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  1. Lord Gaelish

    The Mansion (Classic Style Doom 2 WAD)

    Hey, thanks for playing the map! Glad it was at least somewhat enjoyable.
  2. Lord Gaelish

    The Mansion (Classic Style Doom 2 WAD)

    I completely forgot, sorry! It should work now.
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at mapping, and frankly, I don't know if it is any good. It features custom music created by "The Leviathan's Music" on YouTube. I used vanilla Doom 2 assets and designed the map so that it can be played without jumping/crouching, but freelook can be very helpful at times. I tried to create a "classic" style map here, which has a mansion-type theme. The map is rather short and action-packed. Playing on UV is recommended. Feedback is very welcome! You will find screenshots and a link to the WAD below. Have a great day! Download link (with key!) Game: Doom 2 Level: MAP01 Difficulty: Best played on UV. It shouldn't be too hard. Software: Doom Builder Compatibility: Tested with GZDoom, but should run on any port. Credits: The Leviathan's Music - link to the track used: