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  1. More alpha testers are always welcome! If people wish to test then please message me or join the discord, I will then send you the V0.1 alpha. It will not be openly public until most of the bugs and balancing issues have been fixed to a satisfying enough degree - This would be the public beta.
  2. Not my place to answer probably but in the discord for this event, there has been quite a bit of discussion on whether people will be streaming or not - a few might stream, myself included, I expect there will be some streams over the course of the project yes.
  3. Absolutely spiffing map that keeps on giving the more you explore, I implore you drop anything you're doing and play this right now! Good gravy it's a perfect balance between gameplay, looks, faithfulness to E1M3 with recognisable areas and oh so very modern with juicy ambience and groovy effects. Definitely looking forward to future content, I'm fascinated to see what you come up with next.
  4. I think this is a terribly good idea, and would like to participate in order to make some progress on current wads of mine - The discord link has expired unfortunately but if it were made available again I will join it, if you'll have me
  5. If you want Obake, I can put it up for playtesting once again in the Discord - PM here though if you have an updated version from the 16th of July version I playtested then and gave feedback to. You could also put it on other servers to trial like JOM.
  6. At the moment, there are 16/32 maps completed - with quite a few of the unfinished maps having been worked on for awhile. From what I gather, mappers with multiple slots (myself included) work on multiple maps (for this project, as well as others) at the same time - meaning they more or less are finished in relatively similar time span, just taking a bit longer than mappers with one slot, so there are quite a few near-complete maps that I know of. With a month left I think we'll easily make the deadline.
  7. Hi NIH and thank you for the advice, changes are on the way! I have an example map but couldn't upload WAD files to DW but I'll find another way, the limiting to 4 monster types means that the mapper must pick 4 monsters (not total number) which would fit their map setting and pacing - it's up to them how they supply the player to deal with them w/o SSG. 40 sector limit means maps won't be too long (unless the mapper wants it to be) as I see most mappers are busy on bigger projects and having a smaller mapped project to work on might be more appealing. I wasn't going to set a deadline until I either had enough people or said people would be willing to have a deadline at all, as previously said, this isn't an intensive project and I don't want people to freak out over a deadline although I know sometimes it is needed to drive a project. Mapslots will be introduced with more mappers but I really wasn't too sure how many people would sign up so a 32 Mappack might seem a bit over zealous - I probably will add one though. We were just discussing on the discord and the format will be changed to Doom: Doom 2 format to avoid problems with scripting etc. Please do join the discord if you want to voice any other issues :) @Nine Inch Heels
  8. 30th September Edit Alpha Testing is currently underway, a public beta will available once everything has been balanced and all bugs squashed. Hello everyone! *Thank you all for the useful feedback and advice as many have guessed I'm not terribly experienced in this field, but I'm quickly learning! Shoutout to @Pegleg, @JustCallMeKaito and @LowGcifer especially!* This is my first proposed challenge/community project, The Modest Mapping challenge! TMMC aims to create some limitations in order to challenge mappers, without being too restrictive and to create a fun and enjoyable MegaWAD. These rules can be subject to criticism and change - and have been revised quite a bit already (haha): When choosing resources, pick both D1GFXD2 and DOOM2.WAD - IWAD: Doom 2 - Must be Crispy compatible - Compatibility: Limit-removing - Doom 2 textures or D1GFXD2, but no editing of said textures - 4 Monster types of your choice from Doom 1 and 2 can be used (as many monsters of the types chosen can be used). We were going to limit certain monsters like higher tier enemies to later levels but felt that was much too restricting and it is up to how the mapper uses them - Each map must include 3 difficulty levels, different difficulties DO allow for different monsters e.g: easy = sergeant | normal = chaingunner etc - SSG is not allowed (this is to emphasise other weapons which can sometimes be under-used or not used at all when compared to the SSG, which is a staple for taking down practically any enemy in both games' rosters - without it would make for much more interesting combat situations) - Maximum of 40 sectors total (joined sectors are allowed (using shift+J or J)) - Must be possible from pistol start - Most importantly remember to have fun! - I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with! - Guns, ah yes, Guns - there will be a variation on the weapon progression system per say where each episode (not map specific and only first two episodes) has some restricted arms to match the monsters and pacing of each map. The way we're going about the format means we have limited powers over customising the game so that death exits are only at MAP11 and MAP20, meaning that if one mapper gives the player too much ammo or guns, the next persons map could be completely steamrolled. Due to the nature of the rules and episodes, the maps are likely to be short, making it time and stream-friendly. You may pick whichever map in whatever episode you'd like to map but be aware we may move it to a more appropriate slot based on its difficulty (this shouldn't be much of an issue). Mapslots (will be updated with every new slot taken): Episode 1: Caverns - No SSG, Plasma rifle or BFG MAP01 - @Jark COMPLETE MAP02 - @Zillo “Ziyo” COMPLETE MAP03 - @Zillo “Ziyo” COMPLETE MAP04 - @ShadesMaster COMPLETE MAP05 - @Solmyr COMPLETE MAP06 - @JustCallMeKaito COMPLETE Episode 2: Ruined tech base - No SSG or BFG MAP07 - @Count651 COMPLETE MAP08 - @Jark COMPLETE MAP09 - @xxWeNxx COMPLETE MAP10 - @fraggle COMPLETE MAP11 - @Pegleg COMPLETE Episode 3: Hell - No SSG MAP12 - @Liberation COMPLETE MAP13 - @Count651 COMPLETE MAP14 - @LowGcifer COMPLETE MAP15 - @joepallai COMPLETE MAP16 - @DukeOfDoom COMPLETE MAP17 - @Blue_Juice_ COMPLETE MAP18 - @obake COMPLETE MAP19 - @LowGcifer COMPLETE MAP20 - @LowGcifer COMPLETE Episode 4: City - No SSG MAP21 - @DukeOfDoom COMPLETE MAP22 - @Walter confetti COMPLETE MAP23 - @Jark COMPLETE MAP24 - @Blue_Juice_ COMPLETE MAP25 - @Count651 COMPLETE MAP26 - @Super Mighty G COMPLETE MAP27 - @Zillo “Ziyo” COMPLETE MAP28 - @LowGcifer COMPLETE MAP29 - @LowGcifer COMPLETE MAP30 - @JustCallMeKaito COMPLETE Secret maps: MAP31 - @Zillo “Ziyo” COMPLETE MAP32 - @Zillo “Ziyo” COMPLETE The Deadline for all map hand-ins is the 1st 8th 15th of September (all day), although there will probably be exceptions. Expect to see the completely compiled megawad soon after although rigourous testing is required to ensure a fully functional and enjoyable wad The story: Demons have gotten to Earth. Again. And they all seem to be coming out of a cavern - you're dropped off and venture down it, blowing anything that steps in your way to pieces, before happening upon a Tech base in disrepair. Within the decaying walls, whilst fighting tougher foes, you stumble across a portal - this is what the demons must have used to cross into our world. Confident in your ability to pull a trigger, you take a step through. Your eyes water as the stench of rotting flesh fills your nostrils and you realise you're in hell itself. As you tear through anything living in your path, you see another portal, demons stream through it to the other side and you have no choice but to follow. It's a massacre. You're surrounded by a sprawling metropolis with demons a-plenty, you must kill every last one of them, none must survive. Example map/MAP01: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9t6vn9v115tyzhs/ModestMAP01.wad/file The Discord is: https://discord.gg/2TJbPej Link to Doom 1 in Doom 2 textures: https://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/doom-style-mainmenu-153-87237