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  1. Digi-Kong

    Deluxe and collectors editions US and Canada only?

    Does that mean, even if I get the collector's edition (a physical product) for PC, I don't get a disc, it's a digital download?
  2. Hey Doomworld, I'm working on an IWAD, called "Fail-Safe", for the original DOOM. Currently, I'm developing the first episode: "Cleanup Crew". I have the story, music, and maps planned out. This video is a look at very rough versions of the first two maps, "Activation" and "Calibration Station". I'm really excited about Fail-Safe, the level designs I have planned, and the story I've written thus far. I'm looking forward to sharing more soon. All the best, - DK
  3. New addition to the map, it's coming along nicely!



  4. Digi-Kong

    How far can Doomguy "jump"?

    In case anyone is interested, this is why I started digging into the details of how far a gap the Doomguy can traverse (taking into consideration various landing heights too). The following is part of a WAD I'm designing:
  5. Digi-Kong

    How far can Doomguy "jump"?

    Wow, this is great! Thanks Nine Inch Heels!
  6. Digi-Kong

    How far can Doomguy "jump"?

    Hey Maes, This is awesome. Thanks so much for posting. I read Linguica's entire Movement Bible and will need to go back and reread it later (and research further), as I did not fully understand everything. I'll probably revise my post and cover some more situations that holaareola pointed out, but will refrain from delving too deeply into the intricacies of tricks and movements the engine enables. I'll keep it fairly simple for new builders, like myself, to use as a quick reference for vanilla design and gameplay. I truly find the technical stuff fascinating and desire to move towards engine modding. Let me know if there're any other cool topics I should check out that cover the fundamentals of the engine!
  7. Digi-Kong

    How far can Doomguy "jump"?

    Hey holaareola, Thanks for posting. That's a great point; this gives me the idea to go back and cover straferunning (at an angle), running sideways (strafing at a right angle, tangential the gap), and regular walking speed. Also, thanks for pointing that out. I totally goofed. By increments, I meant increments of 8. The first floor is flat, the second is of height 8, then 16, then 24. 25 is not climbable, as you've said. Thanks!
  8. Digi-Kong

    How far can Doomguy "jump"?

    Hey Doomworld! I've just recently joined and am excited to share my discoveries as I create. I've been working on a WAD where the primary mechanic of the map is to run across large gaps. Because I iterate upon this mechanic in my design, I wanted to make sure I knew the exact capabilities of the Doomguy, so I can streamline my creation process. I created a video to demonstrate exactly how far a gap the Doomguy can overcome, running at full speed. Video: WAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xeCuZEtGwv1hxxDFjkno2zWXDZ0_9XSr ________________________________________________________________________________ To save you time, here is the description of the YouTube video that I made: This is a breakdown of how far a gap the Doomguy can overcome. I take into consideration various heights of floors that sit opposite the gap in which the player traverses. This only takes into account the player running at full speed. Here's the breakdown: - Flat floor: 136 length gap - Raised 1 Floor: 119 length gap - Raised 2 Floor: 86 length gap - Raised 3 Floor: 53 length gap Players cannot step upon floors that are 4 increments of height and above! Specs: - Editor: Slade 3 - Base Resource: DOOM.WAD - Game Executable: GZDoom - Level: E1M1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Any and all feedback is welcomed, no matter how brash, nor insignificant. I want to learn and grow with and in this community. I've played DOOM for a decade now and have always wanted to join the modding community. All the best, - DK