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  1. PhobosKosmos

    Doom Movie Question

    no hollywood bullshit...
  2. PhobosKosmos

    Doom Movie Question

    exactly exactly...
  3. PhobosKosmos

    Doom 3 demo out

    any one know what 3 levels it is?
  4. PhobosKosmos

    doom psx

    just a short thread... have you play doom on the playstation? is it at all different than on the pc? better, worse? slightly purple? tell all you know....... KOSMOS
  5. PhobosKosmos

    DOOM 3.2 !

    yes...lol so it wont be hella buggy and Id will look it over and say if it meets the doom standards. and it just looks better that way.....
  6. PhobosKosmos

    DOOM 3.2 !

    nononnoonoononoono... after half-life (made by Valve) came out, Gearbox came out with other MODS for half-life like Blue-Shift and Opposing Force. These where Oficially released. it would be good if a company oficialy endorced by ID came out with a doom 2 mod. (like you could go to the store and buy it in a box...
  7. PhobosKosmos

    DOOM 3.2 !

    !YOU DONT NEED TO USE CAPS! IF YOU WERE TO LOOK AND SEE THAT OTHERS ALREADY WROTE THE SAME THING YOU DID THEN INSTED OF BEING AN ASS YOU COULD HAVE JUST POSTED SOME LINKS!!! SCREAM!!! *********************************************** ok now that ive got that taken care of, lets move on... i have seen that people are doing CONVERSIONS of the originals but what i ment more was something like the half-life mods where there was blue shift and op-for, CS etc...not just a conversion (which are also cool...done by a company and officialy released, i have seen some conversion mods but feel free to post some links cdoom.arqz.com/ (thanks to those who whern't assholes ;) )
  8. PhobosKosmos

    DOOM 3.2 !

    i really feel that they need to come out with a new doom 2 game like doom 2 on the doom 3 engine. like a MOD or something...maybe not by id but by someone... it seems like we are missing out on something...
  9. PhobosKosmos

    Back Up Data

    has anyone figured out what those computers do that have the thing that "backs up data"? you know the one where you walk up to the computer screen and click back up, then it does it and shuts down... those are just a little thing eh? am i over thinking this?... <insert critisim here>
  10. PhobosKosmos


    has anyone goten the doom3anyos.rar patch to work? i tried for a long time to try to get it to work with no luck. can anyone help me ?????
  11. PhobosKosmos

    Win 98 / ME Patch for Doom3

    i stayed up until 2:30 in the mourning trying to get it to work, now today i have work on it for 2~3 hours...with no doom. looks like the patch was a bust... heres what i did: downloaded files (unziped them) found .ISO editor got iso image from the doom3_1 cd edited it (replaced doom 3.msi with new one) save and burned it installed doom3 (it still came up with that "you are running old windows" thing) tryed to play it: when i use the patched cd it says "please instert doom3_1 and restart the app" tryed it with the original and after the DOOM3 splash stays on the screen for about 30sec it just goes away and there are no doom related programs running maybe some has some answers that dont involve getting new windows..ty kosmos
  12. PhobosKosmos

    Win 98 / ME Patch for Doom3

    im about to try it...ill get back to you when i get it goin'..
  13. PhobosKosmos

    Multiplayer (PC version)

    If this is a hella frequenty posted topic then by all means put it in post-hell: I was thinking about some time ago when I heard about a multiplayer test at E3 or an E3 related expo. Will the PC final have any type of multi? Lan, internet .....? I know the xbox will have good multiplayer stuff, co-op deathmatch etc. Also I heard from a friend of mine *cough* that he was runnig the Radeon 9800 128 pro with 512mb PC333, P4 2.8 /w 800mhz fsb, that he got the alpha at about an average of 60 fps. But i guess thats old news. Rant, rant, rant.......... One more thing i just noticed: the faqs for the Doom 3 forums says the the xbox version is a port, isn't it not a port? Thats what i read in an article on the xbox version. {while your mother shakes her finger at you violently}.....
  14. PhobosKosmos

    The card that will make Doom 3 take it in the ass

    let me ask all you people somethin'. What would you do if you had $300, would you: A) Buy the Radeon 9700 Pro -or- B) Save $200 more for the GeForce Fx 5900 Ultra I don't know what to do, help me!!! I'm think to much. You think for me. ;)
  15. PhobosKosmos

    Martian Warfare...

    i think there was some artical some were i read where there wasn't going to be much outside gameplay. and the whole suit idea was also talked about were you would have very limited amounts of O2.but i may be wrong becuase this artical might be outdated. there will not be a railgun and i am all most definite because there were talking alot about that, but again ...maybe outdated. heavyer breathing when O2 is low or when shot at would be cool