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  1. Youda

    The Legacy of Heroes - on idgames

    Oh, indeed. PB removs some of the weapon spawns. But only the new version, 2.03 and 1.0 don't do that. Also only in this WAD, doesn't happen anywhere else. Must be some coincidental conflict between the scripts.
  2. Youda

    The Legacy of Heroes - on idgames

    It was UV and Project Brutality mod. Maybe it broke the ammo spawns somehow, i will try without it.
  3. Youda

    The Legacy of Heroes - on idgames

    I have big problems with ammo in this wad. At the end of MAP02 i ran out of everything and i went into the portal to hell with 5 bullets to pistol. Then when i continued the next map with cheats, i found the first ammo after exploring like 1/3 of the map! And only pinkies and imps everywhere dropping nothing. I think it needs some overhaul in this aspect, pretty unplayable right now.
  4. Those laws are needed because all those actions affect somebody else in a negative way. There is no law forbidding me throw all my money into a sewer, because nobody else than me is affected. Tell me how it harms anyone else that i break my own gameplay experience by jumping. If it was in a multiplayer, where there was a secret place with some super-weapon and that place was supposed to be accessible only once per 10 minutes, and i bypassed that restriction by jumping, now that would be reasonable to make every effort to make that not possible, because i would be cheating on every other player in the server ruining their game experience. But in single player? Maybe next time you wanna create a script that disables cheats even after sv_cheats 1 ? Or create a dynamic invisible barrier that will protect me from running into Cyberdemon's rocket? Everyone has a freedom to make mistakes and ruin their game however they want, as long as it doesn't harm somebody else.
  5. When will people finaly grow up from this "But we do this for their convenience, for their security, we're protecting them from their own mistakes" mentality. It has been tried countless of times in many aspects of human life and it was always a disaster. Human is a self-concious being, fully responsible for his actions. There can warnings, there can be information messages, but there can't be hard limits.
  6. Ok, fair enough. Although i have strong doubts that anyone born into the world of Call of Duty and Battlefield will ever touch a game from 1993.
  7. All this is gonna lead to, is somebody will create an addon ForceAllowJump.pk3 that will override your overrides of override, and people will load it along with your wads. Or even worse, author of GZDoom will create ad-hoc detection of such scripts and disable them if the player selected Allow jump: yes.
  8. Anyone with at least 2 brain cells would realize that jumping in a game originally not designed to jump will break things. It does not need any additional explanation in the user interface. If somebody really needs explanation, there's the wiki saying it clearly https://zdoom.org/wiki/Gameplay_options And if somebody still does not get it, then that's not your problem to solve. You can try to explain them, you can try to educate them, but you can't take away a freedom of choice for every single player because of the stupidity of few. I'm fine with that version, which still allows at least some way of override, although it's doing it in non-standard way and thus creating confusion of players who consciously enabled jumping in settings but still can't jump. But the version without it is simply facepalm and should burn in hell.
  9. LOL. ZDoom and derivatives have the 3 options On, Off and MAP DEFAULT for a reason! It provides the user the option to leave the choice for map creator or override it on his own responsbility. Hell the "default" option is even default. What more do you want? Overriding the user overrides with some script is simply unethical and retarded, you're telling the player that he has no rights for his own prefference, that he is too stupid to decide things on his own. Would you really tell this to a player in a chat? So stop doing this in your maps. And same applies to fall damage. Sorry Sarge, your map pack is the best in Doom world to this day, but on this one you screwed up.