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  1. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    The Deadline has been set to the 14th due to a suitable amount of reasons to do so, it is in the project's best interest. There will not be extensions past that.
  2. Jark

    Looking for an artist.

    With this I might infer Perdition's Gate Resurgence is near complete? Best of luck and I look forward to the finished product!
  3. Enjoyed this, is what it says on the box - last fight a bit tricky
  4. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Greetings thread followers and newcomers! Map 11 has become available and is the only map that is free! If you wish to participate - now is the time to signup! Map 11 is the end of Episode 1 (Earth Castle(not Hell)) and must contain 1 cyberdemon that has to be killed to proceed (for thematicy) I look forward to any possible interest!
  5. Blimey! You've got your work cut out for you Austinado within the hour of reopening!
  6. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Life in general is quite the time consumer I hear! I'll keep you posted
  7. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    If a slot becomes free I'll try to remember to contact you!
  8. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Indeed it is, the very last slot! Map away to your heart's content (and the static limits) my good sir/madame
  9. Hello! Just wanted to let you know the website still shows 1.0 and the dropbox link is also for 1.0, however on mobile it is the correct 1.1
  10. Attention thread followers! After some trial and error The Modest Mapping Challenge has made its way onto the idgames archive! (download updated on OP) The issues so wonderfully and thoroughly presented by @Keyboard_Doomer have been fixed and we now have a more permanent place! @Bryan T I apologise for making you wait so long, when TMMC2 is finished, the uploading process should go a bit quicker now that I know how it works!
  11. Apologies I should have posted here before, while I contacted Steve I should have also posted here to say that I'm unable to oblige a DM map. A little too optimistic I think is the term, I had never speedmapped before and only made 1 DM map before. Suffice to say I was in a bit of a sticky situation when the time limit expired, maybe having a third of a map at best. So I must apologise for a contribution I could not make.
  12. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Your two weeks starts now! Good luck And best of luck in your future endeavours @The_SloVinator, perhaps we'll get the opportunity to work together again sometime
  13. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    My pleasure! That’s episode 2 completely booked up!
  14. Jark

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    First of the episode! The limit is effective across the entire project, however it is difficulty based - so you can have a different set of monsters for each skill if you so wish Of course! Gothic-y hell has a hell of a lot of pretty potential.
  15. A contribution, I should be able to make