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  1. Mistah Jorge

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Map 24 is a good map except that part with lost souls + unescapable pit combo that can just fuck off
  2. Mistah Jorge

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Again: Kill a cyber mancubus (spawned by summoning a cyber demon) to complete map e2m8. Kill a cyber demon (spawned by summoning a spider mastermind) to complete map e3m8. I think the maps are coded to only let you complete when you kill the map's boss, since the bosses are tecnically replaced, you can't complete them. Is it possible to change this on those maps?
  3. Mistah Jorge

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Oi, i think i've found why the maps 2m8, e3m8 softlock (at least on gzdoom): Go to either map and use the console to spawn the map's boss and kill whatever you've just spawned, there, no more softlock. I think the maps are hardcoded or something in a way that won't let the player advance until the cyber demon (in this mod replaced by cyber mancubus) on map e2m8 or the spider mastermind (ironically replaced with the cyberdemon) on map e3m8 die.
  4. Mistah Jorge

    River's Freedoom MIDI contributions

    Honestly, that last one, it kind of feels like it could fit in on the adventures of square more than freedoom, but maybe it could fit in on an earth themed level As for the MIDI you made for map30, yeah, i this it's goes great on it, really.
  5. Mistah Jorge

    Freedoom Instruction Manual

    Hi, since i like freedoom and the project itself a lot i want to contribute, but since i majorly suck at drawing stuff, i decided to contribute by pointing out grammatical flaws (or personal nitpicks :P) i came across in this PDF: Probably important: Page 3, right under "Using Freedoom menus": "you’ll star t in the first Level of the"; Page 5, on the Keys under "On-Screen Information": "to open doors and activte switches"; Still Page 5, on the Elevators: "are automatic and will active themselves when", not exactly a grammatical mistake, but maybe activate would make more sense here; Page 7, on the Exploding Barrels under "Dangerous Freedoom enviroments": "Shot them a few times to make" (yeah i really think you should replace that with Shoot); Page 10, on Pain Lord (I thought this guy was supposed to be called "nukeptyle"? anyway): "Lord’s armor is twice the more resistant." (personal nitpick, but "has twice the resistance." or "is twice as resistant." sounds much better IMO); Still Page 10, on Summoner: "It is bad to let them live, it is bad to kill them as well." (Another personal nitpick, but maybe try "It'll cause a mess when killed, but it's much better than to let them flying around.") Okay, this are some other nitpicks i had, some aren't important (at least to me) at all (but still i'd like to see what do you think of these):