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  1. AnotherGrunt

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    Holy Guacamole. Best HUD I've ever seen. It is released or it will be released? No, no. Health (numerical value) isn't important and remaining ammo as well. There is no graphical representation for armor so I guess this value is important.
  2. AnotherGrunt

    GZDoom's SoftPoly renderer should be removed

    Both are pretty capable to run in FullHD. Vanilla maps (polygon count under 256) run very smoothly (>35fps). As long as no filtering, aliasing, or special effects are used. 320x200 is for VGA/VESA. Even DOOM3 is capable to run in 640x480 pretty good. And I haven't tried 16-bit depth yet. It's a software render! Not touching GPU at all. Old software render (8-bit) - good old DOOM engine same as in Vanilla Doom. Affine texturing with mouselook but it's the fastest. TrueColor Software render - from QZDoom still affine textured but with 16-bit or 24-bit color depth and possible texture filtering. Still very fast, at least on modern PC. Softpoly - Perspective correct texturing. It's more like Quake engine. I guess it requires FPU to do calculations. OpenGL, Vulkan - all magic done in GPU. Well… I suppose some games are better with at least (bi)linear texture filtering and maybe little antialiasing. Hey, but for 2-core mobile Intel, all done in CPU it is good enough.
  3. AnotherGrunt

    GZDoom's SoftPoly renderer should be removed

    Yup. As predicted. Tested just now in Debian (no native GZDoom for Debian? Shame). Surprisingly fast with OpenGL ES, full-screen resolution (1366x768) and 32-bit depth but: No texture filtering. Not even antialiasing. It's usable only for small maps. As fill-rate grows llvmpipe gets totally clogged and result is jerky. Then is softpoly more useful. Of course, both are miles away from DOOM software renderer (affine texturing). Full OpenGL is just a slideshow. But yeah, it works. My opinion is, there is still place for Softpoly render. Just fix transparency and it will be as good as any software rasterizer. Right now I'm interested how good could DOOM3 be done with a software rasterizer. ;-) Well, it's Windows. No wonder.
  4. AnotherGrunt

    GZDoom's SoftPoly renderer should be removed

    Just to add something. Linux: Mesa's LLVMpipe - tested on Quake and Build engine games and on modern multi-core works pretty fine. No reason why it shouldn't work with GZDoom. Windows: WARP - not tested by me, but it's there. How much is Softpoly faster in comparison?
  5. AnotherGrunt

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    Which is exactly what I'm doing, but unfortunately MBF2.04 (or EE) isn't so fast. I had to use it, so I noticed a missing HUD. FDOOM these days is just way to go ;-) Don't forget these are patches and they have to be drawn and redrawn every frame. This is why HUD has a background. It is irrelevant in MBF2.04 because it isn't targeted at low-spec PC but I feel FDOOM should be better. This is why I suggested one patch. Of course, drawing keys/ammo or whatever would be better but if so again somehow, I don't know…minimalistic. And fast. Text is better because it is just printf() as fast as it gets. It's your port, so the choice is yours. Just keep in mind the name: FastDOOM.
  6. AnotherGrunt

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    Not in FDOOM. And yes, RUDE shows how minimalistic HUD is a very good concept. Shame there is no DOS build.
  7. AnotherGrunt

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    I see V_DrawPatchDirect() defined in v_video.c (BTW: Can I borrow it?). It would be sin not to use it. Use it like the floppy icon. Just one patch, updated as needed.
  8. AnotherGrunt

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    So I have a small feature request/bug report. There is a bug in FDOOM (at least in VGA/VESA versions): No HUD in automap mode. Usually, I play DOOM in fullscreen mode and highest windows size (aka without HUD) and most source ports have a way of letting player know how much health and ammo he has. In vanilla 1.9 I use fast double-tap TAB key just to look at statistics but in FDOOM there is no other way than just make player window smaller. Would it be possible to just draw player's avatar in full windows size (to keep it fast), something like this?: And then just have statistics bound on key and write them on screen while key pressed. I personally like minimalism and fast gameplay so I think just having DOOM-face to roughly know how much HP is left is just enough and it shall be fast to render.
  9. AnotherGrunt

    YouTube is becoming a pain

    This is why I personally "like" YouTube so much. No support for any other pixel format than yuv420p, not good support for small resolutions, no choice of video codec but: Ads Copyright Age restrictions Licenses Monetization Simply BS Why there are no technical settings for YouTube. Not relevant for its users?
  10. AnotherGrunt

