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  1. Wow, that's impressive! Add on 13 seconds saved with Level 31 regular exit (no Level 32) and we're down to 13'39". If Grazza's Level 19 trick (discussed in the original topic) saves "a second or two," then it's down to 13'37" or 13'38".
  2. If the goal of a minimalist speedrun is to reach the ending screen as quickly as possible, then I fail to see how completing Map 32 is any more necessary than visiting a "secret area" on Map N. After all, this isn't a 100% run. Also, Map 32 has been optimized to the nearest second for many years now, and it doesn't look like 10"XX is possible. Andrey included Map 32 in his run because Sedlo did. Back when Sedlo did his 30uv1617 run, Map 32 was considered as a good fill-up level. With a completely built run, those extra items and powerups are no longer unnecessary, thus eliminating the need to adhere to tradition. The first runner who breaks out of this saves an easy 13 seconds on his run.
  3. I lost my Doom 95 installation when my computer crashed a while ago, and I can't find the CD-ROM. So converting to .avi would be a great service. That Level 32 could be skipped entirely for a faster time has been brought up ever since the 16'17" run. Please, do so in the next run. No point in wasting unnecessary time. I can't wait to see this. Level 32 issue aside, this sounds awesome. So, possible improvements: -0'01" Level 1 -0'02" Level 31 (normal exit) -0'11" Level 32 (skip) ------------------------------ -0'14" Total Brings the possible time down to 13'48". Next run should aim for 13'30" or 13'37" (leet).
  4. mlin

    new TAS project - e1uv-3xx

    Wow. Good work!
  5. Andrey Budko's PrBoom modification allows one to see the completion time for each level to the nearest 1/100 of a second. Is there a way to get down all of them in a multi-level demo without playing the whole thing?
  6. mlin

    What exactly is Strafe50?

    Thx. That was a really informative site.
  7. mlin

    What exactly is Strafe50?

    It's the same as holding down Shift. not fast.
  8. mlin

    Ultimate Doom Episode 3 in 3:15

    Why is everyone being so hard on this guy? He has the fastest UV Speed time, tool-assisted or not, on EVERY single individual Doom and Doom II level except those in D1-Ep2, and that's extremely amazing, IMO.
  9. I know enables the player to run extremely fast, but that's about it. How is it executed? The only method I know used to boost speed is holding the Shift key.
  10. mlin

    Doom III Inst. Problems

    I've downloaded the leaked beta, unzipped the .rar file, and attempted to install the program on my comp. It's 1.2 GB, and my main disk drive has 1.6 GB remaining. I decided to give it a go anyway -- there's still .4 GB left. First, the installation takes roughly an hour -- longer than setting up Windows XP. I wait patiently, but at the very end, while copying the file "With Intro Doom", it "hangs up" -- that is, the program never finishes installation. I let it remain at "With Intro Doom" for over an hour, and still my remaining disk space remained at .4 GB. There was no new data being written. I then deleted my Doom III directory and reinstalled it; the same thing happened. When I go into my Doom III directory, I see all the files there, but when I try to launch a console, the prompt with the blue background shows up, but after about 10 seconds it crashes. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  11. Not if you finish Level 7 with more ammo/health than what Sedlic has at the start of Level 8. Get the rocket launcher and the megasphere, and you should be fine. Oh, and the real demo isn't fast enough. I'd like to compile a Doom 10th anniversary version.
  12. I have discovered that by converting TASMBF LMP files to text and editing it, I can modify game demos. You have to manually change all the times though, which can be a tedious process. However, I am willing to do it. Can someone please record Doom 2 Level 7, 6 sec in TASMBF so that I can insert it into Mr. Sedlic's 16:17 demo?
  13. mlin

    Classic Doom Revival Contest

    Hmm, Opulent does have a point. I just realized that I don't know how to use the TAS tools myself. Of course, the website doesn't say anything against regular demos, so I suppose they could be worth a try, if interest is really this low...
  14. mlin


    I assure you, DoomBoy, that 7 hours is definitely possible. (I played it using the fighter at difficulty level 2.) I did quite a bit of unnecessary backtracking and searching for switches/items/etc., and would say that 4-5 hours is definitely a reachable time for a returning player.
  15. mlin

    Classic Doom Revival Contest

    I don't think they approve of cheating. -_- Also, take a look at the entry form. o_O By the way, does anyone know where Sedlo is right now and what he's doing?