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  1. glyphic

    whats your favorite doom music track?

    panteraA6T5. Sorry, that was unnecessarily cryptic and catty.
  2. glyphic

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    If they simply made it so when a Lost Soul ran into a Pain Elemental's mouth they would both explode in a red BFG blast which you were immune to, all would be forgiven!
  3. glyphic

    Favorite Doom Boss

    I voted the Barons. It's biased since it plays off my shareware nostalgia, but I find it the most aesthetically pleasing, and after playing it 15 years later on Nightmare it was a pleasant pain in the ass which actually functioned liked a real, nerve-wracking boss battle because close quarters respawning fast spectres on those textures are fucked up.
  4. glyphic

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    My litmus test for a soundfont is listening to Aliens Say Your Prayers If it doesn't sound like that then flush it down the toilet and don't regain any HP.
  5. E4 becomes a slog very quickly because E4M1 and M2 are some of the best maps ever made in my opinion, and everything that follows is... well... "And Hell Followed." Although despite the wacky gameplay of M6 I love its architecture and really forgive the pacing of the episode solely on that map. I used to find D2 monotonous until I drank the UV pistol start no save koolaid. It really, really did increase my respect of D2 beyond what I ever thought was possible.
  6. Why would you want to remove Wormhole out of curiousity? It's one of the only TNT maps I really remember in a positive light.
  7. glyphic

    Your tale of Doom hubris

    *spends 4 hours trying to find the last secret on Doom64EX map 1* "It must be a bugged trigger! I'll look at the wiki, while holding my hand over my face like a spider to potentially not spoil it." *sees slivers of the words 'secret' and 'exit'* "...ffffuck. Alright, back in hole!"
  8. glyphic

    Your tale of Doom hubris

    After completing Eternal without a walkthrough I was feeling myself so decided to start a 100% secrets playthrough. That was about 8 months ago. I'm still on map 3.
  9. glyphic

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I tried but when it segfaults the demo doesn't get written. I've made a demo that goes to the point where it should crash, but rather than try to open the door I just shoot the chaingun a bit then close the game. This is in Crispy 5.5.2-1 on Linux if it makes a difference. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o4bjibbhlnphmif/test.lmp/file
  10. glyphic

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    If you have the red key in E5M9 and try to open the red key door while the lift is lowered it hard crashes Crispy. The console says something about max drawsegs and sometimes visplanes, so I guess this might be a visplane overflow? It's reproducible but I'm not sure if this is an emulated crash or not since it segfaults, and I assume emulated crashes wouldn't do that. Could be wrong though. Just thought I'd mention it.