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  1. The Maverick013

    Help with C1M6 door

    Well, this is embarrassing. The blurriness of Choco Doom made think an important switch was pressed when in fact, it wasn't. Playing this close to vanilla is a completely different experience than when using an advanced source port.
  2. The Maverick013

    Help with C1M6 door

    I did. Still can't open it.
  3. The Maverick013

    Help with C1M6 door

    How do I open the door guarding the yellow key? I already have both blue and red key, but I can't seem to figure how to open this one door.
  4. The Maverick013

    Savegame Buffer Overrun

    I see. Thanks, it works now.
  5. The Maverick013

    Savegame Buffer Overrun

    So, I was playing Phase One using Chocolate Doom and after trying to save right at the start of C1M5, the game closed itself. It said "Savegame buffer overrun". Does anyone knows what happened and why? Is it just me?
  6. The Maverick013

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2 RELEASED: Faster weapons

    Yup, I had the same problem. But 7-zip can open it just fine for me.
  7. The Maverick013

    Your tale of Doom hubris

    How cute. I accidentally dodged into an imp's fireballs, three times in a row.
  8. The Maverick013

    The Doom timeline.

    I'm assuming you don't have a Doom 64 cartridge so I can't recommend Doom64 EX. You should try Doom 64: Retribution. It's a total conversion for GZDoom and includes lots of extra maps and graphical updates (you can disable these). Try it and see if you like it, personally I love Doom 64.
  9. The Maverick013

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    Now, that's a fine loooking manual. Mine looks like shit now.
  10. It probably was a case of "Are we really going to waste our time and money trying to stop these cheap shovelware compilations?". Then again, as far as I know, some of them contained some sort of editors, so maybe (and that's a HUGE maybe) you could say they were selling the editors and the maps were merely an added bonus.
  11. Hey, a fellow keyboard player! Congratulations! I completed SIGIL on UV some weeks ago and it was really freaking hard.
  12. This is not really going to be that useful but here's a short interview with Chris about The Lost Episodes of Doom. And here's Tom Mustaine's website. EDIT: And here's a little story about Kick Attack! but I can't confirm if it's 100% real.
  13. The Maverick013

    Angry Video Game Nerd: Chex Quest

    Damn, that was one edgy cereal.
  14. Do you guys remember that time when Tim Willits made a map for a Soda company?
  15. The Maverick013

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Pain Elementals *Angrily shakes fist*