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  1. Cyclane

    Newb. Whoo.

    Is that bad around here?
  2. Cyclane

    Where do the newbies post anyway?

    I'm uh... right here?
  3. Cyclane

    Newb. Whoo.

    The first time I played Hexen, I coudln't stop quoting that.
  4. Cyclane

    Newb. Whoo.

    You people seem messed up in the noggin. ... I'm gonna love it here!
  5. I'm at school right now, so I can't check the version. I got the latest one off of the notgod.com site (the news site), so I guess it's 28a. Sorry for the confusion. And, Enjay, this isn't rare, it's almost too common. Whenever testing my maps, I have this gnawing fear of it crashing. Also, at times, after closing ZDOOM, my screen looks completely screwed up (like it was sheared one too many times). Another thing, whenever I said it "crashed", I meant that it completely froze!
  6. Yeah, it's one of the betas. 1.23 29 Beta. And thanks for the link to the files! *goes off to grab them*
  7. Cyclane

    Newb. Whoo.

    Hello, all of you wonderful... hopefully people. I found Doomworld a while back, and checked up regularly on it. After a while, I wanted a bit more excitement than reading the news on the front page, so I got an account, and.. you get the idea. Anyway, this place looks pretty cool, and so do the users who come here (from what I've seen, anyway). So, I'll head out before I strt repeating myself.
  8. Cyclane

    wtf is going on? - helllllp please

    For some weird reason, my old machine used to do that after killing the Boss Brain on Map 30. Is it really the editor's fault?
  9. But, whenever I run test level in ZDoom, it always ends up crashing randomly. These tests consist of a hexagonal room, a ThingProjectile, a ChangeCamera, and a small dent in the room that's a switch to activate the specials (one at a time, of course). I also have a map spot and a Camera thing in the room, so it's not missing parts, I'm sure. Is it just ZDoom, or my level? Another thing, I can't seem to locate the "Z***.acs" files anywhere. Can anyone tell me where to get them?