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  1. Thanks for taking a look, ah bugger - I had the lighting lowered on the front to avoid this but readjusted it as it was too dark and must have forgotten. I didn't put any health as I did not get an answer to whether health classified under 'ammo pickups' in the OP. As for ammo it seems to multiply in deathmatch and I wanted to guide players around the map by placing certain ammunition in certain places - was there a particular ammo type that was lacking? Or is it that they would be quickly gobbled up by players? (In my Zandronum 8 player bot tests they never usually went for the ammo paths so I'm uncertain).
  2. Map Name: Chisel Author: Jark Music: "Fallen Enemies" by Immorpher Slot: E3M7 Graphics: Includes a Twango texture Description: My first Deathmatch map, which is relatively large and has a few moving parts but I hope not too big. Looking for constructive criticism and feedback. Vanilla compatible: Yes Download: Chisel009.zip (Iteration 9) Automap:
  3. Very true, and most of the fun with textures is finding all sorts of ways to use them - it acts as its own interesting limitation.
  4. When in doubt, lower-unpeg! Or upper-unpeg..? Or just mash U, L and Ctrl+A until everything aligns! Would Plutonia railings be an issue to add? We already have numerous other custom resources - only SMG and Beetle would have to change their resource packs so it shouldn't affect others.
  5. Quick question, Does 'ammo pickups' include health/powerups (e.g. soulsphere not invuln)?
  6. Ticking along, I do have quite a few other priorities so I wish to get this out sooner rather than later - Lets see... I think by the weekend I should have some playable? Need to sort out finishing the layout, but I've got down my secondary texture set to differentiate areas.
  7. University hit me like an overburdened truck with a slightly leaky back-axle, but I still wish to submit - got a rough layout and the style I want, I must admit this is my first proper venture into deathmatch mapping, so please replace the pre-emptively removed glass cover on the Cacoward cabinet. Here is a crusty screenshot of an intersection area (where quite a few paths cross), I'm quite a fan of interconnectivity, although I most likely will need constructive criticism from versed deathmatch-tioneers to tinker and tune. I do have a name which I think fits the theme: Chisel
  8. Greetings folks, Recently I partook in a Boom format community project, I decided I wanted to use some Blood textures but discovered only a conversion for ZDoom - so using Ceeb's conversion as a basis, I put most* of the textures from that into this conversion which should by all means be Boom compatible. I'm aware at least one other pack has boom compatible textures but I'm uncertain whether there is purely a dedicated resource such as this. *I say most as quite a few animated textures were scrapped due to not being eligible in Boom such as door graphics with animation frames which would just loop. You will find that some of the included animated midtex has two versions, a front and a back - the Blood editor could flip textures/sprites on the go so I made the reverse for Doom. As this was only ever supposed to be for my own uses and I'm not terribly experienced with resource compiling, I expect some issues will be encountered hence version 001. Some example textures: Some animated midtex: Download: BTB.V001.zip
  9. Jark

    DeadTech Community Project (BV2 update!)

    Congratulations on the release folks, quite a product to ship!
  10. An elevator is doable and is thematically appropriate to the episode, descending and all. Ok, I will make an area for elevators then sometime in the future - when I get to that stage I might ask for the elevator to paste to get an idea for scale and theme.
  11. Great palette choice - red carpet isn't something I considered working that well. By the way my map prefaces yours, I enjoy having some sort of consistent narrative so perhaps we can consider making the exit of my map link to the start of your map? For example I have the exit elevator of Beetle's map start my map off. I have planned to exit Transport Nexus with the player going to a terminal labelled Research Complex via sector art - what sort of vehicle or method of transport might this be? Boat, train, elevator, simple teleporter? I am yet to make the end so I am flexible to suggestions.
  12. The following is just a few thoughts to assist the creative process, I do not mean to patronise and I am well aware you may have thought of all this already. If you're stuck on ideas, look closer into what sort of location you are making - Storage Complex. Ok, there will probably be some conveyor belts with assorted crates on (I know no working conveyors but static ones will be just as thematically appropriate) which have to lead somewhere, might lead to a sorting area with inexplicable crushers or ready to deliver vehicles (Trucks, trains, spaceships, underground river boats). Same goes with where those conveyors originate from, perhaps a packing plant where floor lamps and barrels are crated up. Now that I'm thinking a bit, you could have rubbish/transport chutes which are like vertical cylindrical vents which could lead to all manner of places (Trash compactor?). As ViolentBeetle has specified, E2M2 homages are welcome, an easy area to do would be a crate maze in a warehouse with plenty of nooks for monsters and items alike. One thing E2M2 did not explore more thoroughly is crate platforming progression, later instalments and wads have - but it is still a viable way of getting the most out of an area, traverse through the maze then platform over the top of it at a later moment (also makes for better interconnectivity). If we're taking storage complex more literally, then you might have areas like those mini garage things you see in storage wars - small rooms with a single door all lined up next to each other: If you're really stuck, you could put together a mood board (collage of images on the related location/thing/idea) and see if you can go from there. As the theme is corrupted techbase, you can differ slightly from the specific location by perhaps having an 'infected' area of flesh and blood (perhaps one of the aforementioned rubbish chute drops into a fleshy hive). Some food for thought at least.
  13. Jark

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    So cool you can press it twice!
  14. 100%ed in just under 7 minutes Initially the atmosphere matches the music pretty well - I discovered that you can get the chaingun and accompanying ammo boxes by bumping the ledge from below rather than going around, what I assume is, the intended way. Regarding the secret: The map is quite laid back as one expects for a traditional episode opener, however the fights are perhaps a bit too easy and avoidable - The fight past the red door can be easily cheesed by just going back through the door, monsters can't open the door either to chase you as it is a Open Repeatable (Red) action. The red key ambush has half of the zombiemen kill each other as they are bunched up. Otherwise a pleasant breather-opening map, good natural forms on the outskirts and a nice midi to match.