    Freshly built Caverns of Darkness engine (DOS)

    @ludicrous_peridot Simply turn off Smooth turning and decrease Mouse sensitivity on Horizontal and Verctical slider and crank down (or maybe crank up) DPI on your mouse. Other than that it is just good old DOS Eternity Engine. My guess is some crazy multiplication with an increased sensitivity bar is the bug.
  11. AnotherGrunt

    EE 3.31beta7 mouse control

    So, the last version I was able to acquire and have been able to run in DOS is Eternity Engine 3.31 (beta7) built in the year 2004. And it works. Unfortunately, it has some weird mouse control. I'm able to make 180° turn just by fast mouse-pull. I've tried to customize mouse sensitivity, but so far I haven't been able to talk sense into it. There is not such an issue in newer version (the mouse works perfectly smooth), so I have to raise question if there has been some patch or workaround over the years for DOS version of Eternity engine. Or if there is some backport available.
  12. AnotherGrunt

    EE 3.31beta7 mouse control

    I would not mind to share configuration but I'm not very much sure configuration of what you want to share. But I'm convinced it is the port. MBF works just fine. Alongside vanilla 1.9. Tested on many configurations. There is button in a newer version of EE, not available in DOS version:
  13. Hexen 1.1, DOSBox 0.74 and SVN and ravmouse works just fine.
  14. AnotherGrunt

    EE 3.31beta7 mouse control

    @Edward850 I don't agree but I guess that is all I can do. Thanks at least for the answer.
  15. AnotherGrunt

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    Heh, it is really funny to read how 60FPS or 144FPS isn't enough. At least for me. Doom is one of few games surprisingly playable in the sub-30fps range. I don't know how but it is so. So 15-35fps is my staple. Recently I've scratched numbers like 4.8fps and I can concur, this number is simply unplayable. I can really recommend vanilla-ish WADs (DTWID, D2TW ID) on 80486 equivalent to everyone who never had this experience.
  16. AnotherGrunt

    EE 3.31beta7 mouse control

    So I'm on my own again if I want to fix it, right?
  17. AnotherGrunt

    Random Image Thread

    It is a suicide clutch.
  18. AnotherGrunt

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Ok, we got this. And just out of curiosity – why so?
  19. Ok, so I have to ask. How you've been able to build/create MAP32? As I'm currently struggling with ZDBSP, I've just realized one thing: It isn't important to load compressed nodes as much. Not if there isn't any BLOCKMAP and probably correct REJECT lump for this level. But so far: no luck. The level (MAP32) is so darn big, no tool (at least known to me) will even dare to touch it. May I ask a question? How you've been able to build level 32 for release in the final WAD? Suggestions appreciated.
  20. AnotherGrunt

    Italy Wins the Euro Cup 2020!

  21. AnotherGrunt

    The man who destroyed id software.

    There are two possibilities: Sandy Petersen is "the Snake" and he's making the whole thing up (with intention to blemish someone else's name) or Sandy Petersen is telling the truth and Tim Willits has been from the first to last day (in id Software) just so-called "Professional careerist". If it is or isn't true is on "dear reader's" (informed) decision. I personally quite believe it, because I've had the honor to meet such a guy at my workplace (they really exist). It is a really interesting topic to discussion: Have you ever met a "Professional careerist" at your workplace?
  22. AnotherGrunt

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    @viti95 VESA 2.0 modes? Hmm. What about adding direct-render for linear framebuffer modes?
  23. AnotherGrunt

    real limit removing port for DOS: exists?

    @Bloodshedder Not so fast please: Start with parameters MBF.EXE -file brigandine.wad -vpalgo 3 -drawdistance 0 if you don't like Vanilla Doom limits or just with -directdraw if you do and you can enjoy slideshow on a slow machine (DOS presumably). BTW: Very tasty WAD. Not too hard… MBF.zip
  24. If I should criticize, then in the exactly opposite way. Long time before project I had embedded attached songs (originally from Freedoom, the older version I think) in d2twid.wad. And coincidentally similarly like "Into Retrowave's City" it reassembles original much more than the rest of original soundtrack. My opinion is if this should be soundtrack for D2TWID it should be kept in this manner. "Into Retrowave's City" is perfect as alternative/remix. D_RUNNIN.zip D_STALKS.zip
  25. AnotherGrunt

    Whats your favorite Doom Source Port?

    MBF (DOS + Woof), Pr-Boom