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  1. deepthaw

    How would you have done nuDoom’s story differently?

    I'd like to have seen a part where they use the divinity machine to remove the Slayer's power and strength, and he comes out just as angry and strong as before. Basically - in keeping with 2016, every time you think something is going to be explained, just make it even more inexplicable.
  2. deepthaw

    How To "Fix" The Spider Mastermind?

    It's real hard to beef up a hitscanner's difficulty without making them just unfun to battle. Maybe she splits into smaller masterminds every so often?
  3. Every WAD ever made by anyone is canon and took place between 64 and 2016. Doom Guy has been stuck dimension hopping like some kind of Moorcockian Eternal Champion.
  4. deepthaw

    Green: is turbo! What is this…?

    and I guess I should dig through the Spaceorb software with a hex editor to verify then update the wiki.
  5. deepthaw

    Green: is turbo! What is this…?

    Interesting. Can’t believe I’d never heard of this until now. It’s thirty years late, but I wonder if somebody could have used this to write better mouse drivers (sensitivity that doesn’t crash the game when it’s set high, disable forward/backwards movement, etc.)
  6. Bought a Spaceorb 360 to play around with on my old MS-DOS PC. It’s really for Descent but thought it’d be fun to give it a shot in a few other games. Loaded the drivers, fired up Doom 2 v1.9 and it worked as expected. Until I pressed the “D” button on the controller and this happened… https://youtu.be/tL_Tu5_4Q6Y (For those who don’t want to watch, I go rocketing down the hallway at far beyond normal speed while it prints a “green is turbo” message) Is that a built in functionality in Doom for weird controllers? Was the driver doing this? Would this have worked in Deathmatch? In general — WTF?
  7. deepthaw

    Greek Doom prequel comic book

    YouTuber I follow (St1ka) just posted a video about a Greek-exclusive comic book that was intended to be a prequel to Doom. His summary is "This comic feels like it was written by an edgy 14-year old." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vXqZKQXHuk The comic itself can be read here: https://sweetshark.itch.io/doom-memories-from-hell
  8. Is there a version of this or anything similar that brings dual shock support to the original version? I’d like to play the familiar Doom episodes on my MiSTer with DS controls.
  9. deepthaw

    The Ancient Gods - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    Turns out the other marine on the OG cover art is not just canon, but he’s now the dark lord? or maybe it’s a cheeky way of making deathmatch canon. I’ve always hoped the conclusion would involve the slayer getting his gifts revoked but remaining just as totally bad ass while every God like entity around him complains that doesn’t make any sense.
  10. The hyperbole was in reference to Gman’s claims that ultra violence is the true way to play and other nonsense he spouts to sound edgy. I’m not trying to bat for a frankly not very good YouTube. I did watch the entire thing (doom kid talks about how unity doom uses Roland sc-55 samples while gzdoom uses weirdly bass boosted Windows samples, he talks about friends who play on controllers, he talked about how Gman seemed unaware of Odamax, etc) I think gman’s review was poor and riddled with inaccuracies and that doomkid’s critique was a weirdly unnecessary overreaction that complained about irrelevant stuff in between the actual issues. People seem unable to grasp that I can like neither of the videos and find the whole situation perplexing. My entire reaction can be summed up as: does it really take a fifteen minute YouTube video to say Gman’s wrong about something? I think I’ve spent more time talking about these videos than it took to watch both of them. That’s my cue to be done.
  11. It wasn’t just the Beatles joke. It was going to the effort of putting up an onscreen counter because he didn’t like they flesh consumed or some shit? Getting mad because he finds gzdoom’s options confusing? Calling him wrong for saying hi-res and widescreen feel vanilla? Going off on gatekeeping because of hyperbolic comments on uv and kB/m? Gman’s review was inaccurate and frankly, not particularly good. But a fifteen minute critique that feels like it fills half its runtime looking for things to complain about rather than focusing on the provably false claims manages to feel like an overreaction. I guess I’m just perplexed why people care so much what Gman has to say? I’ve never been too keen on his stuff, I noticed the inaccuracies in his review almost immediately and ... forgot about it within thirty minutes.
  12. Quick everyone, somebody is wrong on the Internet! Sure, he should have known better. But a fifteen minute critique video (with WRONG in all caps) that wastes time complaining about a Beatles joke seems like a weird overreaction.
  13. deepthaw

    Dedicated server?

    I got it up and running on my Debian box. Just for fun, it's running a loop of Sigil on DM.
  14. deepthaw

    Dedicated server?

    I’ve got an old pc I’ve repurposed into a Linux server. I’d like to run a dedicated doom server on it, probably death match. Which server/source port is the most widely used? Are any of them cross compatible? I’m already familiar with all the port forwarding and stuff that has to be done (I host Minecraft and terraria servers for my friends.)
  15. 42. Started and finished at UV.