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  1. Deathmatcher

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    A Quake 1 reboot is number 1 on my list, although the chances are slim. Generally, I wouldn't mind another Doom game, but slower-paced than the last two.
  2. I finished the Trilogy yesterday. I must say this is one of the best mapsets I've played in years. I didn't know that Heretic and Hexen could be blended this well together to create something so atmospheric. In some maps, like Willowwood, Vulture's Point or Cloister of Venom, I almost felt as if I played Hexen for the first time again. I found as good as no bugs, except for one spot in episode 3's secret level, where I got stuck between the chapel wall and a bush and had to noclip myself out. Some puzzles I couldn't for the life of me solve without looking them up on the net, such as the one with the wolf/griffin/dragon combination, or the one about weighing the phoenix rod ammo against each other. But other than that, a brilliantly designed mapset for Heretic and Hexen, that probably won't be surpassed in quality anytime soon. Thank you for this one, @Jimmy! ps: I loved it when late in the game I happened to find a heartgem of Korax! I usually suck at finding secrets but this one got me on a hunt to collect them all and figure out their purpose. Sadly I had already placed the regular gems in their sockets by the time I found the Korax ones, so he didn't spawn for me. Was fun nevertheless! ps2: The D'Sparil robe confused me as well. I actually mistook it for a dead enemy and let it lying on the floor to begin with... :-P
  3. Deathmatcher

    Who here has beaten Doom 1 and 2 on Nightmare?

    If using savegames counts, then yes, I've completed both games on NM in the 90s. Even with savegames, Doom 2 is quite hard and you need to watch out so you don't save yourself into an unbeatable situation. I still remember that at first, I wasn't able to beat MAP02, but after some tries I managed and it kind of worked for me from there. Then in MAP16 my savegames went corrupt, so I had to start with a pistol from there. I haven't felt the urge to revisit NM ever since beating the Icon of Sin. :P
  4. Deathmatcher

    Hell guardian didn't feel Doom-y

    The way it looks, the way it moves, the way the mechanics are built, it all felt to me like a World of Warcraft raid boss. I liked the idea of the worm but I agree that the appearance of the robot does look absolutely generic and golem-like. id did a very good job re-imagining the existing monsters and I also liked the Possessed, which are a fresh reboot of the zombie theme. But they did a rather poor job adding new monsters to the bestiary. While Doom 2 and Doom 3 were given a lot of freedom to expand on the stock bestiary (introducing such iconic creatures as the Arch-Vile and the Cherub), The art director seems to have held the reins pretty tightly this time...
  5. Deathmatcher

    Steam Achievements

    33/33 Finished the game on HMP first, then got the Toe into Madness-Achievement. Then did a ITYTD-Run to get the remaining singleplayer-Achievements. Finished things with a couple days of multiplayer/snapmap to get the final achievements.
  6. Deathmatcher

    What do you think Quake will have for a new gameplay mechanic?

    This. I count myself in the Quake 1 group here. With Wolfenstein and Doom having been continued several times now, a sequel to Quake 1 is the number one thing I'm waiting for from id Software (second place going to a Rage sequel). But looking at how troublesome the development of Quake 1 was for the company and how close it is in setting and tone to Doom, I'm afraid that id/Zenimax doesn't see enough benefit/uniqueness in remaking this game. It would be so awesome, to have the dark and Lovecraftian world of Quake 1 remade into a modern game. Well, hope dies last.
  7. Deathmatcher

    Is death-marker on Ultra Nightmare permanent?

    I could see how dev markers are just a special case and are permanent... But the question interests me as well. If all markers are shown world-wide without expiration date, the first maps will be teeming with them in no time.
  8. Deathmatcher

    Endless Shutdowns.

