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  1. Seybsnilksz

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Green alien heart
  2. Seybsnilksz

    Opeth - Blackwater Park (Cover) live release!

    Big thanks for watching!
  3. I've made an ambitious cover of the song Blackwater Park by Opeth together with some guys from Finland, and there will be a live premiere in a few hours (Friday April 24th) at 9PM GMT+2. I've aimed to be faithful to the original while having a bit of a more fat and modern sound. Especially guitars and drums I tried to steer more in the direction of Jens Bogren (who produced their albums Ghost Reveries and Watershed). Come and hang out! (Or watch it afterwards if you don't have time)
  4. Seybsnilksz

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    I am trying to work on a slower track, but it's tough at the moment. I might start again from scratch, but I don't know when I'll be done with it.
  5. Seybsnilksz

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    Community Chest 4 Hell Revealed 2 TNT: Evilution Icarus: Alien Vanguard Plutonia 2
  6. Seybsnilksz

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Here's the final version of This Might Burn.
  7. Seybsnilksz

    What's your playing style?

    Always UV, I save after most encounters (if I remember to), and I try to max it if I like the level or the music. Never pistol start on levels after 01.
  8. Seybsnilksz

    How you play DOOM

    I'm still on ZDoom 2.7.1, I just downloaded it in 2014 or something and didn't think about updates or anything. The most important thing though is that I have the right MIDI sounds. I was used to the Xbox versions that had the patches from the Gravis Ultrasound, so I managed to get that working with Timidity++ after hours of googling and not understanding any of the mumbo jumbo haha. So many tracks sound super cool with those patches but very dull and uninspiring with the normal general MIDI sounds.
  9. Seybsnilksz

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Good to hear! If you don't think Mind the Gap is too short then feel free to use it. I'll continue with This Might Burn and maybe try to make a calmer or more ambient track as well.
  10. Seybsnilksz

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Been on holiday for most of June, but I've tried to make some stuff. @valkiriforce I tried making something with some inspiration form the placeholder from map 10. It might be a bit short, and I'm not sure if it fits the map, but it might go somewhere else. I can try to lengthen it if someone wants it. Mind the Gap (WIP) I also made a heavier track that perhaps will fit a more violent hell map. It's still a work in progress, hence the abrupt ending. I'm not sure if the slow semi-generic breakdown close to the end feels video-game-y enough, so I might remove that. This Might Burn (WIP) I will appreciate any feedback, this is my first time making Doom-music after all! :)
  11. Seybsnilksz

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Alright, I'll see what I can do!
  12. Seybsnilksz

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Hey guys! New to this forum. I've been playing different WADs for a while now and I always love the ones with great music. I want to compose some tracks for this one, or perhaps in some cases suggest already existing songs (if that's allowed?) that I have MIDI for (cautiously corrected by me). I may compose some stuff that anyone can use, but if someone has a level that they want a specific style or inspirations for I will see what I can do. Melancholic epic strings? Death metal? Spooky stuff? Classic Doom-style music with 12-bar shuffle or melodies that add 3rd and 5th harmonies throughout the song? I'll have a go! Here's an example of what I've composed in the past. It's the menu theme from a Doom inspired game I did music for at school. It's not MIDI, and it's not meant for old-school Doom stuff, but it's just to show that I'm not some guy putting random notes together.