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  1. This was my original response to the "Quake Props" thread, or whatever it was. I decided not to put the whole thing, because it looked to me like I was just ranting like an idiot, and that's what blogs are for.

    "Top # games of all time" lists are stupid. It's just the opinion of a bunch of people who work there portrayed like it's the concrete truth. Sure, Quake was a good game. It was a great game. Best game? Not really. They praise it for it's multiplayer specifically, and base the #1 game factor on that alone. Unfair! They need to think about all factors when making such a decision. What about those who have never played Quake multiplayer, or never wanted to? They wouldn't call it #1. It's like calling one brand of cereal best, not because of the cereal, but because of the fact that you can eat it with your friends. Or something.

    Fact: The Quake rocket launcher is the best FPS weapon ever.

    You're kidding me, right? What about doom's Shotgun? It started the mandatory FPS Shotgun movement. Wolfenstein's chaingun, maybe? Remember the raw power you felt when you first picked the monster up? Why not the quake grenade launcher? THAT was the original heavy weapon of choice, reducing those zombies to paste and giving the player a new edge against this massive demon army. The Q1 rocket launcher, though? That's so cliche. Why not the Doom rocket launcher? Same gun, just no mouselook. Next thing you know they'll call Shub Niggurath the best boss fight seen in an FPS. IF they do, I'm going to go crazy.

    Heh, after reading some of their choices of "best game evar" they had in the past, it looks like they just take games people in the office called "Good" and rushed them to press as "Best." Bionic Commando? What the hell? Heroes of Might and Magic? Lame. Where's the Gauntlets, the Marios, the goddamn Bombermans?! They call themselves gamers, do they? I call then slaves to the man. What the FUCK... WIPEOUT XL??! WHAT ARE THEY SMOKING!

    Arhghghehgehg, I need more soda.

    Hmm... as I read previous entries, it seems that at least SOME of them have gaming brains.

    So... yeah. Blog!

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    2. Ultraviolet


      I agree with the RL rant. That weapon sucked ass anyway.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Dunbar said:

      Bionic Commando? What the hell? Heroes of Might and Magic? Lame. Where's the Gauntlets, the Marios, the goddamn Bombermans?!

      Um... Did you ever play Bionic Commando? It rightly deserves that, comparing it to games of it's timeframe, it's better than the Mario's and Bombermans.

    4. Danarchy


      Heroes of Might and Magic (3 at least) is better than Bomberman or Gauntlet.

      I think of all the games I'd choose for awards, Id say this:

      Civilization 3 (and the Civ series) - Most Replayablility
      Fallout 2 - Best RPG
      Doom - Best Atmosphere
      Star Trek: Armada - Most Stunning Graphics That Actualy Work On My PC
      Grand Theft Auto 3 - Most Fun
      Scorched Earth - Special Coolness Award

      That's about all I can think to hand out. :P