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Doctor Silt

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  1. I've just transitioned to using the UDMF format in doom builder. it was simple to do in Zdoom format, but i cant figure out how to do it in the UDMF format.
  2. Doctor Silt

    How do i make a door in UDMF format?

    Thats it! i forgot to check the options.
  3. Doctor Silt

    How do i make a door in UDMF format?

    ive selected generic door but pressing use on the door still does nothing. Am i missing something?
  4. Doctor Silt

    What are some good Earth maps?

    What are nice Earth/city themed maps? I see the Doom 2 City maps bad designed and I couldn’t find any through searching.
  5. Doctor Silt

    How do you have your controls set up?

    Keyboard and Mouse, I use mouselook for certain wads movement-WASD Jump-Once again, I only use it for certain wads, space use-E Fire-mouse 1 alt Fire-mouse 2 Weapon switch with numbers
  6. Doctor Silt

    Cursed Doom Images

    Made this one myself