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  1. Is it because it deals with a current war as opposed to one that happened long ago? I find this interesting, since the issue of time passed has nothing to do with the actual principle behind whether or not a virtual reinactment of war itself is in some way objectionable.
  2. I agree that Far Cry rocks. Only having seen it briefly at E-3 last year, I couldn't wait to play it. It turned out to be even more immersive and surprising than I imagined. Kind of the same effect with KUMA\WAR. Knowing that they would be putting out new missions every week or so, I was pleasantly surprised that it runs as well as it does and looks good. I highly recommend trying it if your PC is up to par-->http://www.kumawar.com. What makes it so different from other military action shooters is that they go through great lengths to recreate recent U.S. missions in the Middle East. For example, you play the mission where you have to storm Uday and Qusay Hussein's hideout ~ and they completely recreate the actual neighborhood where that took place. Pretty amazing.
  3. The bottom line is that DOOM 3 will be an awesome game and worth getting. Aside from DOOM3, since the bulk of games I want won't be available until Q4 of this year, I'm getting a bit anxious about not having any SP FPSs to tide me over for the next month or so. I've finished Far Cry, COD (3x), Painkiller, Hitman Contracts and Splinter Cell PT. Fortunately, I am subscribed to KUMA\WAR, so at least I have new missions to look forward to every week or so. As long as they keep sending missions, I'll have something to play until DOOM 3 comes out. Who else here has played KUMA\WAR? It's a pretty cool game; Searching for Bin Laden: LARGE IMAGE Uday and Qusay's hideout: you-know-who:
  4. Visual and immersive realism... it's the main reason I play games. Of course I haven't played STALKER or HL2 yet because they're not out, but graphically and in terms of realism, I'm pretty confident both will be amazing based on what I've seen thus far. I HAVE played Far Cry, Call of Duty and Painkiller and graphically I have a hard time imagining that DOOM 3 will be able to match them, let alone surpass their visual splendor. The screens I've seen are wicked, but still ~ will DOOM 3 have the marvelous outdoor environments, great physics and immersive quality of gameplay that these other games do?
  5. AMEN, brutha! As far as the gameplay, I think it's good, but your best bet is to try the demo; http://www.fileplanet.com/files/120000/126966.shtml
  6. I can't believe I forgot Call Of Duty ~ the absolute coolest WWII game of all time. The environments in that game are astounding. Especially once the Russian missions start. I can't rave enough about the TRON environments either. So unique, so brilliant... http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/tron2_082103_027.jpg BTW, any of you guys who have TRON 2.0, if you're on XP and haven't downloaded the deathmatch patch, get it now ~ we need more players in there (& I need more victims... muwahahahahahahahah!!!!!) TRON patch at Gamespy: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/130000/132826.shtml Tron patch at TRON.net: http://www.tron20.net/sections/downloads_updateslist.html
  7. I really love the look of MYST but the game itself is very dull. It's probably safe to say that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will have some of the coolest looking in-game environments ever. Same with Far Cry, DOOM 3 and HL2. I’ve been playing through TRON 2.0 as fast as I can because I can’t wait to see the next level. The levels are brilliant!! For anyone who hasn’t played it, I highly recommend the gold demo (http://www.tron20.net). Morrowind, Mafia, and Vice City also all have remarkable in-game worlds for sheer size and things to explore. Max Payne 2 has a lot of interactivity with environmental objects which lends realism to the experience. What do you think makes a gaming environment great and which games do you think set the standard?
  8. nycgamer

    Who’s more cool? (a contest just for fun)

    I know! I'm shocked at the sheer number of people here, who I would assume have played DOOM games, who haven't played so many of these other shooters, which in my humble opinion are staples of the genre. Anyway, to answer my own poll, I would say; 1. Jack Slate ~ yes, I have Max Payne 2 and it rocks.. but Jack still looks cooler than Max. Plus, he can fist fight, blow gas cans out of the air and sick his dog on foes. Max can't do any of that. Jack can do Max's bullet-time trick too.. he needs to dump the dog and get himself a hot chick like Mona, though... (btw, is anyone getting this on PC? It's on PC now, so I think I will) 2. Tommy Vercetti ~ I would have gone with Tommy A., but you can't beat having Ray Liotta do the voice. 3. Master Chief ~ I'm sorry, but you put these two up against each other in battle and M.C. would win hands down. 4. Sam Fisher ~ not cheesy like Snake...and NO mullet. 5. 007 ~ Bond will always be cool. Agent 47 doesn't get all the ladies. 6. BloodRayne ~ Lara's like the ex-girlfriend. BloodRayne is like the new girl who just moved in next door. With fangs.
  9. 1. Max Payne (http://www.maxpayne.com/) or Jack Slate (http://www.deadtorights.com/) 2. Tommy Vercetti (http://www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto/) or Tommy Angelo (http://mafia.godgames.com/main.html) 3. Master Chief (http://www.xbox.com/en-us/halo/default.htm) or Gordon Freeman (http://www.half-life2.com/) 4. Sam Fisher (http://www.splintercell.com/) or Snake (http://www.mgs2online.com/) 5. Agent 47 (http://www.hitman2.com/front.htm) or 007 (http://www.eagames.com/official/007_nightfire/home.jsp) 6. Lara Croft (http://www.tombraider.com/home.html) or BloodRayne (http://www.bloodrayne.com/loband/index.html) ~ (you may also substitute Kate Archer of NOLF2 for either one of these)
  10. Well, I tried to post screens before, but they just showed up as links. Maybe I just didn't format them correctly or something, I dunno. Here's another for your viewing pleasure;
  11. Just had to take advantage of the fact that the image code is ON today.
  12. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  13. I would put Half-Life in the same category as Halo... the "who cares whether it does anything new, it's still one of the best games ever" category. So, am I the only one here who has played TRON 2.0 or what?
  14. Okay, so maybe the general concensus is that Halo isn't unique or original. Fine. But it's brilliant, single-player or multi. I don't care what anyone else says, it will remain in my mind a masterpiece. As for unique and original, I don't think anyone can deny that TRON 2.0 simply isn't like any other game. Completely stunning and unique. The idea behind it is so classic, so simple, yet the end result makes just about everything else pale by comparison. http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/tron2_082103_029.jpg http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/tron2_082103_012.jpg
  15. As far as the way the game looks, types of weapons, enemies, vehicles, character designs, etc. I have a few in mind that, for me, were totally different than the other FPS’s I’ve played. Halo (http://halo.bungie.org/) – I think this is the most complete FPS ever. There’s been so much discussion about this game already so I’ll just leave it at that. TRON 2.0 (http://www.tron20.net) – There’s nothing else out there like TRON. And there are no other weapons like these in any other game; the disc, the rod, the ball and the mesh… each one has multiple functions & variations. Time Splitters 1 & 2 (http://www.timesplitters2.eidos.com/#)– While I certainly think there are better FPSs out there this is the only one that takes you on a trip through time and therefore such diverse variety of worlds and characters. I wish more games followed the theme of time travel.