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  1. Mikey

    Abyss (Little Doom Type Album)

    Thank you very much for your Feedback :) Yes your image fits very well to my ideas i had while making this soundtrack. "Lets gonna paint this town red"
  2. Mikey

    (MIDI Album) Doom or Die

    Finished ^^ its very short because in the next time i will make more of this stuff, more and better :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/9we99kz1mq4wd69/Doom+-+Abyss.rar
  3. Hey Doomers :) I made a 6 Track long Album inspired by the best Game ever. Its my first Music Project so its not perfect but i will make more in the next time. Have Fun with it and greetings from Germany :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/9we99kz1mq4wd69/Doom+-+Abyss.rar
  4. Mikey

    Question to Doom Soundtrack

    thanks for the answer.... but thats not the way i was looking for
  5. Hi Doomers, does anyone know how i can create a authentic sounding Doom Soundtrack? With SC 55 Sound? I have a midi keyboard but no idea how to create a original Soundtrack. Are there any software or downloadable instruments from the SC 55 ?? Thanks
  6. Mikey


    Hey guys, im going to make a doom inspired album. Is there anyone who can make a nice, authentic doom wad who wants to cooperate with me? I can make the Soundtrack for the game. Would be very fun. If you want to work together send me a message. Thx :)
  7. Mikey

    (MIDI Album) Doom or Die

    Thank you my friend. Its nice too hear that it sound authentic. No i dont have any but i could save it as a MOD and send it to you.
  8. Mikey

    (MIDI Album) Doom or Die

    Thanks! When my Album is finished i will put it here
  9. Mikey

    (MIDI Album) Doom or Die

    Hi guys, i want to make a Doom inspired album. Here are 3 little tracks they are not finished but i need some feedback for making the whole album. Thanks and have fun. Doom or Die.rar