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  1. OpenRift

    John Romero will release a NEW video!!

    Why would Romero have footage from Quake 2's development? He was fired after Quake 1 was finished.
  2. Ran into a guy a few days ago on my discord server who was like that. Kinda felt bad for him because I had the feeling that it came from a place of insecurity and poor mental health. I still kicked him as soon as he started to get hostile.
  3. Is there a changelog for RC3?
  4. OpenRift

    Widescreen graphics support?

    I think it would be a cool addition to have the ability to use the Widescreen graphics as seen in the Unity Port as well as GZDoom. Would this be doable?
  5. I don't like GZDoom. Or Graf Zahl. But mostly because people need to stop recommending GZDoom to new players. It breaks a lot of nuance with the original game as well as old-school mods. Not to mention it creates unrealistic expectations of other Doom content that aren't designed for GZDoom (i.e. Gman's review of Sigil, also the Doom Unity port).
  6. This topic is now closed to further replies.

  7. OpenRift

    VZDoom: The Dream Source Port (rambling)

    Eh, reminds me too much of EZQuake, a QuakeWorld source port I also don't like very much.
  8. OpenRift

    DOOM: RAGING ANARCHY - An Ultimate Doom megawad

    Tutti-frutti is actually a really easy fix (pro-tip, test your maps with chocolate doom). As for visplanes, I'd say you can still be detailed, but don't show all that detail all at once. Or maybe trim out the fat. The main thing I would say you should keep under control is vissegs, which is what causes those HOMs I posted the other day.
  9. Someone oughta make a fork of GZDoom and make it into a port that actually runs non-GZ/ZDoom WADs competently and accurately. Namely someone who isn't Graf Zahl. "Well why not just use a different port then?" I do, I just think we need a definitive do-all port that actually does everything well, something that is both noob and veteran-friendly. Something that is both compatible with modern mods while maintaining all the classic quirks of the original experience. Stuff I'm talking about: Default settings that don't break the base game's mechanics nor make it look like dogshit 100% vanilla compatibility vanilla physics ghost monsters 100% dehacked compatibility 100% demo compatibility (and plays them on-launch like a normal port) a bunch of other things Graf fucked up that I don't know about yet/forgot Streamlined settings menu that fits Doom's (also PrBoom's or ZDoom's) design language A QoL settings/improvements (automap label position/colors, consistent pixel ratio scaling for text, etc.) Doesn't run like shit Probably some more things I'm forgetting It'd be called VZDoom, or GZDoom classic, or something like that. I dunno.
  10. OpenRift

    DOOM: RAGING ANARCHY - An Ultimate Doom megawad

    I would actually suggest sticking to vanilla support because I think that kind of limitation can breed the most creativity. I would recommend playing through some vanilla WADs for inspiration.
  11. OpenRift

    DOOM: RAGING ANARCHY - An Ultimate Doom megawad

    Alright, I just finished the demo, time for some thoughts: I think a lot of the levels definitely need to be extended, because they feel reeeeaaally short as of right now. I think I must've beaten them all in under 30 minutes. Also, I encountered numerous HOMs and tutti-fruitti textures along the way. I would recommend testing your maps with Chocolate Doom so that you can catch them while you're editing. Here are the ones I found:
  12. OpenRift

    DOOM: RAGING ANARCHY - An Ultimate Doom megawad

    Nice, though could you include a vanilla-compatible dehacked patch as well? Seems the one imbedded in the WAD is extended/boom format.
  13. It should go without saying, but this WAD IS NOT MINE. This patch fixes several texture related glitches found in source ports such as RUDE and SIGIL.EXE. See images below for comparisons. Specific changes can be found in CHANGES.TXT included in the RAR archive below. DOWNLOAD HERE: SIGIL_v1.23.rar If you guys find any similar bugs, let me know down below and I'll try to update it again. Screenshots (Taken in RUDE) Before After Before After
  14. Also, I have a vanilla-compatible dehacked patch for Akeldama.wad, as the integrated lump was designed for at least Crispy Doom. This does abridge a few automap level names and intermission texts, but the only significant changes would be to the secret and super-secret texts. AKELDAMA_vanilladeh.rar
  15. Hey, so I was going through some of the DM WADs and found that dmpack.wad had some vanilla issues for deathmatch, so I've made a fixed version here: dmpack_fixed.rar Changes: Fixed exit bug on MAP10, allowing players to manually exit to MAP11 instead of restarting the map (DM) or going back to MAP01 (SP) Fixed a "no more plats" bug on MAP17 Fixed some misaligned textures that weren't present in the WADs they were taken from Disabled certain scrolling textures in MAP22 to maintain vanilla compatibility (now static texture) Added exit to MAP24