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  1. Scorpius

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    E2M2 by a mile. Just so fun.
  2. Scorpius

    ENDOOM to WAD?

    I have created a basic temporary ENDOOM for my WAD, but how do I move the file to the WAD via SLADE 3? EDIT: The file type is .bin, but still comes up as an unknown file type in SLADE. I've taking the unknown file back out and the extension is .dat, why is this?
  3. Scorpius

    How you play DOOM

    I've used several ports in the past like Skulltag, Crispy Doom, ZDoom and DOSBox. Nowadays, I use either PrBoom+ or GZDoom, both run great on my computer. It depends on the mood I'm in and possibly the WAD I'm playing too. If I want the classic look and feel, I would use the first option. My only real complaint about PrBoom+ is the music, it sounds generally awful most of the time. I would pick the latter for the smoothness, compatibility and visual treat. I use smooth weapons and HD sounds in GZDoom which adds to it I'd say. I NEVER use mouselook, jump, crouch, etc (the ONLY exception is Brutal Doom). I always play DOOM with mouse and keyboard, usually on HMP or UV.
  4. Scorpius

    Joining community projects

    Thank you everyone for the insight and advice! It means a lot to me that people are very welcoming and offering help, I guess that's why it's called a community. :) One more thing before I leave this thread, it may be unrelated but I'm gonna ask anyway. If I was to use music from another WAD, such as Plutonia 2, I am already going to assume you need to ask permission from the musician to use a song. Is this true or not?
  5. Scorpius

    Joining community projects

    Just a quick thing I wanted to know about since I'm relatively new to the DOOM community. If I wanted to join a community project that interested me, how would I do that? I'm not saying I want to join one now, but maybe in the near future. Also, any other comments and advice on how to follow project rules, what to expect, communication, etc. would be appreciated. Maybe you can share your experiences with projects and other good stuff. Thanks!
  6. Scorpius

    Joining community projects

    I am going to assume you would need a mic for Discord, or can you use text as well? If you can use text, that would be great then. I'm not really familiar with Discord, have used Skype for the longest.
  7. Scorpius

    Joining community projects

    Thanks for this info. May I ask where would I request a map slot. Would I have to just comment on the dev thread or email the project lead?
  8. Scorpius

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I do agree, it does look kinda weird. The only reason I did this is because this map is based on Hell Beneath, and the starting area with similar SKIN textures is aligned like this. I have changed it to see which looks better. Honestly, I prefer the first one since it doesn't screw up the starting area layout.
  9. Scorpius

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A screenshot of a map in progress for my first, upcoming WAD.
  10. I don't play WADs that often but a few that stand out to me: "The Living End" from DOOM II - Awesome map. It's expansive, full of enemies and looks great. "Odyssey of Noises" from Plutonia - Quite a large map, uses one of the best DOOM tracks. "Ticket to Eternity" from Plutonia 2 - Very large city-like map. Many cool moments and the music is creepy. This one is my favourite. "I'm Just a DOOM Addict" from Kama Sutra - Same again, large city-like map. It's dark as hell and the music adds to this. "Fire Walk With Me" from Alien Vendetta - I can't really remember much of this, I just know that it's amazing. "Atlatl" from Plutonia Revisited - I thought this was a cool map as well, I liked it.
  11. Scorpius

    ENDOOM to WAD?

    Here is the file if anyone wants to help. But seriously, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, I have no idea what to do now. Thanks for all the help anyways! :) EDIT: I literally just fixed it after posting this. Apparently I WAS doing it right, but SLADE needed to be restarted for it to show up as the ANSI text format. I was so dumbfounded when I saw it in my WAD. I guess I didn't look so hard into that tutorial. :P
  12. Scorpius

    ENDOOM to WAD?

    This was the closest I probably got, this program is much easier to use than Pablodraw, but the file when exported either as ENDOOM or ANSI text is still unknown to SLADE. I've gone through this tutorial many times and still don't understand it. It's too confusing for me. :/ I've tried renaming it from a random name to ENDOOM and the opposite and still can't get it to work. EDIT: Do I actually need to do what is in the "saving and importing" section of that tutorial to even move the file in the WAD or not? Because I'm not doing that, I'm just simply exporting and dragging to WAD file. I checked the file I am moving and it already reads 4000 bytes or 3.91kb in SLADE (the same size as standard DOOM ANSI screen)
  13. I prefer the techbase levels of Knee-Deep in the Dead and the marble/wood levels from Thy Flesh Consumed, they always impress me. As for DOOM II, I usually prefer the Hell levels, such as Bloodfalls, The Spirit World and The Living End. I don't really have a preferred level theme for TNT since I generally don't really like it as much as the other WADs, but I do like some tech levels (like the first map). Lastly, I like all the themes from Plutonia, especially the Earth levels, but I feel like the actual map designs could've been better.
  14. Scorpius

    What's your playing style?

    I used to play ITYTD and HMP a lot. I've kinda moved onto UV and its pretty goddamn hard. Most of the time, I will choose cautiously playing over outright speedrunning. I will only get the secrets that I know about, or if I find luckily. Same for the monsters, shoot and kill. If I miss any, I usually won't go back. In terms of ports, I alternate between PrBoom+ or GZDoom. The first for the classic look and feel (although the music doesn't sound that good) and the latter for the smoothness and visual treat. The use of smooth weapons and HD sounds definitely add to GZDoom I'd say.
  15. Scorpius

    ENDOOM to WAD?

    I used a program called Pablodraw to write my ENDOOM in the default DOOM ENDOOM template (red background, white and yellow text).
  16. Scorpius

    What is your favourite episode 3 level?

    Honestly, I don't like Inferno as much as the others. That's not me saying I hate it or it's bad. However, one map I really like and pretty much nearly saves it for me is Mt. Erebus. It looks quite unique and colourful, with many buildings and areas to explore. Pandemonium is also a great map, action-packed and cool music.
  17. Scorpius

    What is your favourite episode 4 level?

    That's a hard question since they are all good levels, but I'm going with E4M1. It's atmospheric, full of action, challenging and fun to play. It also uses my favourite DOOM track, Sign of Evil. The cramped level design, somber music and high difficulty combined made me feel hopeless when I first played it. E4M6 is a very close second as well, looks beautiful for DOOM and is quite tough on UV. :)
  18. Scorpius

    ENDOOM to WAD?

    Sorry, I guess I should've been more clearer and explained more about my problem. I have made an ENDOOM screen similar to the Ultimate Doom ENDOOM, and used the extension .bin. Trying to move / import it over to my WAD shows up as an UNKNOWN file type. That's the problem I am having.