    I can confirm that the update causes crashes on machines that previously didn't have any issues. The game ran flawlessly during my first playthrough (prior to the update). Yesterday I had my first crash during my second playthrough.
  9. I guess it's in Ireland. Adrian just purchased a hotel there and Romero visited him. Allegedly the game is made in Galway. I read that somewhere... Really curious about what's gonna be revealed on Monday.
  10. Deathmatcher

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    RIP Ty. Thanks for everything. "Doom will never die. Only its players" Sad but true :(
  11. Deathmatcher

    Doom 4 teaser and how it compares to the reveal

    It was explained in Resurrection of Evil to some degree. The gun is kind of the personal toy of one of the officers, with which he went bear hunting back on earth.
  12. Deathmatcher

    Antroid's Doom LPs - currently between projects

    So, the let's play is finished and I watched all the episodes. Thanks for the ride! I had a lot of fun co-commenting the videos and I also had a lot of fun watching the episodes in which I did not partake! You spent a lot of time not only just playing DTS-T but also critizing, praising and evaluating it, so it's probably just fair if I do the same thing for the videos. You have a good sense of humor and some remarks, especially between you and hipp0cat, were great moments where I really had to laugh and had a good time. You provided useful insight into the way an typical Doomer might think while playing DTS-T and more often than not, you came very close to the way I had a specific spot in mind. And I was able to draw a lot of useful feedback (both positive and negative) from the videos, that will certainly influence my future work. DTS-T seems to have spurred your imagination and I'm very pleased that it did. But to be honest, I also had moments where I was really pissed off, especially when you would end a great video (time and again) looking and talking about an alleged texture misalignment for the hundredth time. I say alleged, because - while you indeed found real misalignments, glitches and bugs - one outcome (probably the most surprising outcome for me) of this video series is, that you have a fundamentally different idea of well-aligned textures than me. Before the let's play, I was absolutely convinced of having done a good job on texture-alignment, having spent (as I repeatedly told you) many many hours just flying through the levels in 3D mode and doing texture aligning, even to the point where I said to myself "stop it now, you nit-picky bastard! It's never going to get released if you don't let go!". And then watching you standing in the first room of Seven and hearing the word "shit" like three times almost made me want to delete Doom Builder from my computer. Hell, I don't even know exactly what pissed you off so much in that room... I don't say that the seed is not planted, though. As time will pass, I might come to look at a textured wall with different eyes. But don't expect me to just throw "texture xy looks bad when cut off this way" in my face and expect me to insta-adopt your aesthetic feeling. Especially since you are not getting tired of stating that people should not judge Doom maps based on an imaginary checklist. How about deleting cut-off textures from YOUR checklist? Craftsmen do cut off stones and bricks right in the middle to make it fit somewhere in the real world. I fail to see why this shouldn't be allowed in a Doom level. Where was I? Oh yes, and I think I would have loved a bit more focus on the actual game. Digressing is fun at times, but you tend to overdo it from time to time. To the point where sometimes you don't comment on a room at all, because your train of thought keeps you busy through a quarter of the level. Then again, I don't watch many let's play videos, so maybe that's a thing the community loves and wants and this is just the grumbling of an author craving for attention. Since neither you nor hipp0cat seemed to have liked Seven particularly, I would like to make some comments about this level (apart from the things mentioned already, which just served as an example). Seven was an experiment and the attempt to cast the seven deadly sins into a Doom level. I thought long and hard on the mechanics and did a lot of scripting to realize them, so reading "would've been/could've been/should've been so much cooler, if..." on youtube wasn't particularly satisfactory. Then again, the level polarizes a lot and some of its mechanics lean quite far out of the window, so I can understand if there are people who don't like it (by the way, there are also those who do). You asked the question in the video, if the sins were purposefully designed to be beaten with exploitive behaviour, and the answer is: partially yes. I like the notion that the player needs to stand safely around the corner in the beginning of "Greed", chain-chainsawing all cacodemons to death, for example. I do acknowledge, however, that sometimes the game mechanics had to give way to the sin. "Lust" didn't turn out to be the most fun room gameplay-wise probably. Speaking of "Lust": You will very likely not see such a room from me again. Contrary to popular belief, I don't particuarly enjoy drawing sexual imagery in Doom Builder. I wanted Seven to be a gross ride to hell, with each sin being an intense experience for the (adult) player. When it came to "Lust", I felt that merely placing suggestive textures on the walls didn't do the level justice, especially since in the case of "Lust", the gameplay couldn't really be tied in. I believed that an audience enjoying punching zombies to bloody pulp and splattering guts left and right would come into the room, have a good laugh and move on. I was wrong. Same goes for the ending of The Vault Of Flesh, by the way. If these rooms spoil the fun for somebody, he can still enjoy 31 100%-penis-and-buthole-free levels in DTS-T, which I hope give proof to the fact, that imagery like this wasn't a particular focus of the Megawad. Anyway, at least in DTS-T you don't have to fire rockets into a vagina, like in certain Cacoward-winning projects: http://www.doomworld.com/12years/images/kama2.png Last but not least: You asked about the story and what was really going on. Well, that's totally up to your imagination! Ok, seriously: Alright, I think that about sums it up. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah: Other than that: A great experience and the positives definitely outweigh the negatives here, for me.
  13. Deathmatcher

