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  1. Good job getting it to the finish line! Lots of neat Doom 1 DM maps here.
  2. Jark

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    How goes the process @Walter confetti?
  3. Jark


    Map Name: Collider Version: Alpha 2 Author: @Jark Music: None (as of yet, thinking if there were any it would be ambient) Map Slot (Warp to): 31 Sky: Used one from resource Format: UDMF Difficulty settings: Not yet Build Time: Nearly two months Notes: Certainly not finished. The most complicated map I have made so far, as I started to learn ACS for the spawn script for this project, it allowed me to do things far more complicated and ambitious then previously thought - I tend to dabble more in Vanilla and boom than UDMF as of late, so it was interesting to see what sort of settings I could create using advanced features. Did I create a functional particle collider in Doom? Perhaps... What if I said that the set up of moving and colliding particles with an outcome was much easier to script than the moving control panel you use to control it? Nevertheless, this map has taught me an awful lot in the process of making it. (Dynamic lights are a must dear friends, apologies for those with lower spec PCs) Download (resource separate): https://www.mediafire.com/file/7383ba7617h4uw4/colliderALPHA3.wad/file DM me if you wish to receive a Level guide.
  4. Greetings, thanks for playing the Wad (so far), Fixed said issues, tested in Skulltag and maps now start - did see more issues with Map 23 in relation to lines however, the map appears to run without fixing them and if it isn't broken I shan't try fix it. Rebuilt nodes with ZokumBSP which I hope should be alright, did not play through entire maps so uncertain if they still work as intended (they should unless express usage of self referencing sectors which can be nodebuilder dependant). Download (Mediafire): https://www.mediafire.com/file/z8l0nrfm72b59ki/PRCP2forSpain.zip/file
  5. Jark

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Looks like something (probably a flat) isn't defined properly (start and end frames missing/not case sensitive?) or is missing a segment in the ANIMDEF - so it is scrolling through every flat.
  6. Jark

    fellow doomers, any mobile games you like?

    When I was younger and on numerous car trips with my family, you could be sure I'd be playing Jetpack Joyride. Though my sister was more so privy to Temple Run.
  7. Greetings folks, I am pleased to say Pandora is now on idgames! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/pandora_22
  8. It shouldn't be anything other than a visual issue - I would recommend perhaps gathering a larger pool of fixes before putting a update out, unless a particularly game-breaking issue is found.
  9. They put the reply inside of the quote at the top, saying they are using ZDoom format, which the latter example covers.
  10. I think what you are describing is that you randomly teleport between destinations, you didn't say what map format you were using, e.g. Doom: Doom 2 (Doom Format), Boom Format or UDMF etc however, the solution should be universal: When setting up your teleporters have you tagged the teleport line action to match the sector your teleport destination is in? I believe you may have the same tag for both teleporters, whether it be the tag all sectors start with (0) or one you assigned to both. Tags are how the game identifies what actions go where, e.g. Tag 27 Lift Line action --> Tag 27 Sector = All sectors that are tagged 27 will fulfil the lift action. The following examples are done in Ultimate Doom Builder. In this example, for formats which aren't UDMF such as Boom or Doom, this is how you'd set up teleporters that go to different places - if you wanted more unique teleporters you need only use tags not already in use by existing teleporters. In UDMF things look and act a little differently:
  11. It appears that the is the wall in question and two others are marked as double-sided when they should be just impassable, this is what running the map analysis tool in UDB found:
  12. Jark

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Strange, not sure why it happened then - forgive me for my assumptions. Thanks for the changes. I think this project is pretty close to being able to released - I must say we've fixed enough bugs to warrant it! @Walter confetti are there any remaining things that must be done?
  13. Jark

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Greetings folks, I have made additional changes: Maps: Resource: Notes: Download V4 Basewad: https://www.mediafire.com/file/97m4wxodfiwiiue/96KBchallengeV4.zip/file
  14. Just popping in, what is left to do for this project in order for it to release?
  15. Hey folks, I've been regularly checking here and DB for updates on this project, on July 18th Gibbon said he had uploaded Pandora to idgames though upon further checking, it was rejected: Mon Jul 25 21:07:05 EDT 2022 Rejected pandora_22.zip because: Contains unmodified id Software resource(s) As far as I can tell, there hasn't been another attempt since. Although Gibbon mentioned on DB adding updates and fixing things, he didn't link a new basewad - I checked the OP for this thread and found the most recent 3.0 version cannot be downloaded anymore: Gibbon also appears to have left DB as well with his profile appearing as 'deleted' - I'm not sure where this project currently stands due to the aforementioned factors. I believe he had a discord server? Perhaps we can contact him through that, if not, then we may need to salvage this project - does anyone have the 3.0 file? EDIT: Messaged Gibbon on Discord back and forth, he gave me a copy of the latest basewad and I ran Slade's delete duplicate entry tool to remove some duplicate sounds - He will give it the once over when able then attempt to upload to idgames again. I also added map updates since first idgames attempt.