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  1. Murdoch

    Memorable video game songs

    The Elder Scrolls' soundtracks are fairly epic but the one that has stayed with me for so long is "Good End" from Streets of Rage 2. It's such a beautifully positive melody that conveys a sense of hope. Love both these covers of it, each does their own thing with the melody.
  2. Murdoch

    [Release] Laz Rojaz' WolfenDoom for ZDoom

    Found the Spear of Destiny code but nothing else. Also found an attempt at a conversion to Eternity that I have no memory whatsoever of doing and pretty sure I never got got around to releasing. When I get a moment I will explore it and report back.
  3. Murdoch

    [Release] Laz Rojaz' WolfenDoom for ZDoom

    Cool to see these changes. I only did custom engines for Original, Nocturnal and SOD as you correctly observed. It was an effort to get closer to the original games, whereas everything else was a bit more Doom gameplay style influenced. I would have to refer back to the original code - if I can find it. I do have a lot of my old Doom stuff archived still but am unsure if that survived. It was based on Boom 2.02 if I remember correctly. I am reasonably sure I altered the damage giving code so that armour was not a factor. So you still had a number going up to roughly approximate picking up treasure, but that number never went down on taking damage and you did not benefit from it. I may be remembering wrong though. Although thinking about this has painted rather amusing images in my head of BJ running around with treasure chests duct taped to his body as improvised armour.
  4. Murdoch

    Question about .deh files

    Yes the extra command line arguments should do the trick. Strain was good for the time and you are correct, it pre-dates source ports so the external DEH will be needed. I am trying to remember what the DEH did exactly. Level names, and I have vague memories of a modified shotgun. Likely more than that. * googles * Yep, new and modified monsters. They definitely will not work right without the DEH file.
  5. Murdoch

    Exclusively Games Interview with Doomguy

    I call shenanigans. That's not the real Doomguy. An interview with the real Doomguy would be stony silence punctuated with occasional frustrated grunts and trigger finger twitches.
  6. Murdoch

    Doom Floppy Disc version value

    My first impression is nil. Given the design of the packaging, I suspect this is a non-official release of the shareware version, and not an official id Software sanctioned release. There were countless numbers of these back in the day, literally a dime a dozen. Wonder why it had two different sets of system requirements? Odd.
  7. Murdoch

    [Release] Laz Rojaz' WolfenDoom for ZDoom

    Bashed through the first couple of maps of Original Missions. Pretty good work. The enemy movements seems closer to the original game than I remember our take being, and the new weapon sprites are good. I think our take still used the original pistol from Doom which is modeled after a Beretta 92. Not exactly historically accurate heh. Couple of random thoughts... 1. Can you change the player view height in ZDoom? Probably not. I remember thinking at the time that while the switch to 64x64 texture squares made the conversions feel more like Wolfenstein, the player feels too tall, like he's constantly ducking. Might just be me. 2. Laz used the armor pickups as a substitute for the treasure. The end result was that the treasure acting like armour which was a bit weird and so it is in your updates. I am struggling to remember what I did the original engines. I have a vague recollection of doing some dirty hacks to make the armour essentially meaningless. You could pick it up but it did not increase your armor rating. If ZDoom can control this it might be worth implementing in your versions. 3. Can you tweak the player speed in ZDoom? This is something I wish I did in the original engines. The Doom marine is much faster than BJ, and can pretty much run circles around the Nazis. It would be good if the player speed could be pulled back, it would make for a closer match to the original game. All in all, great job. It was fun to see these mods again. Thank you for doing this.
  8. Murdoch

    [Release] Laz Rojaz' WolfenDoom for ZDoom

    Very cool. I worked with laz on these. I did the custom engines (such as they were) for original, nocturnal and sod. Glad someone was able to get them up to date, those old engines will be a bit of an anchor around the mod's necks.
  9. Murdoch

    dual boot xp

    Honestly, you would be better off hunting down an old XP machine somewhere. They are out there. I have three of them here at my shop and there are likely many cluttering the shelves of op shops the world over. If you get one that's new enough to have a SATA interface rather than IDE you would be pretty set.
  10. Murdoch

    My personal website updated

    Oh sure. it works. Just :P
  11. Trying to remember the last time I had Pizza Hut. Probably about 15 years ago when I lived in Nelson, New Zealand. Do not think I went more than a couple of times, was not bad but certainly was not great. Dominoes here is better. I remember hearing some of their insanely low prices and wondering how that was sustainable. If I am not going to cook my own pizza I prefer to go to a more dedicated pizza place with proper pizza ovens.
  12. Murdoch

    My personal website updated

    "Not the one who asks people to have a seat over there" Best. Custom. Title. Ever. Good luck with Wordpress. I have used it twice and been horrified both times. Glad I am a PHP/MySQL developer and have made my own systems. Site does the job. I remember playing CH Retro back in the day and being impressed. My first site was on Geocities in the late 90s. Taught myself to hand code HTML stealing code from @Mordeth's site and figuring out how it worked. Hand coding to this day. Always get fed up with the crappy, messy code generated by CMS systems.
  13. Interesting, first I have seen of the Doom 2 early versions.