    Antroid's Doom LPs - currently between projects

    Cheers for doing a Let's Play of DTS-T, Antroid. :) Today I sat down with Antroid to do the third recording of his Let's Play and gave some (hopefully interesting) tidbits about DTS-T's long development cycle. We covered map05 to map07 of the megawad, discussing lighting and texture choices and secret placement along the way. As to what you mentioned in the second video: Yes, some parts of especially the early DTS-T levels are optional. I like it when a level has some percentage of optional rooms or content to explore, though not as much as in the original Doom levels, where some maps have only like 20% of the layout actually contributing to the way to the exit. I guess I aimed for a slightly different approach in the later levels, but even there you will find the odd optional room along the way.
  14. Deathmatcher

    DTS-T - A ZDoom megawad [available now]

    You are partly right, in that I maybe placed some of the weapons too frequently. However, I would have never suspected to lure people into attempting pistol starts by this. One of the reasons I placed weapons again, is to give people that missed a weapon a chance to pick it up later on. For example, I got several reports of people, who missed out on the rocket launcher in map07 and were able to pick it up in map10 then. While I will probably reduce redundant weapon placement in future works, I will not abandon it altogether (especially not on the alleged risk of luring people into an unsupported playstyle). Feeling of weapon progression is exactly what I had in mind for DTS-T! I fail to see how getting the BFG after 22 levels does not invoke that feeling. In a lot of megawads out there you get it in, like, map07. If you warped into the final chapter, then, yes, you get it after two levels. DTS-T was not designed for warping. Also, play the rest of the chapter. :) Just yesterday a friend emailed me, complaining that he ran out of cells near the end of the game. I didn't take it as one, don't worry. :) It was just that I was like "WTF?" when reading it for the first time. On Vivarium: If people don't like zoos, that's fine. It's a personal taste. I like the level and I got feedback from others liking it. If some don't, then that's fine as well. :) I won't do it again, simply because I have done "my zoo level" now. On the homage: I see how people could find it distracting. I love it, I can't help it. It's not like Riley's kidding every other level or so. On the music: It is Duke Nukem 3D "aliens say your prayers".
  15. Deathmatcher

    DTS-T - A ZDoom megawad [available now]

    I have a very clear idea in mind but I cannot share anything yet. At the moment, I'm still making a break from modding. DTS-T took me 14 years to complete (7-8 years when not counting the breaks), and this resulted in huge differences between the early and the newer levels. The key goal for the next project is to tighten the development timeline a bit, so there will be no such thing as "the old levels" and "the new levels". One of the consequences of this is probably to shrink the level amount to something more manageable, possibly around one third or one half the amount DTS-T has. This is all I can say for now. You have to wait and see. ;-)