds great I'm a zoomer so I might feel less nostalgic but some of these newer tracks are some of their best along side some older one imo.
  18. zen4040

    Asian giant hornets have reached the US

    yup definitely cazadors, hate those things...
  19. @Doominator2 definitely going with anthrax, was listening to best of album from them a few years ago.
  20. won't happen, it's waste of time trying to organize something like that
  21. yes, mostly just for a vanilla experience tho, it feels mostly like a museum ride.
  22. zen4040

    What's your favourite music type?

    anything as long as it isn't one of these new electro rappers. EDIT: oh wait I allready commented on the thread, damn my memories...