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  1. It's not fun, it's EVIL.


    Here's the thread for it :D



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    2. Csucskos


      Thanks! (I also wrote there, but just realized you may not read it)



      The more I play this map, the more I realize how hard really it is. I mean, it's OK for me as I know what to expect, but as a first timer... I don't know.


      I'm happy you tried something outside of your comfort zone! You know there are more difficulty levels, but I only hope this did not end your slaughtermap playing carreer prematurely.


      Thanks for playing and for the nice words. This being my first map, I'm happy to hear I managed to make something appealing. (Even if only visually :D)


    3. smeghammer


      Oh, don't get me wrong, I had fun playing it, and the others SMs I have played in the past.


      I just don't have the time these days to get better (real life work and family etc.). I like to play to relax, and I definitely prefer something like P:AR - big open exploration type maps. Definitely keep it up though.

    4. Csucskos


      I must have missed something. But I don't think "getting good" should be the goal, but the enjoyment


      And I'll be sure to check out Phobos!