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  1. OpenRift


    Played up until that baron pit at the very end. Decent scale, not much to look at. A little bit convoluted in that latter half of TNT Evilution kind of way. jihad_rift_demo.zip
  2. I never got the chance to clarify: it was based on an Oblige map, but was heavily cut down and modified to work for deathmatch. I included it because I really enjoyed the layout and thought it made for interesting gameplay when tested it out with friends. Also, I literally made reference to that map in the OP if you look at the links, where I specifically say it was based on an Oblige layout.
  3. Oh yeah, he was like that the whole time during the playtest. Don't get too salty about it. As for the non-playable areas, I believe he was talking about the areas behind bars. Some players might think that there's a secret back there.
  4. The first 3 things are more a DeHackEd limitation; had to fit within character limits for those text strings. The last thing there was a mistake.
  5. *I didn't make the whole thing, so you should probably put "led by OpenRift" instead :P
  6. OpenRift

    Help Screen Templates!

    Turns out making these templates was a lot easier than I thought (thank god for SLADE's color-remapping). If any y'all wanna make yourselves a custom help screen, here's some nifty little templates to make it a bit easier! Ultimate Doom: Doom II:
  7. Yeah, that does make more sense. It's more beneficial to just copy the credits lump to the HELP1 screen.
  8. Bro I gave you Metallica on E2M3!! I think I do have another idea though, in the spirit of both Megadeth and Bobby Prince ;)
  9. Updated to v2.2, see OP for download. Patch Notes Updated CREDIT lump to @Blast_Brothers's design Green menu/message/HUD text added All maps up to date as of this post. Tweaked E3M1 again Fixed being able to pass through bars Added Blue armor in the dungeon Added D_VICTOR music Doom 64 for Doom II's MAP33 music
  10. Also, I was curious, is there like a template for like, help screens with keybinds and stuff? I wanna still have the help screen for the sake of completeness but I'd like to put the TWANGO logo in the background. EDIT: Actually, I might do something else with it. Still would be a nice resource to have.
  11. Oooooh, why didn't I think to do that?! Thanks! I prefer the more "imperfect" outlines for the numbers, feels more authentic in a dumb pedantic way that only my weird brain would understand. As for the shadows, yeah, I'll try to fix those.
  12. Okay so, I'm a bit on the fence about this: Green menus/message/HUD text: yay or nay?
  13. Anyone know where I can find some green bigfont menu and HUD graphics, akin to the credits screen I made? I know I could just make them in Doom Writer but that's a lot of stuff to remake if it already exists in some WAD.
  14. Also, something I added in v2.1 that I forgot to mention: